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Review Category: Receive Pre-amps

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
50-1300 GHz preamp by Chuck, WA3IAC12013-02-17
Advanced Receiver Research (Ar2) MSP144VDG-16032014-03-05239
Advanced Receiver Research (Ar2) MSP432VDG-16062015-09-29229.95
Advanced Receiver Research (Ar2) P144VDG162014-08-2779.95
Advanced Receiver Research (AR2) P900VDG12011-09-30$129.00
Advanced Receiver Research - HF & MF Pre-Amps32007-11-30
Ameco PLF-222016-05-25
Ameco PT-232017-07-06
Ameco PT-372018-01-0799.95
Angle Linear PHEMT (GaAs FET) Preamplifiers32011-06-06144-235
AR2 Advanced Receiver Research Preamp P432VDG22017-04-1979.95
Clifton Laboratories Z10040B Norton Preamp22011-02-2847.50
Clifton Laboratories Z10043A Norton Preamplifier22013-08-1547.50 kit, 72.50 assembled w/enc
DX Engineering RPA-1 Receive Preamp122015-10-25109.00
Elecraft PR612012-08-17149.95
ELNA70CM-22N 70cm pre-amp by K4EME12013-08-14$125.00
Grove Tun 4-A preselector/preamplifier12018-01-14159.99
Grove TUN-5 MiniTuner Plus12003-10-28
HA8ET EXTRA-6 50MHz Preamplifier12013-07-08100
High Sierra Microwave LNAA146FIL12013-11-0589
ICOM AG-25 external preamp72014-09-13$149.99
Industrial Communication Engineers, Ltd. Bandpass and Wideband32010-07-2048 to 54
J-TEC ASAP-2 Antenna Switch and Preamp12005-12-25149 shipped
KD9SV DXPedition RX Antenna Switch w. Dual Preamp32011-08-17269.95
Keps 0535AN212019-07-1568€ plus VAT and shipping
Lafayette HE-73 PreCon12012-08-0849.95
LNA Technology22006-11-2379.95
LNA4ALL broadband LNA manufactured and sold by 9A4QV (Adam) and 12014-05-08varies-20 euro-up depending on c
MFJ-1040C TRANSCEIVER PRESELECTOR, 1.8 MHZ TO 54 MHZ32019-07-14119.95
Mini-kits EME157 2m Preamplifier42012-11-0745.00
Mirage KP-1-440 70 cm GaAsFET Pre-Amplifier52011-12-12149.95
Mirage KP-1/ 2 meter in shack preamp62019-02-06149.95
Mirage KP-1/6M 22015-09-08149.95
MIRAGE KP-2/6M12006-09-26199.95
Palomar P-312X transceiver preamp22013-06-04
Palstar MW550P High Q Low Noise Preamp42006-08-15295
Pioneer 621 or 99 Electronics lil pre amp12009-08-06Less than $10!!!
Radio Shack In-Line Signal Amplifier32010-01-3129.99
RAMSEY PR40 440mhz preamp62010-09-0814.95
SHF electronik MVV1296VOX42019-02-03$219 euro
SHF-Elektronik MVV 144 VOX12015-04-19205 / 189€
SHF-elektronik MVV 432-VOX22015-05-24265
Spectrum Communications masthead pre-amplifiers12010-09-19Kit: £41.00, Ready built & boxed
SSB Electronics172019-09-14120-$475
TenTec 100142011-04-19$9.00