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Review Category: Batteries & Chargers for Amateur Radio

Product Name# ReviewsLast ReviewMSRP $Avg Rating
2s-Energy 5-15-25 amp DC-DC battery chargers12021-07-06$45-$90(5)
A & A Engineering 5 Amp Smart Charger22023-03-09$159.95 + Shipping(5)
A & A Engineering Smart Chargers332014-06-21$79.95 for 1A version, $139,95 f(4.9)
AccuMate battery chargers12009-05-2860 plus shipping(5)
AlphaPower BC-90032007-12-3149.95(3.7)
Ansmann High Tech battery charger with refresh function12006-08-14125.00(5)
Batteries America BP-173x12022-03-25$62.95(1)
Batteries America BP-200XL42016-05-0379.95(2.8)
Batteries America BP-272LI12014-10-3169.00(5)
Batteries America EMS-57-8312013-04-2069 + shipping(4)
Batteries America PB-42L32018-10-10$42.95(2)
Battery Minder 1.33 Amp with Desulfator32017-03-2049.95(5)
Battery SPace 9.6 volt 3300 mAH Battery packs12006-11-03(5)
Battery Tender 4A12017-08-0959.99(5)
BatteryJack, Inc.12006-05-17(5)
BatteryMINDer 5 watt Solar w/Controller - Desulphation Module #B12006-10-20+-99.00(5)
BatterySpace Polymer Li-Ion Battery Module12006-06-02119.95(0)
Battery\'s of America FNB-38xh12017-07-2752.95(1)
BC-601D Quick/Trickle Smart Charger for ICOM BP-171, 172, 173, &42005-08-0642.99 (show list price)(4.8)
Bioenno LiFePO4 Batteries with PCM and charger222023-08-1758.00(4.8)
Bommeow Batteries for Icom IC-70512022-11-27(5)
Car Battery PSU Monitor - Simple & effective12006-10-09USD8.90(5)
Commander 71000N.A.$795(0)
Duracell Alkaline Battery22019-05-03Depends on size and type.(1)
Elecraft KXBC312023-06-0680(3)
Eneloop AA NIMH Hybrid battery102015-02-0312.95(4.5)
ENERGIZER 2050mah NiMh AA Cells122019-05-03$9.83 per 4 pack(1.8)
Harbor Freight VIking Compact Power Pack model 6274922019-12-0479.99(1)
Hardened Power Systems QRP Ranger22017-05-17$295(0)
Hardened Power Systems Scout G122022-02-22440(5)
Hardened Power Systems \"JuiceBox R2\"22017-06-17600(2.5)
HQRP 1500mAh Battery for Yaesu/Vertex FNB VX VXA Series Two-Way 12015-02-1816.95(0)
Impulse Electronics DC12 MAX Go-Box with Battery12021-10-05$184, battery choice extra(5)
Kendoo KBP-180H12003-10-28$29(5)
Kendoo BC-79A52006-06-1535(4.6)
Kendoo KBP-85 for Icom12002-07-2928.00(5)
La Crosse BC-700 Alpha Power Battery Charger22015-05-2049.95(5)
La Crosse BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery Charger12011-08-1445(4)
La Crosse Technology BC-900 AlphaPower Battery Charger42008-01-2579.95(3.8)
La Crosse Technology BC-900912010-04-2979.95(4)
Lenmar-Omni Source 336 Universal Charger12003-11-1750.00(5)
Lithium Iron phosphate Scorpion stinger 12016-03-19$150(5)
MAHA / PowerEx MH-C777PLUS-II182019-11-2789.95(2.4)
MAHA Energy MH-C9000 Charger-Analyzer142015-02-0669.95(4.8)
Maha MH-C204F82012-08-0834.95(4)
Maha MH-C204W MiMh Universal Charger22007-10-29(2.5)
Maha MH-C777152005-10-2349.95(3.7)
Maha MH-C777PLUS282013-05-1089.95(2.2)
Maha MH-C88882008-07-30(3)
Maha MH-FNB-3832004-01-28(5)
Maha Powerex MH-4AA270-BH 2700mAh NiMH Rechargeable AA Batteries12010-01-0216.95(5)
MeanWell PB-1000-12 Charger12015-01-25265(4)
MH-C801D Deluxe Professional Charger42008-03-2085. Discount retail is LOWER(4.5)
MK Battery - GELL Cell22007-10-29159.95(5)
Monster Cable - Monster Powercells22003-03-1439.95(5)
One-Plug Power module for FT-81722006-10-15(5)
Optima Yellow Top182022-08-15varies(3.5)
Panasonic Charger Model BQ-820A with four NiMH AA batteries12005-04-07$10(5)
Panasonic model BQ-CC17 NiMH Charger12019-10-21< 20.00 US(5)
Powergenix 1.6 volt rechargeable AA cells NiZh22013-11-1212.95(3)
Powerizer Batteries & charger22016-01-07$26.99(5)
Prostar Batteries Inc52011-03-21(4.2)
Radio Shack #23-245 Ni-Cd/Ni-MH Universal Battery Charger12003-02-2529.95(4)
Radio Shack 23-1305 30-minute charger12009-11-29(3)
Radio Shack 23-561 6AH Li-Ion Pack12005-06-1979.95(5)
Radio Shack Rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydrides72014-01-2520.00(1.9)
Rayovac D Cell12016-06-151.25(0)
RipVan100 Lightning Pack 4000N Recharger12005-07-2524.95(5)
Sanyo Eneloop32015-01-02$30 for 6 ( AA )(5)
The NiCd Lady Company92017-06-08(5)
Thomas Distributing - Battery Supply & Electronics52021-05-08(5)
Vanson BC1HU Battery Charger12006-02-1428.95(5)
W&W Associates Batteries, Chargers/Analyzers342021-05-08(3.9)
W4RT OPP-89712009-08-27$99.00(1)
Waterproof Power Tender Plus 12V at 5 A (022-0157-1)12013-01-02125.95(0)
West Mountain Radio Computerized Battery Analyzer92008-11-30119(3.9)
West Mountain Radio EpicPWRgate72020-09-04179.95(4.3)
West Mountain Radio PWRcheck42017-03-26189.00(4)
West Mountain Radio PWRGate42021-12-06120(5)
Windcamp 3000mah lithium battery kit for yaesu ft-81782020-09-0687$(2.3)
Windcamp ADP-1 powerpole converter for FT81722020-10-22$18 (est)(2.5)
Yaesu CD-41142022-01-1339.95(1.6)