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Review Summary For : Alpha Delta DX-CC
Reviews: 102MSRP: 119
82' No Trap 80 thru 10 Dipole.And it is great ALL bands. This includes 12, 17, and 30.
Product is in production
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VE3XQT Rating: 2018-07-22
Finally back on 80m Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've had a Cushcraft R-9 shortly after building our home and played with it a million times to be heard on 80m. Performed so so on the other bands but was dismal on 80.
We had an extreme ice storm back in March that even with three guy wires, caused the demise of my R-9 and snapped it in half.
Our home consumes most of our property so space was limited such that a G5RV would not work.
I bought the DX-CC as I knew it would fit mounted at the feed point under our 2nd floor roof and sloping to each corner of the yard.
Had fun building it and had it up and tied off in an evening.
I have since made every 80m net and have reports that I haven't sounded better with any antenna.
I have bought and made a number of antennas but for what this is, I'm extremly happy with the performance and still have some work to add a choke and untwist the one lead.
For my application, I love it and rate it a 5 compaired to the R-9 which was not even close to the performance.
KB6QXM Rating: 2017-10-28
Good, not great! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have noticed that the performance is based on many factors. Obstructions, height over ground. I installed this antenna with a Professional-grade common mode choke at the feedpoint.

The antenna is presently 72 feet high at the feedpoint. The antenna works well. I want to find a group for people that have tried to modify this antenna. The antenna has a reasonable 2:1 bandwidth points considering it's construction.

These are my findings and measurements:

49 Khz-80 meters
320 Khz-40 meters
252 khz-20 meters
471 khz-10 meters

SWR at resonance is reasonable.
1.2-80 meters
1.0-40 meters
1.0-20 meters
1.2-10 meters

I do not like that they do not have a separate 15 meter wire and have to use the 3rd harmonic to resonate on 15 meters.

Is it a great antenna. No. Is it a good compromise antenna. Yes. I would like to see a fan dipole made for the WARC bands.
K4VI Rating: 2017-06-05
Flat top installation and something to watch for Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I installed my Alpha Delta DX-CC in a flat top installation (supported at each end) 8 years ago. I called Alpha Delta to make sure that the antenna could support the weight of the coax hanging down from the center insulator. I used RG6 because I had quite about of surplus coax around. I made a balun by coiling 8 to 10 turns of the RG6 at the center insulator. They told me it should not be a problem.

One tip on putting it together. It is a bear to assemble. I found that attaching the center insulator to a tree or a post to support it while threading the wires through the spacers really helped.

Alpha Delta was correct that the antenna is mechanically stout. I had my support rope break during wind storms and once the 70 foot poplar tree that I used to guy one end came down in 60 mph winds but the antenna itself never broke.

Performance: I give it good marks. After installing it I used an AIM 4170B antenna analyzer to check the impedance. It was under 2:1 SWR across most of 40 and 20 meters. On 75 the 2:1 SWR bandwidth is pretty narrow. I would say around 25 kHz. Performance on 15 as a 3/2 wave is what I have seen for most 40 meter dipoles operated on 15 meters. On 10 it had a broad 2:1 SWR bandwidth.

It is what I would have expected for a trap 80/40 shortened dipole and like a standalone dipole on 10 meters. My Kenwood TS 2000 antenna tuner could handle it anywhere on the 5 bands. I ran w/o the tuner on the 40 meter phone band.

Recently I noticed the performance had degraded and the SWR had gone way up on 40 meters. When I dropped the antenna I found that two of the three conductors had broken on one leg where they attach to the center insulator. I imagine this was cause by flexing in the wind over the years. This is probably due to the end support arrangement.

The fix was easy. I soldered on some #12 AWG stubs to re-attach the conductors to the post on the center insulator.

