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Review Summary For : RemoteShack
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Remote xcvr control using only a cell phone
Product is in production
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WD8CJN Rating: 2012-06-03
Very well disigned. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I am running the RMC on my Icom IC7000. I also purchased the RMC 212 relay. My Droid 2 handles the operation well. I am able to turn on my Tokyo Hi-Power remotely when I need additional output or operate the 7000 with the 100 watts available.
I have used it extensively and as long as I have cell connection I am able to operate. I also operate a Ten Tec Omni VII remote via the my laptop and the internet however, I no longer have to depend on good internet service to get on the air when traveling. Great addition.
To augment the audio I have a pair of Radio Shack amplified stereo speakers that are powered by either the D-cells or a wall wart. This makes the listening experience much easier.
Am now just waiting for the addition of additional AUX positions. Unlimited possibilities.
WB9PNU Rating: 2012-03-25
Esay Install, Awesome Results Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The RemoteShack RBC-212 interface is real fun.
Installed and on the air in about 10 minutes.
Audio reports are great, some of my friends did not even know I was operating remote. They had a clue after they heard the "beep" when I went from TX back to RX. They are all amazed when I told the I was on a telephone. I have mine connected to an Icom 9100, but also used it with my Icom 7700. With the 9100 I am remote QRV from 160 meters thru 1296MHz.....just amazing.
No computers, software, WiFi, internet, not even a smart phone is required. I now have most of the important functions memorized...supplied cheat sheet good for rarely used funtions.
What are you waiting for, get one and start having fun! John told me that they have a booth at the Dayton Hamfest 2012, and will have some new accesories for the RBC-212.
73, John
KD4NUE Rating: 2012-02-29
Easy and Stable Remote Platform Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.

I got the RBC-212 for a Kenwood TS-2000, to allow me to monitor nets I had been missing while doing other things.

It was an easy initial setup for Skype, but I didn't really have the patience to fine tune the tug-of-war with Windows 7, the automatic selection of audio connections, and Skype going brain-dead while I was listening and not talking. I kept getting a notice my microphone was very quiet, which usually resulted in Skype locking up and a hands-on reset. I don't see this to be a fault with the RBC-212, as it perfornmed flawlessly; when it was being fed a signal in the Audio In and Audio Out connections.

It setup easy with Magic Jack, and gave great results on Transmit and receive as long as my ISP was able to keep the Magic Jack packets moving (Which is not a fault of the RemoteSHack interface)..

I ended up putting it on a shared line with a FAX machine, where it would always be accessible without Computer Intervention. I am still having a little battle with the FAX machine trying to connect after inputting the Passcode, but it times out fairy quickly.

The Interface has performed much better than the available transport layers.

Hard-Wired Telco has been the best.

MagicJack next, only because my ISP is unable to maintain throughput to the customers it has aquired while taking over Bellsouth. If I had Cable service, it may be different..

Skype should be a usable alternative, but it has made so many changes to be a more intuitive applicatiohn that it's use has become counter intuitive to operate. I should be able to uniunstall and find an older version that is more suitable for this use. Again, I started by saying it was a lack of patience on my part.

All In All, I can find very little that I don't like about the RBC-212. The only real complaint is that you hear the Zero Tone when you send the command to unkey the Mic. I cannot provide an easy solution, as any filtering or muting of any of the command tones would prevent proper operation.

I hope to see the menu options expanded to the 7,8,9 and 0 Menus.

That is a lot of un-tapped potentipal that assures room to grow in the future. Hopefully, there may be provisions for firmware upgrade in the future.

Of all the gadgets I have bought through out the ages that seem too good to be true, this comes the closest to meeting that claim. It simply does everything it claims to do, and is a stable platform for remote rig control and operation.

I think Ham Radio has a real winner here. It gives tremendous potential for utilizing your gear while not being pinned down to it's primary location.

WD5RP Rating: 2012-01-14
Easy Remote Base! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I use my RBC-212 with my TS2000. I am using the Magic Jack Plus on my DSL router for a phone line. Set up was literally 20 minutes including the Magic Jack. After some fine tuning with the levels it works beyond my expectations. The simple one and two digit DTMF tone control entries are intuitive, and the provided shirt pocket sized laminated cheat sheet is making my learning curve move along well.
My friends say my audio is good on transmit, and I have enjoyed using the remote to monitor nets I would otherwise miss when I travel.
The RBC-212 is one more fun thing my iPhone does now with Echolink, OpenAPRS, SatPC, etc. If you try the RBC-212 you will love it.
K8JK Rating: 2012-01-09
This product is really fun to use! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
My work requires a fair amount of travel, sometimes with very little notice. Additionally, I already need to lug several bags of equipment, in addition to normal travel luggage. Even on trips within driving range, I am required to select a rental car. I found myself simply abandoning any radio operation that couldn't be accomplished with a UHF or VHF HT...until now. The Remoteshack appliance lets me use MY rig from just about anywhere.

