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Remote xcvr control using only a cell phone
Product is in production
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WA6ZVE Rating: 2018-08-08
Great product use it with my Icom 756pro 2 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Works great with remote amplifier ameritron 600 and rotor controller by gain DC 3 . No problem with setup of icom756 pro 2
Use recommended phone service for best audio . Vonage is the one chosen . Excellent support after wearing out my MC[
W5HJ Rating: 2016-12-22
New way to use Remoteshav Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have been using Remoteshack for almost 2 years, see my earlier review.

My only problem had been the latency caused by my voice over ip making it difficult to break into a qso. This is not because of the Remoteshack but because of my location as discribed in my earlier review. I am sure those with better phone service have better results.

Anyway I am using my Remote shack for receive and station control only and using a uhf DMR link for transmit since most of my mobile operation is within uhf range of my house.

I am using a TYT MD380 as a receiver with the speaker output connected to the mic input on my HF rig which is keyed by VOX. In the mobile I am using a Connect Systems CS800 for transmit while still using my iPhone connected to the audio input jack of my car radio for receive. I am getting 15 to 20 miles of range which covers 90% of my normal driving.

It is working quite well and no longer have the delay on transmit I once had.

DMR is particularly suited for this because the constant clean audio works well with VOX.

73 Hank W5HJ
K6VGP Rating: 2016-04-03
Absolutely great product Time Owned: more than 12 months.
John makes a great product. It connects easily to your HF rig (in my case a Kenwood TS-2000) as well as my Green Heron antenna rotor controller and my SteppIR SDA 100 controller. I can operate any band from 80 meters through 2M, 440, and 1200. I don't operate 160 only because I do not have an antenna on that band! Since you can connect through ANY phone, cell phone, smart phone, or land line you can control your rig from anywhere that has phone service, or on a service like Skype. In previous years I had controlled my remote through my repeater system, but that tied up the entire 15 repeater linked system. Telephone control is easy, elegant and works very well. I suggest buying an Able Planet headset with boom mike that will fit your cell phone and allow you hear and be heard better. At first the control sheet looks complicated, but once you learn it, it is easy, and if you look at the sheet, there are many things you can control you will never really need and thus knowing the truly needed commends becomes easy. John has offered control of everything on the radio ... filters, setting PLs, speech compression, amp on and off, antenna switching and so on. Again, you will learn the things you really need to control and then it will be very very easy. Get one of these units you will not be disappointed!
W6SMV Rating: 2015-05-25
Outstanding Product Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have owned my RS for 6 months and I could not be more pleased with the operation and customer support. This interface is thoughtful and well designed. In only a manner of minutes, I was on the air, communicating on HF via my iPhone. Audio reports are excellent and the convenience of dialing up my radio while traveling is an amazing feature. Since the interface is custom for your particular rig, you can control several of your favorite menu options. I am using mine with a Kenwood TS 2000, and the same unit is compatible with my new Kenwood TS-990. If you think outstanding customer service is something from the past, think again. I have contacted John on 3 separate occasions. Each phone call is more pleasant and helpful, as John makes sure you are satisfied. If you are looking for a remote that's easy to set up and use, this is the hot ticket.
VA3API Rating: 2015-01-22
RBC-212 Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I purchased this interface for my TS-480HX remote station. I was up and running in 20 min.

I had a small question of which I emailed to the company. John Troy answered my question in minutes and told me to contact him at home if I had any additional questions.
W5YE Rating: 2014-11-09
Outstanding remote control of my HF station Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I looked at several methods to remote my station for an RV trip I was preparing for. Most of them required a good internet connection at both ends ... Something that is not always constant ... Lose connection at either end, and your dead in the water, unless you have a friend near your base station that you trust, and who has the knowledge to go in your shack and reset your internet connection. Something that is not always available.

During my recent RV trip from Texas to Florida and back, I had very poor internet connections at most of the RV parks where I stayed. They won't spend the money for good WiFi hookups.

The only remote setup that would work under these conditions was the Remote Shack, because it doesn't rely on an internet connection. I used my cellphone for perfect control, and excellent reports from my contacts. John Troy (owner) is a real support-minded guy. He answers the phone - no "press 1 for sales; press 2 for tech support" ... etc .. etc ... He even answers the phone on Sunday!!! He really got me going in short order. Thanks, John.

I highly recommend the Remote Shack control system manufactured by John's company - And Remote Shack is "All American Made" . They are located in Plantation, FL.

Bottom Line - if you want a very dependable, easy to use remote system, you can't go wrong with Remote Shack.

Brian - W5YE
AK4ZX Rating: 2014-05-14
Possibly the Easiest and Simplest-to-Use Remote Control System. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Summary. RemoteShack is a simple to set up & use device that permits you to remotely control your desktop ham radio at your home or office...pretty much any place with a phone or Internet connection. Pre- and post-purchase sales support is phenomenal as is pure technical support. It does not require you to disassemble parts of your rig (like a remote head) and take with you. It supports multiple methods of remotely-connecting to your desktop rig. It is possibly the easiest and simplest-to-use remote control system.