Price? Yeah it seems a little high for a wire antenna but it was worth it to me to not have to chase down wire and parts. I'd buy one again.
W1SNE Rating: 2017-04-26
Performs Very Well Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
~Greetings from little Rhode Island~ There are many variables when it comes to antenna performance. Especially on HF. Soil/earth composition, orientation, feedline, just to name a few. I bought my first DXCC in 2010. Had it up for a few years. About 25 ft at feedpoint and about 6 feet at ends. Decent performance, direct to radio without a tuner. But obvoiusly, not an ideal installation. Had dispute with neighbor, so it came down. It was still in excellent shape, so I gave it to a friend in need. Used a tri-band Yagi up 30 feet, mounted to my house, for a few years with (obvious) better performance on 10-15-20 meters. I know, comparing a Caddy to a Yugo. Best, least conspicuous wire I could fit on my lot was a 40 meter OCF. Decent performance on 40. Bad ice/wind storm damaged both antennas in 2016, so they both came down. So I started thinking about how well a resonant fan dipole worked for me several years back. And how much better it could work if I installed it properly. So in late 2016, I told my neighbor to pound sand, and I purchased another DXCC. This time, I used double shielded high grade coax (150ft). I cast a line over the top of one of my hardwoods, and tied the feedpoint off with paracord, at about 50 feet above ground. The ends I tied off at about 20 feet above ground. Lowered it a few times to get swr I wanted, on ALL FIVE BANDS. At eighty-something feet long, 75 meters ok from 3.8 to 3.9. All other bands fine across ENTIRE BAND. That is GREAT for a shortened antenna. With marginal band conditions, I have been working THE WORLD on All bands. Yes, even on 75/80 meters. Check out my QRZ Page and note the JT65 Signals on 75/80m. Note the Omni-directional pattern. I did need a tuner on 3.576mhz. Compromise? What compromise? What I hear, I work. Simple as that. The antenna does what it is supposed to do, and it does it well. Resonant wires are the way to go. Build your own fan dipole, if you are so inclined. Or buy this one. Heavy and built like a tank. AND VERY WELL DESIGNED. The coils are NOT an issue. The 12g solid insulated copper is MUCH better than stranded bare 14g any day. If you ever dealt with something coming into contact with BARE WIRE, you understand what I'm talking about. Now my friends use DXCC antennas. They love them. They brag they are the best wire antenna they have ever used. Period. Your results may vary, you know, those pesky variables, but I honestly NEVER encountered a single problem with ANY DXCC antenna I have ever used or heard used on the air. Best of all, it performs BETTER than these huge loops I hear described on 40 and 75/80 meters. Do yourself a favor, even if you can fit 135 feet of wire on your lot, give this antenna a try. I have no idea how some could rate this a "1", other than antenna perhaps had a manufacturing flaw, or the operator did ;-)
KM4IY Rating: 2017-04-23
works for me Time Owned: more than 12 months.
i've used this antenna primarily in psk31 and JT65. it works. you can look at my page to see the results.

i have it installed as an inverted Vee with the top being about 35' using heavy duty pvc water pipe as the mast.

i've used a kenwood 450sat and a kenwood 480sat. out of the box, the antenna tunes with the tuners in the radios, in the phone band. i've not modified it so i touch it up a little bit with a manual tuner when i'm down in the digital frequencies.

assembly was pretty much a snap...

i bought a 2nd one that was slightly used at a ham fest to have just in case.
KA9MOT Rating: 2016-12-26
A complete waste of money! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have nothing good to say about this antenna.
I knew this antenna was going to be a compromise on 80M because it was shortened. I did not realize the 7 Sable bandwidth WITH a tuner would be so poor.
Performance on the other bands was marginal at best.
I have been building my own antenna since 2003 and this is my first "store bought" antenna.
The manufacturer is no help when it comes to troubleshooting. They only offer advice in tuning a fan dipole. I've built a couple of fan dipoles I know how to tune 'em.
DXSHORTWAVE Rating: 2016-10-18
Works great. Not pricey Time Owned: more than 12 months.
My DX-CC works great on all bands and I don't consider it over priced at all. Many people don't understand what costs are involved in building and testing a commercial product. Design, manufacturing costs, overhead and a quality control department all add up. Very different than an individual building one of something in their garage. Just cost of parts, no overhead or quality control. It might work and it might not.

I say all this because I was in manufacturing for many years before retiring and I appreciate what goes in a product. I wouldn't try to build my own DX-CC. Too much to do and test. However, some enjoy building their own stuff and that's great.
W9BBB Rating: 2016-10-17
this is a multi band dipole guys Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Put this dipole up and added a 1:1 balun on it. Remember people, This is a balance dipole. Nothing magic about it.Its works as good as a dipole should.Yes you need to prune this if you don't want to use a tuner but most rigs can tune within reason.A little prices, than you should be building your own.
W4CAS Rating: 2016-03-21
Works OK, but Overpriced! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Had this antenna up at a previous QTH for over three years and it seemed to work fairly well. I emphasise only fairly well, not great. I took it down for the move to the present QTH and has been stored ever since. I have since been using an end-fed 100' wire with an Icom AH-4 tuner for 80 and 40 m. with very good results. This was supposed to be a temporary antenna, but due to the unexpected good results on the random wire and laziness on my part, it's become a permanent fixture. I recently thought about putting the DX-CC back up, but didn't get enthused until I just read WB4TJH's review and modification using ladder line. What a great idea! I already have the ladder line and a 4:1 balun - I'll soon have a nice all-band antenna! And yes, the DX-CC is DEFINITELY overpriced for it's performance and quality!
W0PP Rating: 2016-03-20
not worth the money Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've owned mine for a number of years. I put it up, works all bands ok for a day then 80 meters will not match. Try again a couple of days later and it'll match a couple of times then back to not matching. I've had it up and down a number of times trying to find the problem but all connections look good. Not a coax issue since I've tried new runs with same results. I would not recommend the antenna to anyone at this point.