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Reviews For: DX Engineering Part No. DXE-400MAX coaxial cable

Category: Feedlines (coax, ladder-line, etc.)

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Review Summary For : DX Engineering Part No. DXE-400MAX coaxial cable
Reviews: 26MSRP: 0.82 per foot
Specially manufactured for DX Engineering - Sold by the foot cut to your
specified length.

A premium, low loss 50 ohm coaxial cable with a special Type III-A UV-resistant
polyethylene jacket which is ideal for any outdoor applications - particularly
suited for direct burial.

With its larger AWG #10 center conductor, this 50 ohm cable is specially suited
for high-power amateur stations, it provides a lower loss solution for long cable
runs at any power level. Gas Injected Foam Polyethylene dielectric. High
reliability and long life are key elements in choosing this cable.

The highest level of shielding is assured by the bonded aluminum tape covered
with a tinned copper shield braid.

Uses standard PL-259 connectors, and N connectors such as the DXE-N1001-S.
Product is in production
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K5ML Rating: 2017-12-01
My Go-to Coax Time Owned: more than 12 months.
After experiencing failure with other brands/types of coax I have settled on DXE-400MAX. It's low loss, takes legal limit power, endures the Arizona sun and can be buried. I now use it on all my antennae.

I also like being able to order cable with the connectors on each end for a slightly additional charge. Service is great. Place an online order and cable is delivered in less than a week.
AA5JD Rating: 2016-10-18
Outstanding Coax Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The coaxial cable DXE-MAX400, supplied by DX Engineering, is an excellent cable! It is easy to work with but has a very tough outer jacket. I have used it to make 75 ft. runs to my VHF antenna and have switched my HF antennas to it replacing the RG-8x I have been using. I recently bought a 500 ft. roll from DX Engineering and realize that buying in bulk saves quite a lot on the cost. DX Engineering crimp “N” connectors were relatively easy to install. I can highly recommend this coax for your shack.
KD8MTK Rating: 2016-06-20
Outstanding Coax Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Just recently was in the process of putting up 50 feet of rohn 45 tower and figured I might as well put new coax on it as well so I began looking. I was leaning toward 1/2" heliax for the vhf/uhf dual band but this coax caught my eye. I ordered 2 runs of it 75 foot each for the top antenna and for a side mounted uhf antenna and couldn't be happier. This stuff is tough the outer jacket is almost as tough as the jacket on the heliax.Very easy to work with the connectors are very well installed as well. I was always a fan of belden before but not so much anymore. I found my new place to get coax these guys have it together.
KA2VJD Rating: 2016-05-06
good cable Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
i will be using this cable for vhf/uhf ssb,under 100 ft run. i was replacing my coax cable, was using 9913, i was surprised to see alot of water draining from the cable. after reading line loss cable charts DXE-400max was looking good, i compared it to LMR-400, it had the same line loss, but at a lower price per foot. Nice cable to work with, it has a stranded center conductor, its not as stiff as the old 9913, this was the first time that i used crimped connectors. it worked out great. Ill be using DXE-400 on my next project
WB2PJH Rating: 2014-09-18
Superb!! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have purchased many pre-made lengths of LMR-400 Max from 3 ft to 100 ft. It is very well made, like all DX Engineering products and somewhat more flexible than my old LMR 400. It has superior characteristics as far as signal loss and would recommend it without hesition.
K0CN Rating: 2014-06-17
Outstanding coax value Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have been using a 100 foot run of DXE-400MAX with my DXE-8040VA-1 vertical antenna for almost 3 years. It was buried to prevent rf coupling with the antenna. During that time it has performed perfectly. Inspection has shown no signs of deterioration. I will now be using DXE-400MAX with my new tower installation. I will be using three 150 ft runs to feed a new SteppIR beam, a 6 and 2 meter vertical and an 80 meter inverted V antenna. I have used both crimp and solder connectors without problems on this coax. I also like the #10 gauge center conductor, the low loss specifications, the cable flexibility and the cost factor. I also appreciate DX Engineering's lightning fast and free shipping with qualifying orders.

VA7WEV Rating: 2014-03-03
Fantastic! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Good solid product from a solid outfit. After a year of exposure to the elements @ 130 feet long (50% buried 2")still retains its original tested TDR, SWR (1.06) and active impedance readings(50.4 ohm). Time will tell, so far Its looking like its worth every penny!
WD8DBY Rating: 2014-02-11
Excellent Product Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
This is excellent cable and very easy to work with. Connectoring this cable is much easier than other similar cables.
W5RHR Rating: 2014-01-15
great stuff Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Ive ordered pre terminated lengths of the 400 and the craftsmanship is first class, and low loss.
Even their 213/8/8x is first class.

This reminds me of the Belden of old days.

Everything ships right out, and is well packed
WM4YD Rating: 2013-11-25
Good stuff!!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Great coax for a great price. This stuff is almost of the same quality of the mainline CATV hardline the tv companies use. Its a little stiff when you first unroll it, and putting PL259s on is a snap, much easier then some of the other manufacturer's cables that are out there.