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Review Category: Ham Radio Kits

Product Name# ReviewsLast ReviewMSRP $Avg Rating
10W Radio HF SW CW telegraph Transmitter 7.023MHz Kits HF power 22019-03-1817(1)
40m CW QRP transceiver EGV-4012013-12-1472.5 EUR(5)
Ameritron Electronic Bias kit EBS-1H12014-06-2949.95(0)
Bitx40 HFSignals Kit 40m SSB Transciever92021-08-1859(4.8)
Byonics MicroTrak300 Kit12007-09-2795(5)
Conrad Retro Radio (AM)12009-04-08€ 9,95 (€8,95 for 10+)(5)
Conrad Retro Shortwvare Radio CW-SBB-AM12016-04-1610(5)
Cornell WWII Foxhole Radio Kit12006-10-0819.95(5)
CRKits KN-Q7A SSB Transceiver Kit132017-08-12115(4.8)
Cumbria Designs Minicounter32006-04-1239 GBP(5)
DC Kits WBA-1 Wideband Preamp12008-12-01$20(5)
DDS 0-21Mhz Norcal FCC-2 and FCC-162014-12-29(4)
DDS 0.1-20 Mhz VFO Far Circuits12008-12-08(0)
DDS 1.15-1.4Ghz and 2.3-2.8Ghz - Nuova Elettronica12017-07-28abt 225 euro(5)
DDS 1Hertz-120Mhz - LX. 1644 Nuova Elettronica12015-09-15about 60 euro + 5 for n. 226 of(5)
DDS-6042010-03-29not more than 34USD(4)
Dentron GLA-1000B Power Supply Upgrade Board12018-12-17The price is $59 plus $8 shippin(5)
Digital SWR meter kit42014-07-07£38(5)
Dutchtronix Oscilloscope Clock Kit32009-05-2524.95(5)
Elecraft N-Gen Wideband Noise Generator82015-02-1339(4.6)
Elecraft XG1 Receiver Test Oscillator72008-01-2439(5)
Elecraft XG2 Receiver Test Oscillator82017-03-1269.95(4.4)
Elenco AM-780K (AM)12015-01-2917.95(5)
Elenco AR-2N6K12007-12-1939.95(5)
ESR meter LX.1518 by Nuova Elettronica12009-04-13about 27 euro included review n.(5)
Fernempfangsradio II by qrpproject Germany12011-05-0990(4)
FET DIP METER32021-01-2475(5)
FMT Morse Tutor (made for FISTS CW Club by Phoenixkitsonline)0N.A.£29 inc UK post, £35 inc DX post(0)
Fox Delta Kits142021-02-27(4.4)
FoxTrak: APRS Tracker Kit22011-03-0622.00(3)
Funkamateur BX-053-10,7Mhz12011-02-1922€(5)
G4DDK 23cms Low noise amplifier12009-07-2245 GBP(5)
G4HUP Panoramic Tap Board52018-05-01$10 Kit, $20 Assembled(5)
Hagerty Radio Company DDS buffer amplifier22020-07-21$39.00 + $5.00 S/H(5)
Hagerty Radio Company Direct Digital VFO72015-01-12150.00(5)
HAMKIT TM-V7A DISPLAY MOD & FIX192017-06-09$34.95(4.9)
HAMKITT ( TS-2000 DISPLAY BLUE LIGHT MOD )122018-03-14$34.95(4.9)
HAMKITT TS-570 DISPLAY MOD & FIX82013-10-0434.95(4.9)
Heathkit Shop HP23RL Kit (Upgrade for HP-23 supplies)42020-12-2555.95 + $6 shipping(5)
Heathkitshop Drake AC-4R power supply replacment92019-03-25$65 + shipping(4.9)
Hendrix NADC CW transceiver32010-11-19$130.00(2.7)
ILER-20 SSB 20m band transceiver.52023-04-09114 Including shipping.(4)
ILER-4082023-04-18Javier Solans EA3CGY(5)
Island Keyer II32017-03-12$35(5)
Jackson Harbor KeyAll HV12016-05-2615.50(5)
Jackson Harbor Press KeyAll HV+12023-03-28$18(5)
Jackson Harbor Press LF Converter Kit62014-03-3012(5)
Jackson Harbor Press Shaped CPO kit12009-03-1814(3)
Jackson Harbor Press SMT prototype board12008-12-08was cheap(5)
Jackson Harbor Press Son Of Zerobeat102015-12-21Kit price (No manual) is $25 + $(5)