Technical documentation is available on-line before you purchase permitting you to fully understand the device, how to connect & use it, and ask any questions you may have. Time normally wasted when you are away from your QTH, can now be used to be on the air more than ever before. It is one of the best amateur radio purchases we've made. Now there's no more waiting to get home to use your rig...even if you're waiting in your car, walking the dog, or taking your child to a park.

Pre-Sales/Technical Support: Excellent
Ease of Setup & Use: Excellent
Minimum Physical Changes to Place Rig into Remote Control Function: Excellent
Ability to Use & Operate in a Variety of Locations without Reconfiguration: Excellent

Background. I have used RemoteShack for about three months though I started looking at remote control devices a year or so ago. After reading all I could about the concept, the rules, and my strong desire for a system that was easy to set up & use, I kept coming back to RemoteShack. While attending Hamcation in Orlando, I stopped by RemoteShack's booth and talked to John Troy. I'm sure he must have recognized me as I've "peppered" him with lots of questions before but true to his reputation, he answered all my questions (again) with courtesy and a smile...this time I was hooked. During our numerous conversations, he knew that it was very important to me that a remote control system be able to turn my Icom 7100 radio off & on as needed...I just don't like the idea of leaving my radio turned on, on the oft chance I would be remoting-in that particular day.

Initially, it was a bit uncertain if RemoteShack would do that with a 7100; however, John assured me that if it did not or he could not make it do that, then he would give me a full refund. So I stepped out on faith a bit and purchased RemoteShack and a couple of accessories. In the week prior to shipment, John and I exchanged several emails and phone calls regarding the remote power on/off CIV command and determined that one did exist for the 7100. So he re-programmed the device to include that command in addition to the normal set of most-used commands. He shipped the device (which I quickly received) and as they say, "the rest is history".

I had RemoteShack connected and set up with my Icom 7100 within about 15 minutes and with only one phone call to John to fine tune a setting. It is a liberating feeling to be able to sit on your deck and use your rig or when you're waiting to pick up your child at school, your rig is a close as your cell phone. It's somewhat akin to using wi-fi for the first more being stuck inside your computer room or in this case, your ham shack.

Connection Methods. Of the various methods which can be used, my personal favorite is using Skype with RemoteShack though the device works perfectly fine with the other methods. My preference is to be able to see my Icom 7100 display when I am operating remotely. Unfortunately, the 7100 does not have a "video out" connection so it does not provide a way to obtain the display signaling via a connection or a jack on the radio. Fortunately, with a simple USB webcam I can now see the 7100 display remotely. I simply located the webcam directly in front of my 7100 and Skype transmits the USB video to me remotely on my cell phone, iPad, etc. Again, RemoteShack does not require this to work but it is more icing on the cake.

Accessories. One of the newest accessories that I purchased was the RBC-CMI-1 Client Microphone Interface. This is truly a significant enhancement to RemoteShack's already easy-to-use features. With the CMI-1, you can control your radio via the mic-mounted keypad rather than having to be dependent up on your phone's keypad or the keypad provided via Skype's software. This is a major plus in my use of RemoteShack. It also returns the "feel" of operating a rig vs. controlling it with a cell phone or other non-traditional devices.

I use this with RemoteShack almost every day. I can even slide it in my shirt or pants pocket and operate my rig while walking at the park. The mic does it all.

Rig Capabilities Influence Things. As every ham knows, every rig is different and each provides a varied set of technical features. The varying features can affect how you connect with RemoteShack (as well as other remote control devices). In my situation, I use an Icom SM-50 Desktop Mic. The mic is one of the connections to RemoteShack. As I preferred to not plug/unplug my desktop mic, John suggested a simple network switch to permit the desktop mic to remain plugged in and ready for use when working at your shack. The switch was an $8.00 item on eBay. It makes setting the rig for remote control even easier. So make sure you discuss your rig with John in advance to take care of your preferences and what the rig is capable of doing.

Considerations When Using Skype. Using Skype depends upon the Internet. With any Internet connection, the quality of the connection can affect things and using Skype/the Internet with RemoteShack is no different. Fortunately, I've found that except on very, very few occasions, RemoteShack and Skype work perfectly together. If you do hit a snag, it is almost always going to be related to the Internet instead of RemoteShack.

If you decide to use Skype with RemoteShack, you will need two Skype accounts. No problem since Skype is free unless you opt to use some of its more advanced features which are NOT needed by RemoteShack. One account is to associate with the "host" computer at your shack which will be connected to RemoteShack…the other for use with your mobile device (cell phone, iPad, etc.).

