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Product Name# ReviewsLast ReviewMSRP $Avg Rating
MFJ-7000 PORT/MOBILE GRAB-&-GO EMCOMM32014-10-23399.99(0)
IOGEAR GUC232212009-08-2860(0)
MFJ-108B 12/24 Hour clock12005-11-0319.95(2)
ELAD Switch-Box22014-05-22108 euro(2.5)
MFJ-130RC Atomic Clock22010-10-10$29.95(2.5)
Go-PWR Plus XL™ 80 Ah. Battery Box12022-02-1290.(3)
MFJ-4603, WINDOW ANT FEEDTHRU, DELUXE PANEL12021-03-23$109.95(3)
Tini CAT computer level converters for Yaesu42010-02-0840 kit 50 built tested(3.3)
MFJ 4603102022-03-2189.95(3.3)
MFJ-4602 Antenna Feedthrough Panel282023-08-1459.95(3.4)
MFJ-4604 cable feedthrough for window22018-10-1499.95(3.5)
BHI 1042 6-way Switch Box22017-02-13BHI Ltd(3.5)
RigWrapper by K8BBK22005-04-02$59.95 basic cover(3.5)
MFJ-118 12/24 Hour LCD Clock42013-12-0524.95(3.5)
Yaesu DMU-2000482020-04-07$999(3.5)
Weller Soldering Guns212018-07-09(3.8)
MFJ-4601 Feed Through Panel62018-04-02$59.95(3.8)
BHI Mini Switch22020-01-0917.95 Sterling(4)
BHI Radio Mate12010-05-08£89(4)
Custom Ham Maps32014-02-07$26.95-$59.95 USD(4)
HT Desk Stand -- fits most hand-held radios122012-03-1130(4)
OptoElectronics M1 Frequency Counter12003-07-24259(4)
Rig covers 4u62002-09-2625.00(4.2)
NOVEXCOMM RACKMOUNTS172023-03-26varies with product(4.2)
Nifty! Quick Reference Mini-Manuals for Yaesu, Kenwood & Icom382023-08-1016.65(4.2)
HF / VHF / UHF Bands Operating Guide32012-08-2810.85(4.3)
Better Rf I-mate controller192013-09-1474.95(4.5)
MFJ-4605 Antenna Feedthru Panel22015-07-12159.95(4.5)
XLink Cellular/Landline Interface22010-01-2099(4.5)
MFJ-706 Grab-and-Go Emergency Communications Center62014-10-14399.95(4.5)
QSL Card Trac22010-02-019.95(4.5)
Quicksilver Window Feed Through Coax plate62021-06-1030-50(4.5)
RIGTalk - West Mountain Radio22007-11-2560.00(4.5)
Saratoga Amateur Radio Products PowerMeter22006-03-09$75.00(4.5)
DD-103 Universal Digital Dial202020-08-15$100-$125(4.6)
Nifty Desk Stand for Elecraft KX392014-10-0724.95(4.7)
Nifty! HT Desk Stand32016-11-2638.95(4.7)
RoMac Automatic CW Identifier32015-07-1819.95(4.7)
Quick Reference Cards52004-02-254.85 ea(4.8)
Amateur Radio CUSTOM - Great Circle DX Map162018-10-05See web site(4.8)
SOTAbeams ContestConsole Switching Unit for ICOM62022-07-1389.99(4.8)
Tac-Comm TRC-172013-12-2059.95(4.9)
ProjectGM Lighted LED Sign252018-06-2435.00(4.9)
Amateur Radio World Prefix Maps132020-02-27ee More info URL below(4.9)
N8BX CNC machined Weighted Tuning Knobs162017-04-20140(4.9)
CQ Maps972021-03-12varies(5)
Radio Dust Covers by W6ON2482023-03-2120 - 75 depending on make,model,(5)
K-ON by N6TV42023-08-15$23.95(5)
Ham radio beer sign12021-12-09$29.95(5)
VE2DX.COM CT17B22023-08-210(5)
Yaesu SMB-201 Desktop cooling fan12021-06-19(5)
DX Maps22023-03-06£10-20 range(5)
Icom EX-1514 VOX Unit12018-04-02(5)
Trintec ZULUTIME 14 inch diameter Dual Time Clock12018-03-2639.95(5)
SOTAbeams Click2Tune for ICOM42023-01-1822(5)
HAM RADIO SIGN12017-12-04(5)
Nifty Bale Stand42021-03-2320(5)
K4AVU CW identifier12016-12-13(5)
Noble Radio NRV7 Remote Digital VFO for Drake TR-742020-03-29499.99(5)
