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Review Category: Antennas: HF Portable (not mobile)

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
Alpha Antenna DX, 10-80 Meter, 250 watts PEP SSB122016-12-28799
Alpha Magnetic Loop Antenna 10-40 Meters & 40-80 Meters492019-08-15300
80-10 EFHW12016-07-09$140
A-LOOP-LWT150-40012011-10-16$80 AUD
Aerial-51 Model 404-UL92018-07-27$125.00
Aerial-51 Model 807-L12018-09-24240
AlexLoop Walkham Portable HF Small Magnetic Loop Antenna782019-10-09129-299 USD
Alpha Antenna 6-80 Meter EzMilitary system582019-07-30299
Alpha Antenna FMJ Multiband, HF directional/vertical652019-10-27399
Alpha Antenna, HexTenna, a VHF/UHF/HF Dipole, Vertical, Yagi22019-06-14199
Alpha Delta DX-CC Dipole22014-11-10$159
Alpha Delta Outpost72017-09-19199.95
Alpha Gold 6-80M portable antenna system12015-09-01399
Alpha Vertical Sr Match & Tripod12019-07-11
AMeco TPA Active Antenna32017-04-06$80
ATX Walkabout Portable Antenna312018-02-1559.99 British Pounds
B & W AP-10B Portable Anenna32007-09-0184.99
B & W AP-10 Portable Antenna162012-08-2989.
B & W AP-10A Portable Antenna52003-09-2789.
Band Hopper 3 Multiband Portable HF Dipole Antenna System12016-08-0865.23
Buddipole Portable Dipole/Vertical2072019-10-29199.
Buddistick Portable Vertical592019-02-18$125.00
Carpet Loop Indoor SW antenna12007-04-14
CHA P-LOOP 2.022017-05-14499
Chameleon antenna 52017-04-10469.95
Chameleon Antenna CHA P-LOOP132019-07-01335
Chameleon Antenna CHA TD Lite62019-05-01170
Chameleon Antenna HF Modular Portable Antenna System (MPAS)82018-08-10330.00
CHAMELEON EMCOMM II342019-11-07125
Chameleon Hybrid Micro142019-04-03$230
Chameleon MIL Whip192019-05-0399
Chameleon Modular Portable Antenna System (MPAS) 2.032019-07-21550
Chameleon MPAS52018-01-18$330.00
Chameleon Tactical Dipole (CHA TD)42017-05-13299
CHAMELEON V1 HF Multiband Antenna702017-04-23299
CHAMELEON V11 HF/VHF/UHF Multiband Antenna72017-03-29420
CHAMELEON V12 HF/VHF/UHF Antenna32012-02-24TBA
Chameleon V3 Antenna 2-160M QRP-250W22012-12-29370
CN32 Verticale52018-10-1485.00$ us
Degen DE31 (Kaito KA31)62015-06-2430-50
diamond hfv5 32019-03-15£189.00
DIFONA HF P 142018-06-01Euro 109
DL4KCJ-Portable Loop22019-08-19259.
DunaX GPN4B12008-02-17
DWM YoYo Tenna Deluxe232012-11-0939.95
dx commandeer12019-09-17
DX Tools Quantum Loop v2.0+102018-09-11$250
DX Tools Quantum Loop v3.012017-12-17239
Eagle One Vertical Antenna302018-02-24$95; whole tripod mounting kit i
Edek Electronics Torus-Tuner Loop Antennas32017-01-1369.95
EH 20 Meter Backpacker Antenna Kit12004-05-2549.95
Elecraft AX1 Multiband, Ultraportable whip132019-10-0199 w/o accessories
ELPA Eyring Low Profile Antenna12013-07-20 Varies by source
EmComm Products RADS 9-11/A2-23712009-06-251349.00
EmComm-Products RADS 9-11/A92008-08-11398.00
Folding Hexbeam62019-05-22EUR 335.00
G Whip Backpacker Antenna22014-08-31199 GBP
G4TPH magnetic loop antennas72017-11-0779 Brit.pounds
Gabil GRA-1899T12019-08-2469.95
Great Lakes Antennas All-Banders122017-05-15Uncertain, but ~$90.. plus or mi
Hi-Q Antenna TriPod12007-02-0475
Hi-Q Remotelly Tunable 10-160 Meter Portable antenna, TAD42016-04-15495.00 and UP.
High Sierra Frontier Antenna System HF/VHF/UHF12008-02-21675
High Sierra Trailblazer HF/VHF/UHF Antenna System42008-09-04750
Icom AH-703102017-12-20249
iPortable Smart HF Antenna12015-05-29599
Kaito KA31 Shortwave Active Loop Antenna42013-05-28$39.99
Kaito KA3512008-01-2584.00 End Fed 40-6M with 9:1 UnUn132017-02-2747.50
LabShack EGA30 - End Fed QRP Antenna12018-07-05approx. 100
LabShack EGA40 - End Fed QRP Antenna12018-07-05approx. 100
LNR Precision W4OP Magnetic Loop82017-09-28330.
