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Review Category: Contesting Hardware

Product Name# ReviewsLast ReviewMSRP $Avg Rating
Array Solutions SO2R232009-06-19N/A(4.9)
Boss FS-5U foot switch42020-12-1730.00(5)
Cherub WTB-004 Sustain Pedal12013-05-1215(5)
Dunestar- Two Radio Headphone Mix & Switch42021-04-24$52.00(5)
DX Doubler SO2R Controller by Top Ten Devices192016-06-19195(5)
Ensoniq FSW-2 footswitch12011-06-14$9.95(5)
EZMaster All in One All Mode SO2R Device102013-10-01540(3.9)
Heil FS-2 dual footswitch282020-09-0439.95(3.5)
Heil FS-3 Footswitch12017-09-1427(3)
High Sierra Kontestor\'s Keyboard12014-11-0330.00(5)
Linemaster Foot Switches - Clipper Model132021-09-2637.76(5)
Linemaster Foot Switches - Treadlite Model12001-10-02$30(4)
LineMaster Switch Corporation - GEM V2 foot switch92013-04-03$36.00 USD(5)
MFJ-1262 microphone Control Center42007-03-0479.95(2)
MFJ-644 SO2R Switch12012-01-02160(4)
Microham CW Keyer22009-06-26169(5)
microHAM MK2R and MK2R+102017-01-19875. & 995 USD(4.8)
NCS Multi-Switcher 4 headset to 4 radio switcher32016-10-13299.95(5)
TZ-1000RC (Rippletech Electronics)12015-08-1259.00(4)
W5XD Multi-Keyer12009-01-28(4)
Yaesu DVS-2 Digital Recorder52007-03-15225.00(3.8)
YCCC SO2R+22015-09-20$160 (2 radio), $185 (4 radio)(5)