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Product Name# ReviewsLast ReviewMSRP $Avg Rating
817 iPad by VK3XJM62014-07-13$40.00 plus shipping(5)
AC8Y FSK Keying Interface Kit (CW Too)32022-04-0924.95 shipped(5)
Advanced Repeater Systems USB EchoLink Adapter52022-10-2959(4)
AEcreative interface cable for Yaesu12021-01-23$34.99(5)
AME USB Transceiver Programming Interface52007-07-0339(4.4)
AMERITRON ARB 704532022-12-0449.99(4.3)
AmpKeyer Interface452019-05-3049.95(5)
Argent Data Systems - Garmin to NMEA Translator Cable62022-08-2048.00 US(4.2)
Array Solutions SB-1000 Link-All-3.0 USB Radio Interface22009-03-2799.00(3)
Award Plus Multimedia Volume Controller12005-07-19$ 7.49(5)
BabyStar by ON8JL42015-07-05390(3.8)
Blackcat Systems CI-V USB52010-07-3159.00(5)
BlueMax49ers FTDI USB Data Comm programming cable42021-05-22(4)
BlueMax49ers FTDI USB Data Comm programming cable (for ICOM radi12017-10-30$22.95(5)
Bravo All-in-One CAT interface for FT84712006-04-1450.00(5)
Bravo FT857/897 Digimode cable12008-07-2830(5)
BRIAN (SM) Allstar Node12021-09-01$63(5)
Burghardt ERB-122008-07-05$59.95(5)
BuxCom Rascal1212013-02-1549.00(4)
Buxcomm Rascal III22017-01-0359.95(2.5)
CatTouch for Yaesu Radios22023-05-22$140(5)
CG Antenna SB-2000 USB Radio Interface92014-12-0499(3.9)
Creative Services Software CI-V Control Cable for ICOM22007-04-2730.00(5)
CTR-BlueAir: Bluetooth interface for your radio12005-08-2590(5)
Dierking GD16MI12005-07-09160 Euro(2)
DigiMaster combined USB CAT and Audio Interface112007-12-17£69.99(4.7)
DigiMaster PRO72013-12-17119(5)
Digimaster ProPlus12015-07-0369.99GBP(5)
DigiMaster USB MiniPRO 212009-03-02109.99(5)
Digirig Mobile112023-05-2639.97 + shipping(5)
Digital Voice Access Point (DVAP) Dongle302019-01-06249.00(4.9)
DigMaster USB MultiFace12006-02-1949.99 £27.95(5)
DINAH 12023-04-18$40/kit $50/assembled(5)
Diymore 1500V USB to USB Isolator Board Protection Isolation ADU22021-09-06$19.00(3.5)
Donner's Digital Interfaces1032014-07-2340(4.8)
Donners Digital Interfaces - CW Hard Keying Interface22010-03-2115.00(5)
Donners Digital Interfaces - Rig Control Interface232009-11-2725.00(4.9)
DV-Mega Dual Band D-Star Radio Hotspot182020-11-05179.95(5)
DV-Mega EuroNode32023-02-14€149.90(5)
Easy Digi Interface by KF5INZ242020-09-1736.95 + (4.8)
Edgeport USB to RS232 Converter22008-04-19200(5)
EDIROL FA-6612022-03-23$100(4)
Elecraft KRC222015-01-21159.00(4.5)
FA USB transceiver interface with soundcard22013-05-19139 Euro excl. P&P(4)
Fox Delta Interface Kit FD-SC112006-10-1518 plus $5 shipping via Air Mail(5)
FoxEcho - Advance EchoLink Interface22008-06-2865.00(4)
FVMASTER42006-11-16 £30 inc P&P WORLDWIDE(3)
G3LIV Isoterm-Multicon Interfaces - All models1452022-12-19between £40 and £60(5)
G3VFP OPTO-IFMKII62008-08-01£51.00 Pounds(5)
G4ZLP Digimaster Datalink22019-02-05109.99(3)
G4ZLP DigiMaster MiniPro (USB)252019-10-2652.99GBP/84.99EU/107.99USD(4.5)
G4ZLP DigiMaster PRO+112014-07-11134.99 / £ 79.99 / € 99.99(3.6)
G4ZLP Digimaster Pro3 Interface62018-01-11239.99(4.3)
