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Review Category: Emergency/Portable Power: generators, solar, wind, thermal, etc

Product Name# ReviewsLast ReviewMSRP $Avg Rating
2/4/6 AMP SMART BATTERY CHARGER32006-12-0939.95(2.7)
Alton AT04143PM12010-11-19$599.99(4)
Aspect Solar Energy Bar 250 and EP60 Portable Solar Panel22016-11-15Energy Bar 250 400, Panel 350.(2.5)
Aurora Generators12006-12-27(5)
Aurora Silent Diesel Generator AGI6800SDE12009-11-051599.00(5)
Battery Tender112014-09-1259.95(4.6)
Battery Tender Waterproof 80032014-01-1549.95(2)
Battery Tender, Jr.42009-09-2830$(5)
Battery Tenter's "Power Tender Plus"22007-11-12$119.99(3)
BatteryMINDer 1510 1.5 A Battery Maintainer22021-04-1564.95(5)
Bioenno Power 100 Watt Foldable Solar Panel (BSP-100-LITE)12021-10-01$209(3)
Bioenno SC-122420JUD 20 Amp Solar Charge Controller12021-06-23$49.99(5)
Black & Decker (formerly Vector) VEC1089A(BD) 15/10/2A Battery C12011-02-08US$86 (2/8/2011)(2)
BP Solar Panel, MSX-20L12004-06-06159(5)
Brunton Solaris 26 Folding Solar panel12012-10-28655(5)
Buddipole PowerMini 222023-03-08$165(5)
CC1W Constant Current Regulator Driver for 1W Luxeon LED12006-06-1415(5)
Chicago Electric 800W generator #6661932015-04-16149.99(4)
CirKits SCC3 Solar Charge Controller Kit52016-02-0350(4.8)
Coleman PMJ866012007-07-2949.99(5)
Coleman Pulse/Sport 185062018-01-14$ 399(4.8)
Coleman Ultimite 1100-Watt Generator PMG20110212004-06-01299.00 MSRP (Sales as low as $20(4)
Coleman/Powermate 5000 watt (Subaru Engine)12007-12-15$399.00(5)
Craftsman 3600 Watt Generator32010-11-19500(4.7)
DIY Solar for U Apollo MPPT Solar Charge Controller52022-09-04124.95(5)
Eastern Tools & Equipment IN800I 800-Watt 4-Cycle OHV Gas Portab12013-03-07249.95(0)
Eco-worthy 120w solar charger kit12021-06-23$169.99(3)
ETK TG1200 Generator from Northern Tool32011-06-28124.95 on sale(4.3)
Fireball Technologies Custom Cables12005-07-2635 - 500(5)
Generac 4000EXL 4KW Generator72016-02-28729(4.1)
Generac 5000W with Tecumseh Engine22021-03-23(2.5)
Generac 5550 WheelHouse92012-07-04$650(4.7)
Generac Guardian 5884 14KW Home Standby Generator12011-08-293842.00(5)
gentran generator transfer panel22012-11-26100-200.00(5)
Global Solar - SunLinq42023-01-18$99.00 - $950.00(3.8)
Goal Zero Yeti 400 w. Boulder 30 solar panels22021-05-08459(4)
Guangzhou DC-DC Booster XW-12-13.8-138W12017-10-07(4)
Ham Source EZ - Gate 80 22017-08-10189.95(5)
Hamsource EZ-Gate12014-05-1469.95(5)
Harbor Frieght 45W solar kit72014-03-22249(4.3)
Hellroaring Technologies BIC-95150B Battery Isolator12009-05-27185.00(5)
Hf Project Battery extender12007-10-2774(5)
HFProjects Power-Pak32008-04-30$144.00(5)
Honda EX-100032022-01-22$750 when New.(3.7)
Honda E150012012-06-18(4)
Honda EG6500 6.5kW Generator22016-08-22$2110.00 (without wheel kit)(5)
Honda EU1000i Portable Generator92021-03-25789.95(4.7)
Honda EU2000i452021-06-27(4.8)
Honda EU22i12022-10-061415 GBP(5)
Honda EU3000IS Inverter generator62010-06-15$1.999.95(4.3)
Honda EX-550032021-06-194265.95(4.3)
Honda EX-650 Generator42023-04-23699(5)
Honda EX80022019-03-12799.00(5)
Honda generator Extended Fuel System32009-11-23109.00(5)
ICP Solar Powerflex Solar Panels22008-05-05(5)
ISOpwr - Auxiliary Battery Isolator22015-05-2789.99(5)
KI0BK Low Loss Powergate142017-07-05$49.95(4.9)
Kipor (Honda clone) 2000 watt inverter generator12007-05-17700(5)
Kohler 20KW RESC Generator32021-03-254,409.00 (4.3)
Maximum Solar PCM301212017-03-25$139(4)
N4UAU voltage booster22004-10-1468(5)
N8XJK 12Volt Boost Regulator282019-10-20155(4.6)
Onan 4.0 and 6.512009-04-10Used Cheap(5)
Onan 5.0 CCK52011-09-251,500(5)
Porter Cable BSV55012011-11-171349(5)
Powerfilm f15-180012011-07-04400(5)
PowerFilm R-1322023-03-22$124.88(5)
Powerizer SLA-12A12V12009-04-2269.95(5)
PowerStreem PST-DU70092009-08-29DU700 115.00 DU500 96.00(3.4)
Powerwerx FSP-60W Folding and Portable 60W Solar Panel12021-05-07$149.99(1)
Powerwerx Zip Cord12014-05-2735(1)
PV7D Charge Controller for Photovoltaic Panels by Flexcharge12016-11-0884.00(5)
PWRgate PG4092008-08-3060$(4.6)
PWRgate PG40S162017-09-29119.95(4.8)
Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit with 312017-11-23187.00(5)
Schumacher Speed Charger SC-6000A22008-10-07$97.25(4.5)
Schumacher SpeedCharger SSC-1000A12006-06-2265.75(5)
Shack-in-a-Box Solar Generator 360W-hr12021-01-04$600(5)
Sima STP-325 325 watt Power Inverter12007-05-0759.99(4)
Steca Sigma12007-07-01(5)
Sun Force 60 Watt Solar Kit12009-03-22$300(5)
Troy-Bilt 5,550-Watt Portable Generator22009-03-19699 (lowes)(5)
Unisolar Uni-Pac 15 Folding Solar Panel12004-01-29600(5)
Voltaic Systems Backpack12005-08-24229(3)
W4RRY Battery Booster112008-04-2390(4.5)
W7BRI 1430 Power Pack V112010-09-28799.(5)
Wagan 2201 \"Elite\" 400W Inverter12012-11-25179(0)
Wen 2350 inverter generator12021-03-25420(4)
West Mountain Radio Epic Pwrgate32021-03-03179.95(5)
Winco Generators12009-07-05(5)
Xantrex XPower Inverter 700 Plus22007-06-0679.99(3.5)
Xantrex Xpower Powerpack 15012006-04-0179.95(1)
XPower Inverter 1750 Plus12007-05-07349.99(3)
Yamaha EF1000is12004-11-09799(4)
Yamaha EF2800i Generator32013-08-231,599(5)
Yamaha ES2400i12012-11-301399(4)
Yamaha YG2800i12007-07-011500 retail @ $1150(0)