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Review Category: Headphones & Boom-microphone Headsets

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
2 Q Lite Lightweight Commnications Headset12014-11-30$389.00
Able Planet NC1000B Noise Cancelling Headphones12012-02-02299.00
AKG 240142016-07-22159.00
AKG K-44 MKII22010-01-0445
Audio Technica ATR520012011-03-2639.95
Audio Technica ATH-COM2 headset + dynamic boom mic42019-03-22US$ 59.95
Audio Technica BPHS1 Broadcast Headset82014-11-07$199
Audiotronics HS-31 from All Electronics32006-10-304
Behringer HA-40022018-02-01$29.99
Beyer DT-109 Headset32012-02-14$349.00
Beyerdynamic DT-290 MKII22016-09-09349.99 Amazon
Beyerdynamic DT880-PRO12013-04-06$350
Bose QC2532019-08-30$250.00
Bose Quiet Comfort Headset62010-11-08$300.00
Bose QuietComfort 2162010-10-13299.00
Bose TriPort Headphones92007-11-17149.95
Clansman - Ex UK Military lightweight modular boom headset12012-06-15$10 typical cost
ClarityAloft Headset12010-01-21$525
ClearMic by Headsetbuddy for Bose QC1512016-02-0119.95
Coomber 1929S12019-10-15
Creative Labs HS-800 Fatal1ty Gaming Headset12010-05-2949.99
CT Headset32007-10-2124.95 - 44.95
David Clark H10-0022009-04-22
David Clark H10-13.4 Headset32012-05-13
David Clark H10-3022019-03-28275.00
David Clark H10-36 Headset12009-07-15259.95
David Clark H10-7642015-04-12275.00
David Clark H13-4S32003-01-27310.00
David Clark H7051 Headphones32002-01-07150
David Clark Model 10S-DC22011-12-22$221
David Clark Model H703012008-04-22239.95
Direct Sound - Extreme Isolation Headphones132012-06-23139
Dollar store headset microphone12008-02-05$2.50
Fostex T-20 Headphones12005-07-0469
Genuis HS-04SU Headset Mic22011-05-1139.95
GK Superphones22003-03-17$179.95
Grado Labs Prestige Series SR225i 12013-12-04200
Grado SR6052016-03-0969.00
Heil MEDIA PRO SET52008-09-17$ 110.00
Heil "The Traveler Boomset"452017-01-0789.00
Heil BM-10242018-07-1189.00
Heil BM-10 HC-532017-01-31110
Heil BM-10-5112010-02-2089.95
Heil BM-17 EMCOM Headset w/Microphone (Icom electret or dynamic 62019-04-20107. to $150. 4 Models Single or
Heil HS-706142004-07-0959.99
Heil HTH Handie Talkie Headset52019-10-01$28.95
Heil Pro Micro Headset/Mic112017-12-15110.00
Heil Pro Set 3 Stereo Headphones132019-05-29$109
Heil Pro Set Media22007-01-17110.00
Heil Pro Set Plus362017-10-24189.00
Heil Pro Set Quiet Phone52016-03-20299.00(cdn)
Heil Pro Set Quiet Phone IC82009-11-16242.00
Heil Pro Set Quiet Phones292012-11-28225.00
Heil Pro-Set Elite 6972019-09-19182-$193
Heil Pro-Set Plus572018-02-23190
Heil Pro7652019-02-20289.00
Heil Proset812019-09-13130.00
Heil Proset Micro PMS-6 \"Dual Side\"12013-04-0899
Heil Proset Micro Single-Side - 632016-10-1879.99
Heil Proset-IC182019-02-18140.00
Heil Quiet Phone142009-01-2499.00
Heil Quiet Phone Pro122013-06-04 170.00 headset 85.00
Higham 2000-PNR22014-12-1860GBP
HP Premium Stereo Headset RF8231AA12011-03-2140.00
HP-880 Pro-Signal12017-08-26Pro Signal
Icom VS-1L PTT/VOX and HS-95 Headset32013-09-16180
iHip IP-EPS41-BK Stereo Ear Phones12012-12-2514.95
Inland Dynamic Stereo Headphones12015-08-239.99 + Free Shipping
Inrad W1 Headset62019-06-26179.00
Japan Radio Company ST-3172014-07-0377.00 ($69.95 street)
Jensen Headphone12007-06-02
K6VHF PTT AND HEADSET ADAPTER52019-06-0110.00-20.00
Kenwood HS-5 Communications Headphones322017-10-2679.99
Kenwood HS-6 Communications Headphones112018-02-0759.95
Kevlar Reinforced Professional Grade Lash Style - Throat Mic wit12008-07-18107.50
Klein RocketScience Blu-Comm Wireless Bluetooth Headset & PTT12009-03-19$150
Kos SB-4072019-02-0340 CAD
Koss CS100 Headset12015-05-0919.99 ($15.00 street)
Koss KTX-Pro12003-02-0820
Koss Porta Pro32015-11-0460
Koss PRO 4/AA182019-10-0999.00
Koss Pro35T32009-07-1640, frequently on sale for $20
Koss Pro4AAA22006-09-22?
