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Review Category: Receivers: Weather Alert

Product Name# ReviewsLast ReviewMSRP $Avg Rating
Ambient Weather WR-111 Adventurer Emergency Radio12012-07-0839.99(5)
C. Crane Co. CC Radio142015-06-04$165(1.7)
Emerson CKW200022010-04-25$39.99 (Street Price)(4)
Eton FR30012007-07-1850.00 USD(4)
First Alert SFA-115012017-05-0839.95(4)
First Alert WX-15022010-06-25$69.99(5)
First Alert WX-17 AM/FM/WX-Alert12008-02-27$29(3)
Hamtronics model RWX NOAA Weather Receiver12005-09-07149.00(4)
Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio.22019-01-0169.95(4)
Kaito KA600 Emergency Radio12018-12-09$89.95(5)
Midland WR-100 S.A.M.E. Weather Radio332014-04-2349.95(3.5)
Midland WR-120EZ22019-01-11(4)
Midland WR-300 S.A.M.E. Weather/All Hazard Radio202022-02-0789.95(4)
Midland WR-40012022-09-24$69.99(5)
Multi Technical Services Inc. Weather Aleart Radio12021-02-28$149.95(5)
Old Radio Shack WeatherCube62009-03-17$10 or so at a flea market(4.8)
Oregon Scientific WR102 S.A.M.E. Weather Radio52012-07-1069.95(3.8)
Oregon Scientific WRS-10122011-07-0469.99(1)
Radio Shack 12-25042020-07-0879.99(4.8)
Radio Shack 7-Channel Handheld Weatheradio® with SAME Operation32009-06-03$49.99(3.7)
Radio Shack 732R S.A.M.E. Weather Alert with AM/FM32010-06-1199.99(3.7)
RadioShack® 7-Channel Handheld Weather Radio with SAME 12-52212009-05-0649.99(4)
Reecom R-1630 NOAA WX RADIO with SAME82016-05-0860(4.8)
Reecom R-1650 NOAA WX RADIO with SAME & AM/FM RADIO with ALARM52010-06-1669.99(4.8)
Sima First Alert WX-16772009-09-0180(2)
Sima First Alert WX-26832010-07-02129.95(2.7)