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Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
Datong DC144/2812011-01-10100
DB6NT Microwave Transverters112008-01-17approx 1000 euros (varies with b
DB6NT TR144H42012-06-251,475
Down East Microwave 144-28 ( New 2010 Version )62019-04-04359 Kit or Assembled $479
Down East Microwave 222-28 ( New 2010 Version )22012-02-01359 or Assembled $479
Down East Microwave 432-28 ( New 2010 Version )22019-01-02379 Kit or Assembled $499
Down East Microwave Inc. 144-28132013-01-08395 build/ 295 kit
Down East Microwave Inc. 1296-2822012-02-02590.00
Down East Microwave TIB22003-02-1650.00
Downeast Microwave DEM 222-28CK82010-06-16295.00
Downeast Microwave DEM 902/3-144CK12008-07-16N/A
EA7HG - HG70K3 12016-12-22400
Elecraft K144XV 2 m Module for the K30N.A.299
Elecraft K144XV internal transverter for K372017-07-31349.95 + shipping
Elecraft XV144192016-08-16349
Elecraft XV22282012-07-24349
Elecraft XV43222010-01-04399
Elecraft XV5072009-07-26349
Hamtronics CA144-28 RX downconverter12017-06-2659 kit
Hamtronics CC14522006-03-1469
Hamtronics CC432 downconverter22010-12-09about 50
HEATHKIT SB-500 2 METER TRANSVERTER22010-11-15few hens teeth in todays market
KEPS 2.4 GHz downconverter 13LNC2-PH12009-09-01148 Euros
Kronotek Scatter transverter 13cm22013-09-20368
Kuhne TR-144 Pro22017-05-151450
KX3-2M 2-Meter and KX3-4M 4-Meter Transverter Options12015-11-13199.95
Maki Denki UTV-1200BIIP12012-12-20
Microwave Modules MMT 432/28S22014-01-04Out of production as of the mid
Monitor Sensors TVTR1 630m Transverter102019-09-27660
Monitor Sensors TVTR2 2200m Transverter12019-01-03699 Monitor Sensors
NooElec HamItUp82019-07-21$42.95
OZ2M 70Mhz Transverter32015-05-28192 excluding the amplifier
R N Electronics RN6M/25 6m transverter12008-04-25 Approx £160 in 1988
SG-LAB 1296Mhz Transverter22017-09-07less 200USD
SG-LAB 2300Mhz Transverter12017-09-26more than 200EUR
Spectrum Communications Transverter22012-06-08350
SSB Electronics LT 230S0N.A.1400
SSB Electronics LT2S LT70S22005-01-16910.00
SSB Electronics TV28-144 TV28-43212005-06-17
Swan TV-222016-07-16495.00 new in 1960's
TEN TEC 2510B Mode B Satellite station12010-01-25$475 in 1985
Ten-Tec 1208122015-03-24$95
Ten-Tec 2 Meter Transverter Model 121052014-06-16139.00
Ten-Tec 6 & 2 meter Xverters92006-03-29130.00
Tokyo Hy Power Labs12003-06-04
Tokyo Hy-Power HX-24092013-08-18200
Tokyo Hy-Power HX-64022006-07-19549 in 1993
Tokyo Hy-Power HX-65012004-03-18
transverters-store 70 to 28 MHz transverter12018-03-0230
Yaesu FT-107VR22006-10-19
Yaesu FTV-1000102011-06-03950.00
Yaesu FTV-250 & FTV-650B12019-01-06149.00 (1974) 235(1978)
Yaesu FTV-70012007-05-23
Yaesu FTV-70712002-05-04200
Yaesu FTV-901R32013-04-16