K6XX Zero Beat Indicator Kit by WB3AAL12011-12-20(5)
K9AY loop antenna kit12017-11-2748(5)
Kanga DX 40 meter receiver kit22015-05-2044.95(5)
LX.1663 Nuova Elettronica12008-12-08€ 17,90(5)
MicroT2 SSB Transmitter Far Circuits12010-12-2111.50(1)
Mini-Kits DDS Kits22009-03-21180.00 AUD(2.5)
N2ZDB\'s Display Modification Kit for Kenwood TS-200062011-05-06$30.00 shipped USA(5)
N3ZI DDS2 DDS VFO KIT212020-01-1479.00(5)
NFARL Morse Code Practice Oscillator 12020-11-26$10.00(5)
Nouveau 75A22021-08-15$114(5)
nue-psk Digital Modem Kit from AmQRP12008-06-14$185 for kit(5)
Nuova Elettronica LX.1738 70-1040Mhz12009-11-1015 euro plus 5 for the review(0)
Nuova Elettronica Meteo-Fax LX.1049 interface12010-10-1360(5)
Oak Hills Research DD-1 Digital Display102017-03-27100 plus shipping (Mar 2010)(4.7)
Ozark Patrol 2 Band Receiver Kit12019-02-1050.50(5)
Pastime Projects 6V6 One tube transmitter kit52021-05-2455.00 shipping is extra(5)
Pastime Projects PPS-1Power Supply Kit companion to the one tube22013-01-1699.00(5)
Phaser Digital Mode Transceiver 20-meter Kit22020-10-31$60.00 (Enclosure is $25.00).(5)
Pickard Crystal Radio Kit12006-01-3023.95(5)
PTC-1 Tuner Interface22019-08-11$14-$87 USD(5)
QLG1 GPS Receiver kit22019-03-15$20.50(5)
QRP Labs Ultimate3 QRSS/WSPR kit112018-08-1829.00(5)
QRP Labs VFO/Signal Generator12022-09-1160.00(5)
QRP Transmitter, Transceiver, Receiver, ATU, VF=s etc.etc12009-10-25120,00(5)
QRP-ME X-CHECKer12019-03-0350.00 plus shipping(5)
Ramsey Electronics SM100 Signal Magnet Receive Antenna52019-02-17$90.00(4.8)
Ramsey FR146C22009-03-1244.95(3)
RF Toolkits12011-02-18(5)
Rockless QRP transeiver/VFO kit22010-10-0715 -75(4.5)
SDR Kits QRP-2000 USB synthesiser22009-11-07from £23.50 (UK sterling)(5)
SDR-Kits PAOKLT Si570 Standalone Low Noise Synthesized VFO kit52018-09-10currently 47 to 98 £(4.2)
Small Wonder Labs Rock-Mite Transceiver82015-12-1527.00(4.8)
Ten Tec model 1056 rcvr.152014-06-12$29.00(4.7)
Ten-Tec 1059 Foxhunt Transmitter Kit12004-05-1312.00(5)
Ten-Tec Universal BFO Kit #1050142014-12-14$10(3.4)
The Rockwell Regenerative Receiver12018-12-0225 GBP (including shipping)(2)
The Triode Board22016-06-27$140(5)
Tini CAT level converter kit for Yaesu62006-12-1639.95(5)
Tiny Trak 3102013-09-2632(4.7)
TSW Teensy 4.0-NANO Adapter Board12020-06-295.00 to 10.00(5)
Universal DRM- miniature mixer unit (surface mount)12006-05-2850euro+vat+shipping(5)
Universal DRM- miniature mixer unit (surface mount) 10.7Mhz12015-09-2858,58euro +VAT taxes and shippin(4)
Universal QSYer KeyPad62015-12-1270(4.8)
VEC-1006K 6m FM Receiver Kit12011-08-1734.95(5)
Vectronics (MFJ) VEC-102k Shortwave Radio Kit12011-05-21$79.95(4)
Vectronics VEC-1140K 40 meter receiver62010-09-0329.95(2.8)
Velleman K2622 10-150Mhz 22db amplifier12008-12-08cheap(4)
W7RY Amplifier QSK control board 62017-12-0118(5)
ZZRX-40 40 meter Receiver from 4-State QRP Group12018-04-18$51.80(5)
\"WSPR without tears\" rPi kit by ND8I12017-12-12$40(5)