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Review Category: Filters, Audio: (DSP and others)

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
AOR TDF-370 MultiModeTerminal12001-08-22329.95
Autek Research QF-1152019-08-2479.95
Autek Research QF-1A332019-10-19No longer in production
BHI ANEM - Amplified Noise Elimination Module152015-09-19227
BHI Compact-In-Line82018-10-25259.00
BHI NEDSP 1061292019-07-02139.00
BHI NEDSP-1062112019-10-29159.99
bhi NEIM1031172019-11-03£129.95
BHI NES 10-2 MK3.122019-03-26CIRCA £100.00
bhi ParaPro EQ20-DSP22019-05-12$379.99
ClearSpeech base unit322018-09-16179.95
Datong FL-282015-08-10??
Datong FL142004-10-15
Datong FL3182018-06-06£64.95 (GBP)
ED88 NF-ASP Dierking32009-12-19240 (about) = Euro 200
Elecraft AF1 Active Filter with Audio Amplifier62015-09-06$59.95
Elecraft KDSP2 for the K2 Transceiver42015-07-06219.00
FUNtronics ADSP Filter FDS-0232017-09-2085.00
GAP HEAR IT Inline Module252018-11-08180
Gap Hear It Module inline DSP filter102013-04-07200
Heathkit HD-141862019-01-1979.95
Idiom Press/Ham Supply SCAF-1932019-02-22108.95 kit 148.95 assembled
J-Com Magic Notch22016-10-28
JPS NF-60 DSP Notch Filter52008-03-14
JPS NIR-10132014-08-30299.95
JPS NIR-12 Dual DSP152017-01-11375.00
JPS NRF-742015-06-01199.95
JPS NTR-112019-04-20160 USD
Kenwood DSP-100132017-03-24$500-$600
Michels Engineering Speech Extractor DX-2112005-10-08350
Midnight Science CW Regen Filter (AKA The Scrubber)32015-07-0270
Mizuho AP-1D Audio Processor12003-04-2299.50 in 1983
Mizuho AP-M1 portable audio processor12007-06-23
NEScaf Audio Filter332014-07-1729.00
Radio Shack DSP 40402019-04-2939.95
SGC "Power Clear" Add-on-DSP22013-08-06159.95
Signal Enhancer II, Model: MFJ-752D32015-08-21129.99
SotaBeams DSP Filter12019-08-0975
SuperSCAF by AFTRONICS 12018-12-16unknown
Timewave DSP-59+152019-05-07249.99
Timewave DSP-599zx382019-06-02399
Timewave DSP-59Y112008-12-03329.95
Timewave DSP-9202013-08-05219.99 c.1995
Timewave DSP-9+212019-05-09199.55
Vectronics VEC-820 CW Filter Kit72017-01-1935
Vectronics VEC-841 Tunable CW/SSB Audio Filter42012-12-1369.96
Vectronics VEC-88422016-05-24249.95
W3NQN Passive Audio Filter372018-07-1270 USD $75 Cdn $90. overseas
W4RT Gap Hear-It DSP (bhi) for Yeasu 817242014-01-28179.00 installed, 149.00 module
W9GR DSP Filter152018-01-06170.00
West Mountain Radio CLRdsp362019-11-11219.95
Wouxun Audio Filter12014-03-2859.95