G4ZLP Electronics CAT interfaces532018-05-2725.00(4.8)
G4ZLP ICOM CAT/CI-V Interface182019-10-267.99(4.3)
G4ZLP Multiface CAT control72013-11-0750(3.9)
G6LVB Tracker12013-05-31200(5)
G8XGG Icom CAT and Audio Interface42014-03-2739.99(5)
Generic USB to CW quarter inch jack keying interface52022-06-1113(4.2)
Gigaware 6 ft. USB-Serial Cable Radio Shack Model 26-94932012-11-1139.99(3.7)
Green Heron Engineering GH Everyware Wireless Control System42021-07-12Hardware: 129 to 272 (2017)(5)
HamGadgets UKA-3+12014-01-1022(5)
HamStop EZ-PSK-706/70352005-07-3152.00 shipped in USA(4.8)
Hamtronix - Echolink Interface32008-03-2454(3.3)
Hawking USB to RS-232 Converter12004-03-2516(0)
Hi-Z IF panadapter tap board72022-05-2927.00(5)
Icom CI-V Level Converter CT-17142021-12-22139(4.1)
Icom OPC-478UC12009-10-0566.00(4)
Icom USB CI-V Cat CT-17 Interface RPC-117-UF32021-01-06$29(5) AMI-252012-01-0180 to 100(5)
Inrad VOX12018-12-04105(5)
Jumbo Spot RTQ112021-02-21$125(4.1)
K1NU Dual rig control/CW 52014-01-0644(5)
K1NU ICOM and Yaesu rig control cables292008-01-2529.(4.8)
K8CCA Digi-Face PSK31/RTTY/SSTV interface32006-03-2215(5)
K9JM CI-V Router82021-07-04160.00(4.1)
KAWA CIV USB I/F For Icom 718 and others42010-03-014.95 on ebay stores(4.8)
Kenwood TS-50s USB CAT Interface12010-11-02(5)
Keyspan USB 4-Port Serial Adapter (Model USA-49WLC)62010-08-31149(5)
Keyspan USB High Speed Serial Adapter (Model USA-19HS)92011-09-0939.00(4.4)
KH6TY Digital VOX Sound Card Interface22011-04-2430 complete kit, $8 board only(5)
KK7UQ Model II Sound Card Interface Kit82007-02-1055.00(5)
LDG RCA-14 Breakout Box62012-01-0659(5)
Lonestar Semiconductor Designs (N5BOC) USB MMDVM Stick12020-11-29$97.00(5)
M0AQC digimode interface52016-08-14£25.00(4.8)
Maxton CT-62 Serial12011-05-2534.99(0)
Maxton CT-62 USB22012-04-1634.95(2.5)
MFJ-1214PC Multimode Controller22002-09-20149.95(1)
MFJ-1234 RigPi Station Server122023-02-16299.95(3.7)
MFJ-1275/1275M Sound Card to Rig Interface342012-12-1289.95(3.4)
MFJ-1279 ULTIMATE in sound card interfaces22006-04-13$129.95(4.5)
MFJ-1279 Ultimate Sound Card Interface152015-05-28$139.00(4.1)
MicroHam Band Decoder162008-03-03(4.9)
Microham Digi Keyer272017-01-20(4.4)
microHAM DigiKeyer II112017-06-28339(4.4)
MicroHam DXP 42022-12-31$370. USD(5)
MicroHam Micro Keyer502020-06-07225(5)
Microham Micro Keyer II382021-01-02430(4.8)
microHAM micro2R SO2R Interface42018-08-01329(4)
Microham microKEYER III52021-07-26499.00(4.4)
microHAM USB <-> Radio Interface282006-05-07(5)
microHAM USB Interface II232018-04-12159(4.4)
microHAM USB Interface III342020-04-08199.95(4.8)
microKEYER 2R Plus, MK2R+52017-07-12(5)
microKEYER 2R, MK2R12007-07-26(5)
MixW RigExpert USB Transceiver Interface (Modem)452009-03-29199(4.5)
N0XAS ID-O-Matic82013-04-16USD$20(5)
N0XAS Universal Keying Adapter142017-03-2010.00(4.9)
N4ATS - Yaesu FL-7000 Band Data Cables42013-08-2338.95 and up(5)
N4VAS Icom PC Interface472007-01-2330.00 shipped (US)(4.9)
N5ZTW Interface Cables--Computer to Radio12004-03-1810.95 and up(2)
N5ZTW TiniCAT TC+SC-YP Computer/Rig interface kit12009-11-0740(5)
