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Review Category: Feedlines (coax, ladder-line, etc.)

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
Comet HS-05 18" SMA-SO 239 Jumper/Adapter22005-04-2614.95
Westflex Patch lead 20m12014-04-26UK pounds 54.85
3M / Andrew 245174 COLD SHRINK12007-12-2420.00
909612011-02-08Way too much
ABR Industries RG8/U Flexible Low Loss (LMR®-400UF, 9913F7 Types12012-09-0275ft RG8 (400UF) $91.95 free shi
ABR Industries: Coax, etc.292018-01-01100.95 25400F-PL-100
Air 802 CA400 Coaxial Cable22014-05-130.40 per foot
AIR 802 CA600 Cable Assemblies12014-05-13Depends on Cable Ordered
Aircell 722009-12-193
Andrew Heliax212013-03-19
Antenna Support Rope52015-12-08
BELDEN 7810 LOW LOSS12005-03-3049 CENTS A FOOT
Belden 821412017-06-23
Belden 991372019-05-04$1.24 per foot
Belden 9913F low loss Coax92015-03-13
Belden 9913F7152014-12-051.05
Belden RG-21362016-06-20.95 / ft
Belden RG-8X72010-02-13.39/ft HRO
Browning BR-240 Low Loss RG-8X Sized Coax12008-07-19$0.45 / Foot
Bury-Flex 50 ohm RG-8 type coax242019-08-140.59 per foot
BUXCOMM RF Connectors and adaptors12010-07-07Varied
Cable Experts Custom Cable82019-01-11$25.5
Cable Experts CXP 213202013-12-12
Cable Experts CXP008 Assembly212014-01-24
Cable Experts CXP08XC-1212010-07-1422.99
Cable Experts CXP08XC10022012-03-0954
Cable Experts CXP1318352019-08-191.04
Cable X-Perts ANDREW Cinta CNT-400 Low Loss Cable22013-07-06
Cable X-Perts RG8/U12016-03-22
CABLEMATIC UT8000 COAX CUTTER212008-11-1825.05 retail
Clear Signal Products, Inc.42009-08-29
Comet HM0512005-10-0214.95
Commscope #3227 (LMR-400 eqv)32010-07-08
Davis RF BURY-FLEXTM222017-03-10$0.55 per foot
Davis RF Heavy duty High power Ladder line32017-08-140.55 Per Foot
Davis RF RG-8XIIA12017-12-08.38
DX Engineering - F6 75 Ohm Flooded Cable12013-11-06149.95/1000Ft
DX Engineering Coaxial Cable Assemblies522016-08-10depends on length/connectors
DX Engineering DXE-213 Coax Cable62017-03-09.89 per foot
DX Engineering DXE-8X Coaxial Cable72017-08-140.31 per foot
DX Engineering DXE-UT-8213 Coaxial Cable Stripping Tool32017-04-2539.95
DX Engineering Part No. DXE-400MAX coaxial cable262017-12-010.82 per foot
Ecoflex 1032015-09-06
ECOFLEX 1522005-04-29
FLEXI 4 XL22008-07-17?
Hyperlink Technologies CA-400 coax12008-11-05.59 ft
JEFA Tech Low Loss 400102016-04-29$234
JEFA Tech Low Loss 600 cable assemblies12010-10-18varies per foot
Jestream 450 Ohm ladder line12007-10-12
jetstream 9913 equiv.32007-07-23.69 a foot
Jetstream JT2015F12008-10-29.64 per foot
JSC Wire and Cable #131312012-12-280.90 per foot
Ladder Snap Ladder Line Kits192016-07-1629.99
MDP Digital Coaxial Cable, RG21342019-05-26
Messi&Paoloni Airborne 512019-05-290.52 / foot for 250ft
MFJ 300 Ohm Twinlead MFJ-18T10022016-03-29$44.95
MPD Digital LMR-40012017-07-2035
Radio Shack 20-Ft. RG-58 Coax Cable Assembly Catalog #: 278-96712007-09-18$10.99
Radio Shack TV Twin Lead232010-12-213.99
Radio Ware cable assemblies122019-11-01Varies according to materials an
Radioworks Custom Jumpers12004-04-22Gold PL 259 connectors installed
RadioWorks RG-213 Plus42003-08-15Approx. .45 ft./.38 ft. over 99
Red Dog Radios Custom RF Cables72013-10-05Varies, depending on cable neede
Shireen RFC-400 Coax62017-12-17
Shireen, Inc. RFC600 coaxial22019-02-210.80/ foot (bulk price)
Ten Tec Acro-Bat112012-07-029.95
The Wireman CQ118 RG8X low loss mini 822019-06-06.49/foot
Times LMR coax272014-06-28varies
Times Microwave LMR \"EZ\" connectors12017-08-18varies with size and type
Times Microwave LMR-400152016-10-130.70 per foot
True Ladder Line82019-10-1500.60 cents per foot.
Universal Radio LMR-100 SMA to SO-239 jumpers12009-09-25$18.95
W7FG 600-Ohm Open Wire Feeders362019-04-230.58 (aprox. per foot)
WQ5J Coax Jumpers22007-01-07