Koss Pro4AAA Titanium Headphones (NOT the same as the model Pro412015-09-18149.99
Koss QZ/99 Headphones52014-07-1459.99
Koss SB-3022007-11-2750
Koss SB-45 Headset112017-09-05$39.99
KOSS SB45 3.5mm Connector Circumaural Multi-Media Stereophone92017-09-0536.99
Koss SST-6 Headphones12012-03-0745
Koss SST-712012-03-0760
Koss UR 40 headphones32009-11-1459.95
Koss UR2922007-02-1229.99
Logitech ClearChat Stereo WMT 981-00029612011-03-2719.00
Logitech Stereo Headset H15012012-11-2617.88
MFJ 288 Headset Microphone32011-01-1324.95
MFJ Headphones202011-11-1519.95
MFJ-293 Boom-mic headset12011-12-0124.95
MFJ-393 Boom-mic headphones72014-08-1169.95
MFJ-393MY Headset52019-04-0959,95
Open Air Deluxe Stereo Headphones12004-02-068.00 at Wal-Mart Sale Bin
Peltor HTB79A-02 Communications Headset12010-02-27125.00
Phillips SHP250022011-02-1224.95
Plane Quiet NC-7 lightweight noise canceling heaphones12010-05-0479.95
Plane Quiet Platinum Noise Canceling Headphones12009-08-2399
Plantronics Audio 355 Headset22010-12-19$29.99 (@Newegg)
QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones12011-12-10$299
Radio Shack 20-210A headphones12008-01-03$17.95
Radio Shack Pro 100 Communications Headset52016-10-200.97 close-out
Radio Shack PRO-50MX22001-08-1240
Radio Shack Racing Headphones (330-1198)202008-12-17$49.99
Radio Shack Realistic Nova 40 Stereo Headphones22011-05-11
RadioShack 33-1225 Headphones72009-03-19$21.98
RCA Noise Cancelling Headphone12008-02-1724.00
RCA WHP140S22005-03-2038.95-59.95
Rocketfish Wireless Headphones12008-12-1799.00
RS-120 SENNHEISER WIRELESS HEADPHONEs12016-07-2560-110.00 Retail and Auction sit
Rugged Radios H24-SPL12014-02-2485
SchoolMate Deluxe Headphone with Boom Microphone12014-09-24$31.15
SEI Studio Monitor Headphone/PM-200032012-02-2589.50
Sennheiser HD 40012008-02-21
Sennheiser HD 52012005-02-18120
Sennheiser HD 580 / HD 600 audiophile/professional headphones162014-07-21299 / 399
Sennheiser HD-280 Pro - Circumaural Headphones202016-10-25100
Sennheiser HD-43312004-12-2850 can
Sennheiser HD800 Reference Headphones12009-07-211399.99
Sennheiser HMD-28062009-12-31$309.00
Sennheiser HMD-46-3-612009-01-28585
Sennheiser HMD25-112010-04-10675 and up
Sennheiser HMD26-600-XQ22014-11-09$449.95
Sennheiser m@b 3022002-09-2517
Sennheiser NoiseGard Mobile11999-12-24
Sennheiser PC 3 CHAT12018-12-0219-$65
Sennheiser PC 32012013-04-14100
Sennheiser PC 350 headset32017-08-22249
Sennheiser PX-10032007-06-1149.99
Sennheiser PXC-450 Noise Cancelling Headphones12010-09-03349.99
Sennheiser RS 180 Wireless Headphones22014-07-14380
Sennheiser RS-17032016-07-25279.99
Sennheizer HD-51822015-12-19$79.00
Sentry Headphones 880CD22010-08-169.95 on Ebay Store Retail 15.00
Siemens Hagenuk 2000 ohm headphones12009-06-1925 euro
Sigtronics SH-4012009-07-22129.00
SkullCandy Proletariat NC12008-03-2199
SONY CD-25012011-02-25129
Sony MDR 750512007-06-04115
Sony MDR NC500C12009-04-11$400
Sony MDR-7506542019-10-1799.
Sony MDR-EX51LP Earbuds22009-06-1630.00
Sony MDR-IF240RK Wireless Headphones12011-11-07$60
Sony MDR-NC11 Noise Canceling (Earbud) Headphones42005-07-21150
Sony MDR-NC20 Noise Canceling Headphones22004-06-20180
Sony MDR-V150 Headphones92015-09-19$19.95
Sony MDR-V652016-05-16110.00
Sony MDR-V60032016-05-16
SONY MDR-V700D, Dynamic Stereo Headphones32005-11-11149.99
Sony MDR-V900112007-11-20249.95
Sony MDR-XD40012006-02-03$105 List / $75 web
Sony MDR-ZX10062017-04-0419.99
Sony MDR_NC7 noise canceling head phones12010-04-1549.00 Best Buy or 28.00 Amazon.c
Sony TMR-RF960R Wireless Headphones32018-06-2579.00
SR8012006-06-25abt 80
Sylvania SYL-62612011-12-2415-$20
Tascam TH-02 Recording Studio Headphones Black12018-11-3019.99
Telex 240022013-08-05
Telex 760 Airman Headset12013-09-2099.00
Telex A-61022017-06-12
TELEX H-63012010-11-25NA
Telex Stinger12009-11-08139-279
TEN-TEC Model 777 DX PRO Headset Mic62018-02-12129.00
W2ENY Boom Mic / Headset for Kenwood62011-01-1240 shipped
W2ENY Foot Switch22013-04-0325
W2ENY Headset332017-06-12$45
W2ENY Premium Headset212015-06-2950.00
Warren Gregoire & Associates TR 2000 KIT or ASSEMBLED492019-07-1529.95
WWII USAAF HS-33 Headset12013-06-30?
Yaesu BH-2A Headset12014-06-2884.95
Yaesu VC-2412016-11-0780
Yaesu VC-2522014-07-29$62
Yaesu YH 5552015-04-01
Yaesu YH-77STA232018-12-2951.99
Yapster YW100A or YB100A12017-01-2715