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Review Category: Ham Radio education & exam prep materials

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
AA9PW On-Line Practice Exam62014-11-09FREE - donations accepted
ARRL Antenna Modeling course12009-12-2080 members / $110 non-members
ARRL EC-001 Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course22013-07-2219.00
ARRL EC-003 Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course12008-04-2745.00 (ARRL Members)
ARRL License Manuals202015-02-0715-30
BG5MVE Code Practice Oscillator (being sold on eBay)12016-05-3119.00 - 23.00 (varies slightly)
Code Quick 2000382019-10-2439.95 (CD) or 29.95 (Download)
CW Academy, a division of CWops22017-11-22FREE
CW Forever52019-03-29FREE
Extra Class132010-05-1314.95
Extra Class the Easy Way by K4IA42018-02-20$18
Flash and Pass - Amateur Radio Test Study Cards 22014-09-2124.95 - $39.95
G4FON Morse Tutor142012-01-21free
Gordon West162015-07-29Clearance 1.99
Gordon West Written Element Study Guides282012-12-0311.95
Ham University92008-12-0725-40
Ham Academy32011-07-05Free
Ham Radio Instructor and Student Guides12006-09-19
Ham Radio Prep22018-12-0825
Ham Test Prep12018-04-24Free and no ads
Jerry Ziliak KB6MT Amateur Radio School102014-07-0219.95
KB6NU General License Exam Study Guide12015-07-227.99
KB6NU Technician License Exam Study Guide182006-09-19Free! No Nonsense No CodeTech Study Guide12006-09-19Free
Koch Method CW Trainer for WIndows112018-10-09freeware
Learn CW Online212019-10-10FREE
Mental Block Buster III52014-07-1327.95
MFJ STUDY GUIDE-Extra Lass12010-10-21$12.95
MFJ-413 Morse Code Tutor12013-06-2849.95
MFJ-418 Morse Code Tutor442017-04-0379.95
MFJ-554 Code Practice Oscillator12018-06-0599.95
MFJ-557 Code Practice Oscillator92017-10-1729.95
Mometrix Media (Flashcard Study System) Flashcards22019-07-08$35
Morse Express T-Tone Code Practice Oscillator (KIT)22014-07-1519,95 Kit + 5,95 project box
Morse Fusion12016-09-01$10 to $15 per month subscriptio
Morse Practice12001-04-060
Morse Teaching Program12005-03-30Free
MORSE TUTOR gold32003-12-2829.95$
N8KBR Study Guides32011-08-020.00
Navy Electrical Engineering Training12004-10-209.95 a month
NoseyNick / Nilex Morse Tutor12009-01-02FREE
Nu-Ware - Nu-Morse and Nu-Test132010-08-22Free Trial & $45.00 Register
picoFrog code practice oscillator (review B)12019-05-2224.95 Amateur Radio Practice Exams12011-08-06FREE
Radio Adventures R1- W1AW Code Practice Receiver (also Kit)12002-10-3029.95 for kit, $49.95 assembled
Shenandoah Amature Radio Tester software version 1.122015-07-15FREE
VIS study cards62009-04-15under $40
W5YI GROUP32011-07-29
W5YI Ham Operator HOS-1012011-05-2430.00