M0PLK Multiband Delta92019-07-05$200 PLUS SHIPPING
Maldol AH series antennas62017-01-1745.95
MFJ 1622 Apartment Antenna272018-11-1299.95
MFJ 1787 Loop antenna12014-04-13
MFJ 1899T262019-05-3079.95
MFJ 2289 Big Ears Portable Dipole162019-06-23179.95
MFJ 33FT FIBERGLASS POLE22010-11-2179.95
MFJ 40M Mini-Dipole Antenna MFJ-224012019-10-0169.95
MFJ-1621 portable antenna162018-03-0889.95
MFJ-1625 80-6 Meter Window/Balcony Antenna w/ Built In Tuner42016-06-25199.95
MFJ-1780 Box Fan Portable Loop42015-03-29249.95
MFJ-1810T 10 meter telescopic antenna22013-10-24$24.95
MFJ-1919EX tripod and mast22019-05-29159.95
MFJ-1979 16.5 foot stainless telescoping antenna182018-10-1359.95
MFJ-2104 Octopus12019-08-26$269.95
MFJ-2230 30M mini-dipole22018-09-12$44.95
MFJ-347 Dipole Hamtenna Mount92019-07-0219.95
MinuteMan 2022007-02-21130
Miracle Antenna Mixed Mode Dipole82016-01-13$110 - $130
Miracle Ducker IL32016-12-30129
Miracle Whip682019-08-25129.95
Mizuho AN series antennas12002-06-17
Mizuho PBX-10012011-04-14165.02
MLA-M V.5 Magnetic Loop32018-07-20200 EU
No counterpoise Antenna System172009-03-03Aprox. $20.00
Outbacker Outreach and Alpha Delta Outpost tripod132017-08-09656.95
P1 Portable Vertical System192012-10-23100.00
Pacific Antenna292016-07-14120
Pacific Antenna Dual Band 20m and 40m Trap Dipole32019-11-0625
PAR HF Omni Angle212018-03-01100
Performance HF: HT/HF-HAM - HF RX antenna for handhelds62009-10-10USD 99.95 (as of 24 Feb 2007)
Portable QRP Ultralight Ruggedized Dipole12017-09-07$28.99
PreciseRF HG-1 Magnetic Loop Antenna 42019-10-16385-445
Pryme RD9832008-05-0530
PV-7 Portable Multiband HF Vertical Antenna22005-04-1264.95
PW-1 W6MMA Portable Antenna52009-08-08125.
QSO-King End Fed Antennas by NUØR362019-09-20$60-80
RadialWave Portable Ground Radial System12004-08-2939.95
Radiobugs Portable Reel Antenna: PRA242003-07-1730. (+15. optional balun)
Sangean ANT-60 Portable Reel-Wire Antenna12010-08-0914
SignaLoop HF319 Portable 3-19mhz Magnetic Loop by Antennas4Less62019-04-26139.97
Silver Bullet Portable Vertical Base Antenna42019-04-18120
Silver Bullet Take It Along12018-03-04$115
Slinky Antenna112016-07-09
SLINKY HF DX Dipole 10-80 BLUE POWDER COATED Antenna12008-04-25
SOTAbeams Band Hopper22018-12-08$68.20
SOTABEAMS Band Hopper 4 portable dipole antenna system22018-08-2086.39
SOTABEAMS Bandspringer Midi32017-12-2631.64
Spider Dipole/ Verison of the Well Known Mobile Vertical22003-01-04198.95
Stealth CTHA12000-03-14
SteppIR CrankIR Portable Antenna System142019-09-07484.00
Super Antennas MP-1 Portable Antenna1512019-10-04150.
Super Antennas YP-1 Rotatable Dipole32013-06-07195
Super Antennas YP-3 Yagi262015-07-22495.00
SV2CZF rechargeable active mini whip for scanners12017-02-27$59.99 plus $9.99 shipping
SV2CZF tunable active ferrite antenna for scanners12017-04-19$89.99 plus $11.99 shipping to U
Tilt-N-Raise Antenna Mounts12010-08-09249.95
TMRF 201012014-04-2224.99 UKP
Tokyo Hy-Power HA Series antennas12005-09-05
TransWorld Antennas TW2010 Traveler HF Portable Vertical Antenna812018-06-24399
TransWorld Antennas TW2010L Backpacker Portable HF Antenna142017-01-18399.95
TransWorld Antennas TW3030 Adventurer 30 Meter Monoband Antenna22010-02-15329.95
TransWorld Antennas TW4040 Adventurer 40 Meter Monoband Antenna82018-01-18329.95
TransWorld Antennas TW6060 Adventurer 60 Meter Monoband Antenna12009-03-10329.95
TransWorld Antennas TW8080 Portable HF Antenna32010-07-06329.95
TRX 8042014-03-10117.00
Ultimax Antennas12016-10-2682.00 - 138.00
Ventenna HFp portable vertical antenna342018-02-25249.
Versa-Tenna92017-07-0680.00 plus, depending on accys
W2LI QRP Magnetic Loop Antenna42019-01-26$165
W4KGH Multiband End Fed Antenna Matchbox Kit72018-08-1035.95
Wellbrook ALA1530S+62015-05-23320.00
Wellbrook ALA330S12014-04-22420
WL7ARV DX-112005-08-1292.95
Wolf River Coils TIA82019-09-24130.00
Wolf River Coils with otophone adapter 12019-06-13$50 for the bracket plus coil co
Wonder Wand92019-07-01£89.95 UK
WonderWand WonderLoop62017-03-01138
XR-100: HF portable dipole for 80 to 10m12006-06-07205
Yaesu ATAS-25 Portable Antenna142018-09-07299.95
Yo-Yo-Vee52013-05-1339.95 plus S&H