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Review Category: Receivers: non-amateur adaptable for ham use

Product Name# ReviewsLast ReviewMSRP $Avg Rating
BC-224B Receiver12021-04-03unknown(4)
BC-348 WWII MW/SW Receiver82022-01-25348(3.8)
Bendix / General Dynamics R-1051B42015-10-0524,000(5)
CEI 901B VHF Surveillance Reciever12006-06-021234567890(5)
Chinese 222-1 HF Military Receiver22014-12-05755.00 with shipping(4)
Chinese Military HF Receiver 339 HF52010-09-12375.00 US(4.6)
Collins 51J-432021-09-22unknown(5)
Collins ARR-41 R648 Receiver32021-07-22unknown(5)
Collins designed R-390A262019-03-02300-600 used(4.8)
Collins MR 15012007-10-10over $20,000(4)
Collins R 39112019-11-12(5)
Collins R 392112020-09-05unknown(4.7)
Collins R-105A ARR-15 HF receiver22019-11-12(3.5)
Collins R-390 (non A)52011-06-18(4.8)
Command Receivers - WWII SCR-274-N, AN/ARC-512022-03-04N/A(4)
Electro-Metrics ECM-25 Reciever with ALR-25 Loop12006-10-07(5)
Japan Radio Company NRD-9312020-02-14(5)
Koerting KST0N.A.(0)
McKay Dymek DR-4412004-03-12$2200(5)
Micro-Tel PR 700 receiver32019-11-12over 30,000 new(4.7)
National HRO 522018-01-08250(5)
National HRO 712018-01-08unknown(5)
R.C.A. AR-88 Shortwave Communications Receiver72022-06-23$495.00 (1944, approx.)(5)
R3110 (R35T) Romanian HF Receiver12015-09-30N/A(5)
Racal 179222011-07-091,400 used(5)
RACAL RA117 Receiver42021-11-17350 - 550 (used)(5)
Ray Jefferson model 6140, late 1960\'s Portable DF Unit.12017-11-12Unknown(3)
Rockwell Collins HF-205012005-02-03(5)
Russian R-311 receiver12014-12-20100-400 (5)
Telefunken E103Aw/*12022-09-04(4)
Teletron TE 704 C-F/FS12010-04-27500 in the used market(5)
Watkins Johnson 8709 half rack rcvr22006-06-14$6500.(5)
Watkins Johnson 8718A72016-06-01750+(5)
Watkins Johnson 8718A/MFP32011-07-151000+(5)
Watkins Johnson HF1000 / 8711A42014-01-053,800 - 4,000(4.8)
Watkins Johnson WJ-871612008-08-2512,000(4)