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Reviews For: AN/URM-25D R.F. Signal Generator Set

Category: Tools & Test Equipment for the amateur radio work bench

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Review Summary For : AN/URM-25D R.F. Signal Generator Set
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Generates a stable test carrier, calibrated in frequency and amplitude, from 10KHz to 50MHz with signal levels ranging from .1 microvolts to 100,000 microvolts into 50 ohms. Includes a crystal calibrator and amplitude modulation. Compact size for bench work.
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KD0JRG Rating: 2011-11-21
Great value, reliable. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
In 2005 I decided I needed a calibrated generator that could be used to align and measure the performance of vacuum tube general cover receivers. For the money, nothing else even came close to the URM-25D. It's wide frequency coverage and easily controlled amplitude down to .1 uV was simply too good a deal to pass up.
I got mine rebuilt from Ashley Hall (KISS Electronics) and have not had one moment of trouble. Everything has worked as it should from day one. When fully warmed up drift is usually a very manageable +/_ 5 ppm per hour. Shortly after I started using it I discovered it made a great marker generator for finding the frequency of SW stations. It has been left turned on and used daily for the last 6 years. No problems.