I set up my box with my trusty Icom 7000. Installation was a snap, and it took me about 5 minutes to get everything adjusted. Sadly, it took me a little longer to get the hang of the menus; I think I just needed to see the operation up close and personal. I sat in front of the rig, with dummy loads attached, to help me get the feel of everything.

I purchased the optional CP1 Cordless Phone interface, which allowed me to do a couple of interesting things. When I am home, I can use the CP1 to interface the RBC-212 to my cordless phone...I can be on the radio from any room of the house, or the back yard!

We even experimented with attaching the RBC-212 to a local repeater's autopatch port by way of the CP1...this gave us an almost instant remote base.

I still haven't explored all the RBC-212 can do....rotate beams, etc. Looking forward to using the box even more!

While in my personal opinion, the hardcore DX chaser may not find this style of remote operation able to keep up with their demands, for most casual operators, I think this is a great remote solution. (Although I haven't figured out how to send CW with it yet!)

Stop reading reviews and just order one!



KC7ZWG Rating: 2011-12-22
Too easy! Awesome Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought an Icom IC-7000 after several years being off the air, setup a minimalist hamshack in the man-cave and soon found that when I had time to use the system I was never even close to my man-cave....

I saw the Remoteshack on eBay, and called (recommended) the manufactur directly, shipping was expedient, the unit is plug and play, and it simply "just works".

Now when I am at work, at the doctors, dentist, car wash... whatever/whereever, I simply call in and have control of my IC-7000 (All Bands/modes), nno need to install expensive equipment in my vehicle to get stolen, etc.,

I have it hooked up to a phone line and also Skype as a backup, both work excellent, however I want to note that a computer is not required unless you want it to be, I have a laptop in my cave that is always on anyway.... so my remoteshack rbc-212 is hooked up just waiting on the internet at all times.

Just use your phone, or iPad or even a friends computer (not necessarry) and I get to enjoy my hobby a heck of a lot more often!

the customer support, product and overall quality is excellent all the way around... I certainly do recommend to anyone wanting to spend more time with their radio's.

If you enjoy remote base control, the RBC-212 from is the perfect compaion to your base radio system!
AB2BH Rating: 2011-12-21
RBC-212 Remote Shack Time Owned: N.A.
I purchased the RBC-212 from to access my tranceiver when Im on travel. After I recieved the unit, I had a few questions, and found customer support to be outstanding. As far as operation, I have no problem controlling my radio from my Cell Phone. I am able to operate on HF and VHF from anywhere, and that has been my goal for a long time. I dont know of any product that does not require the internet to control and talk on the air. I am very pleased with this product.
KF4ZW Rating: 2011-12-19
Remote Radio Control Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Remote SSB or FM radio control has either been too expensive, too complicated or too cumbersome to use until now. The remote shack solves a major puzzle in that no computer or internet is required. The only thing required besides a rig is a phone. I simply dial my home land line using any phone, enter my access code, then a frequency using the touchtone pad to start a QSO. Whether you operate SSB, FM or AM, you will thoroughly enjoy this device. Almost all critical radio functions are available using your phones touchtone pad. So no more packing the laptop, cables or interfaces just to remote control your rig. I give this interface and tech support high marks.
K4EB Rating: 2011-11-10
Great for a ham on the go ! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I travel for a living and have tried many remote applications to get on the air from almost everywhere.Most of them work ok but still leave you with the desire to try something else.the biggest problem is that I carry too much stuff with me.Every body has a cell phone,you gotta have one today!
So why not get on the air with it.
The remote shack controller is by far the best solution I have seen.all you need is a phone line and a radio that can be computer controlled in your shack.You don't even need a computer!It is plug and play for most modern radios,and if your particular radio isn't supported they wil bend over backwards to make sure that it will be like you are sitting,right at the rig.
I have had a blast using this system,and I highly recommend anyone interested in remote control operation to give it a good look. 73. And thanks for reading. Larry. K4EB