N9ZLE Icom CT-17 CIV compatible cable62005-12-1826.00(5)
N9ZLE Icom CT-17 CIV compatible cable with CW12006-06-0636.00(5)
Nano-node72020-05-03495.00 base unit(3.9)
Navigator by Timewave - previously by US Interface672020-10-28369(4.9)
NEX-GEN Rugged SPOT22019-11-29249.95(3.5)
On The Air Communications Custom-Built Interface Cables1042019-01-1122.50 and up(5)
Piexx - TS-940 Interface Board152012-10-27$89.95(4.5)
PIEXX ICOMPROM Icom Non-Volatile RAM Module12013-12-2869.00(4)
Piexx IF-10C Computer Interface for Kenwood TS140S/680S72013-01-0989(4)
Piexx UX-14PX Interface for IC-751A72012-06-20139(4.3)
PigRemote Ver 112014-05-11$274.99(5)
PTT Buffer12021-05-31$59.00-$99.00 AUD(5)
Radio Shack USB PC Scanner programming cable 20-054612015-07-13$29.95(5)
Radio Shack USB to Serial Cable 26-183102007-06-2039.99(3.1)
Radio-Arena Interface22015-01-2140.00(5) RBI-1 Amplifier Relay Buffer Interface62021-02-1744.95(5)
Rascal GLX552016-11-0739.95(3.6)
red_ella USB2 to DB-9 serial cable kit12010-10-1129.95(5)
Remote Shack CMI-132014-04-05249.95(5)
Remoterig RRC-1258MkII352022-06-20449(4.7)
Repeater Builder STM32 DVM52020-09-0785-95(4)
RFinder HCP-1 Portable Digital HotSpot42021-05-28$299.95(3.8)
Rig Talk by West Mountain Radio12010-06-1759.95 for Icom(5)
RIGblaster Plug and Play12015-02-02119(5)
RigExpert Plus32012-01-20305.(5)
RigExpert SD62007-03-03(4.8)
RigExpert Standard52008-09-09205.(5)
Rigexpert TI-300022023-05-07120 US $(4)
RigExpert TI-552014-09-18(4)
RigExpert TI-5000 Multi-Mode USB Transceiver Interface92022-01-03160(4.8)
RigExpert TI-712017-06-28(5)
RigExpert TI-852019-08-13(4.2)
RigExpert Tiny112010-12-09(4.5)
RigExpert USB Transceiver Interface (Plus Version)142011-05-30(4.7)
RigExpert USB-to-transceiver interface (Standard version)132011-03-19(4.8)
RigExpert WTI-1 Interface42020-10-25(3.5)
RigMate Ham Radio Computer USB Interface Kit12005-12-2165(4)
RT Systems CT-29A and CT2-8A (for FT-60)22007-11-05CT-29A: $30.00, CT-28A: $10.00(5)
RT Systems CT-29B (for FT-7800)12006-12-0930.00(4)
RT Systems RST-03 USB to Serial Adapter12009-11-15$23(5)
Saratoga Amateur Radio Products EZ-PSK82007-12-1745.95(3.8)
SB-1000 USB Interface by CG Antenna22011-04-21(3.5)
Sewell Development22004-01-1619 + ship(5)
Shari Pixx Hotspot42022-06-04$65(5)
SharkRF OpenSPOT262022-11-13204.00(4.2)
SharkRF openspot 3142023-05-21$293 (3.6)
SharkRF OpenSpot IV pro82023-05-04$319 + shipping(4.5)
SharkRF OpenSpot2152023-05-07255.00(4.3)
SignaLink by Tigertronics1122022-09-0749.95(4.7)
SignaLink USB Computer-Radio Interface2612023-02-1489(4.7)
SIIG USB to 2 Port Serial Converter12006-12-0259.99 street price(1)
TechnoFix UK USB CAT cable12019-05-01&pound;15.99(5)
TENTEC Model 712-USB Soundcard Digital Mode Interface Cable62022-08-1569.00(4)
TGIF Hotspot212021-07-04$279.00(4.9)
The Serial Box (S-BOX) by N6TV252022-12-26149(5)
The Y-BOX by N6TV202022-08-07139(5)
ThumbDV USB with BlueDV (AMBE3000)12022-03-26$100(5)
TimeWave PK-232/PSK Upgrade12007-11-2070.00 - 160.00 depeneding on mod(5)
TimeWave PK-900/PSK Upgrade12003-12-19129.95(5)