An Internet Connection. I have had excellent results using my iPhone's hotspot feature as well as a standalone hotspot (available from all cellular carriers). It should be noted that even with extensive use of RemoteShack with my cellular carrier's Internet connection, communications carried out via RemoteShack as well as control functions, do not use extensive bandwidth so your data plan is not likely to be substantially affected by use of RemoteShack.

Pre-Purchase Considerations.

Spend a lot of time on RemoteShack's website. Many of your questions and concerns will be addressed.

Those considering purchase of RemoteShack should first determine if it will work with their rig. If there are any doubts, just contact John Troy for an answer.

Your rig's capabilities will influence what you can do with RemoteShack and how.

Download and read the technical documentation and user manuals for RemoteShack as well as any accessories you are considering for purchase. Understanding is the key to making sure your expectations can or will be met by RemoteShack and/or its accessories.

Get a good feeling as to how you will use and connect to RemoteShack.

Consider use of RemoteShack as another way to leverage use of your radio equipment and to create more opportunities for contacts and service to others.

K4CIO Rating: 2014-04-05
Absolutly the BEST Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have tried many solutions to remote control my station with marginal results for years. I have tried home brew thru Remote Rig I was not satisfied until I came across Remote Shack and John.

One problem is the lack of support dealing with offshore vendors. With Remote Shack this is surely not the case. When they advertise 24x7 they mean it and have always come through. From initial setup, which was a snap, though the final complex setup I am currently running John and Remote Rig were there.

I am running and remote controlling the following:
• Yaesu FT-2000D/ FTDX-9000D
• Yaesu Quadra Amp
• SteppIR DB-42, DB-18E, BigIR Vertical/ 80 M
• G-2800DXA Rotor
• GS-232B Computer Interface
• Epiphan VGA2USB VGA to USB Converter, Frame Grabber

From Remote Shack:
• RBC-212 Remote Base Controller
• Rotor Y Control Cable
• 2 RBC-PSS Serial Switch
• CM-1 Computer Microphone Interface
• Computer Audio Interface cables

You cannot go wrong buying from John. He stands 100% behind his product and will take immediate action to solve any particular configuration you may have.
What else can I say?

Mark K4CIO
WA1GZY Rating: 2013-10-19
The Ultimate Mobile Communications System Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Imagine being able to operate your transceiver, change frequency and band with by touchtone command (any brand, any model) and even rotate your beam antenna by touchtone-entering a degree heading! REMOTESHACK.COM makes it 'plug n' play' simple with audio quality that can't be distinguished from a base station. Portable operation only requires you have a cellphone and nearby telephone connection to your base station QTH.

In my setup, I control a Kenwood TS-990 in combination with a solid state linear amplifier SPE Expert 2K-fa, SteppIR 2 element 40-6 meter yagi and Green Heron Engineering RT-21D antenna rotator control with Yaesu GS-800 rotator.

Mobile "on the go" QSO's are now as easy as operating from the base station.
Here's how:
Set up a telephone connection near your base station transceiver. In my QTH, I ordered VONAGE "Pay As You Go" digital phone service with unlimited incoming calls for $5/month plus tax. (With a dedicated local telephone exchange, I do not tie up the house phone line).

The REMOTESHACK RBC-212 module plugs into the supplied telephone modem or any landline phone outlet. Cables are provided to interface with most Icom, Kenwood , Yaesu, TenTec, Elecraft transceivers.

Call home to your base station with your cellphone and enter the requested password. Your radio comes to life and confirms frequency and mode. Disconnecting will happen automatically if you lose your phone connection.

To make it even easier, consider ordering the CM-1 Touchtone command microphone. It plugs in to your cellphone and the included noise-cancelling microphone delivers superior communications quality audio.

Customer support is legendary! In my setup, I needed to share the Kenwood TS-990 serial COM port providing link CAT data with the REMOTESHACK RBC-212 module and the SPE-Expert linear... Common wisdom says it can't be done. Within a few days REMOTESHACK founder, John Troy had the solution with a custom-designed programmable serial splitter!

For comparison, I also have the popular REMOTERIG.COM internet remote base system by MICROBIT, a well respected Swedish company. This requires a transceiver with removable control head and internet connection which is nearly impossible to maintain if traveling in an automobile. Unless you are fluent in Swedish, computer savvy and can do battle with internet firewalls and other internet port assignaments, I strongly recommend potential remote base amateurs stick with John's REMOTESHACK system. Both the REMOTERIG and REMOTESHACK systems work well, but why not make it easy for yourself!
KK4CSJ Rating: 2013-07-17
Great Product!! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
After having a problem with the 1st unit, John very quickly responded and sent a new one. I hooked it up and have used it almost every day since. It works flawlessly every time and and very pleased with it and the great support I received. Thanks from a very satisfied customer. Dan, KK4CSJ