LZ2JR Weighted Tuning Knobs12016-01-1785(5)
Middle Atlantic Corp. DR Series desktop rack12016-01-0763(5)
KC8GL Engraved Bencher Paddles12015-12-2419.99(5)
QSK, LLC USKI-522018-09-13149.00(5)
Luxor Endura Mobile Computer Workstation12014-12-23125(5)
Multi purpose Radio Stand12014-08-2329.99(5)
KE8RX Edge-Lit Callsigns42015-02-2028.00 includes shipping(5)
EMTRON ES-112014-03-12$199.00 AUD(5)
SotaBeams KX3 Low-Rider Stand12014-01-1328.85(5)
Western Case Company radio cases12013-08-2515(5)
Handcrafted Wood Key/Paddle Bases12013-07-18$13.95(5)
Quick-Tune Dongle for Yaesu FT-817, FT-857 & FT-89772019-07-2615.95 GBP + PP(5)
Amateur Maps by SQ1K32013-07-278(5)
HT Belt Case12012-12-076.99 US(5)
N7HKW Carry Bag for Elecraft KPA50012012-10-09100(5)
Call sign desk lamp12012-08-2445(5)
Radio Custom Covers By Crafty Kraut42013-08-04$25 and up(5)
KR5L Enterprises Amplifier Input & Relay Switch Model KE-ARS38152014-02-05199.95(5)
Amateur Prefix Maps by UT0UM222019-12-0210(5)
Morse code necklace12011-12-0845.00(5)
Nifty! Quick Reference Mini-Manuals for Uniden12011-11-19$25.95(5)
FingerDimple FT-450(AT) Kranker Knob12011-08-25(5)
Begali Coherer12011-07-17139 EUR(5)
LDG multi-finction meters for specific rigs12011-04-21$79.99(5)
Gifts4Hams72019-04-07Varies(5) Radio dust covers12011-02-28quoted(5)
PYI Radio Covers102017-09-29Various(5)
N7HKW Elecraft K2 Carry Case12010-09-25122(5)
Torrestronics TK-112010-09-25(5)
Radio Data Charts by W7YEN22011-06-01Varies(5)
DEO RG-2000U12010-03-30$38.98(5)
IOGEAR GUE216 USB 2.0 Booster Extension12009-06-0937.77(5)
N7HKW Carry Bag for Elecraft K342017-01-13Appx. $100(5)
iPORTABLE Communications Station12009-05-03130-200(5)
Ten-Tec Replacement Knob Trim Rings42013-03-0310.00 (black); 12.00 (other)(5)
Grandads Electronics 100 kHz Crystal Calibrator kit12008-10-1717.95(5)
N3ZI Digital Dial142013-06-1810(5)
W6PQL Sequencer Kit42012-10-0120.00(5)
Radio Dust Covers by N7HKW252018-10-15K1 $26, K2 $28, K3 $30 ppd 1st C(5)
HT Stand12008-02-23$30.00-$45.00/varies(5)
FingerDimple FT857 Kranker knob22008-02-24$22.00(5)
Associated SO239 Dust Caps22008-02-15.99/pair(5)
NCS 3230 Multi-Rx52019-11-06$349.95(5)
Kranker Knob (sic.) by Finger Dimple92011-05-13$20(5)
Rig Coveralls302011-05-0915-30(5)
LNA Technology Sequencer12006-11-20139.95(5)
Heavy Staticfree Vinyl Dust Covers12006-09-27averages around 15.00/ea.(5)
The Field Desk72008-02-23Varies(5)
Magic Sliders12005-11-22Varies with type and size. Gene(5)
Battery Base for Yaesu FT-817 by WN8ATM42008-07-2759.95(5)
Radioshack Foot Switch Part # 44-61052009-07-315.29(5)
SteppIR Tuning Relay122016-12-03approx $65 as a kit ($95 assembl(5)
CAT computer to radio shielded data cables12004-04-1012-15 depending on length(5)
The Finger Dimple332014-11-09$6 for two(5)
MFJ 12/24 Hour Dual Clock MFJ-10632009-09-17(5)
B & D Enterprises BX2 Scan-A-Mix speaker mixer12004-01-15139.00(5)
Ham Maps92007-12-13varies(5)
Morse Code Name & Call Sign LED Blinker12003-11-2310 complete; $5 chip only(5)
B & D Enterprises BX1 Scan-A-Mix speaker mixer12003-11-21129.00(5)
NCS Multi Switcher112020-01-09299.95(5)