TimeWave USB to CI-V interface12011-05-23$59.99(5)
Tinygate USB transceiver interface12018-03-1993€(5)
Tripp Lite 6-ft. USB2.0 A/B Gold Device Cable with Ferrite Choke12012-05-03$5.95 to $8.99(5) -- TTL to USB cables432017-01-3140(4.7)
Unified Microsystems (W9XT) BCD-10 Band Decoder52019-02-16$18.95(5)
Unified Microsystems SCI-6 PC Sound Card Interface Kit82018-06-1225(5)
USB CI-V CAT INTERFACE CABLE for ICOM CT-17 IC-70622008-11-2019.00(5)
USB CI-V CT-17 Interface12010-12-1523(5)
USB to Serial/PDA Converter Cable - GUC232A32009-12-0739.99(4)
USBGear Serial to USB Adapter12009-01-21$22.95(3)
USBgear USB to serial adapter for Windows Vista and Windows 712010-08-3018.00(5)
VA3TO ILink interface102008-03-2850.0(4.5)
W1GEE LCU3 Xcvr Control Computer Interface92013-07-1549.00(4.2)
W1GEE Parallel Port CW interface22011-07-2825(4.5)
W1KGK Hotspots12021-01-05Price varies due to options(5)
W1WEF CW Keying Interfaces22005-09-1723-49(5)
W2ENY CIV computer interface62008-09-09105(5)
W2ENY Amplifier Interface cable62014-04-1722 (incl/shipping)(4.3)
W3YY FSK/CW Optically Isolated PC Interface162023-02-1425.00(4.9)
W5TXR Electronic Labs32012-06-06$95 ~ 150 on config(5)
W7YEN Tokyo Hi-power Cable12012-11-1440.00(5)
WB1FCG USB CAT interface for Yaesu FT-81712006-07-16(5)
WB2REM iLink Interface52013-04-1540/kit $55/assembled(4.8)
WB2REM Ultimate Linking Interface (ULI)132013-02-0989.00(4.8)
West Mountain Radio RIGtalk USB Interface182013-02-0749.95, cables extra(4.7)
West Mountain Radio CW Switch12011-01-02$59.95(4)
West Mountain Radio Plug-n-Play402023-04-12MSRP $99.95 + shipping(4.5)
West Mountain Radio Rigblaster312006-12-02150.00(4.5)
West Mountain Radio Rigblaster Advantage252022-03-24200(4.8)
West Mountain Radio Rigblaster NOMIC422018-05-0359.99(4.2)
West Mountain Radio RIGblaster Plus462015-01-20139.95(4.2)
West Mountain Radio Rigblaster Pro322014-02-18299.95(3.8)
West Mountain Radio RIGblaster standard M8,M4 or RJ112014-11-12(4.5)
West Mountain Radio USB Audio Adapter (USB sound card)12008-03-1025(5)
West Mountain Rigblaster Duo92011-11-29300(3.4)
WestMountainRadio Rigblaster Blue72019-04-30199.95(3.6)
Wireless Holdings, LLC - DV4Mini142018-03-05129.00(3.7)
WIRES-II HRI-10062016-06-09149.99(4)
XGGCOMMS computer interface cable for Kenwood.12021-02-23$39.99(5)
XGGCOMMS Icom Digital Interface182023-01-1339.99 shipping included (at leas(4.2)
XGGCOMMS USB CAT Cable72022-05-22$32.99 includes shipping(5)
Xiegu CE-1912020-04-1029.95(4)
Yaesu CT-62 CAT Interface22009-09-1735(5)
Yaesu FT-950 10-pin mini-DIN connector to linear cable12010-07-04$23.95(5)
Yaesu SCU-17172023-05-31195.00(4.7)
Yaesu SCU-LAN1022021-12-23339.00(2)
Yaesu USB Programming Cable FT-7800 FT-8800 3 Foot Version [RPC-12010-01-1521.95(5)
Yaesu Wires-X HRI-20072020-10-31124.95(4.1)
Yaesu Wires-X Software42023-01-19Free software from Yaesu(4.3)
Yaesu YSK-857 Separation Kit22014-11-11$69(3.5)
ZLP Electronics42021-04-15Approx. $50.00(3.8)
Zumspot RPi122020-03-19$110 USD(4.7)
Zumspot RPi Nextion 3.5 Kit22021-12-26219.95(4.5)