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Reviews For: Samlex SEC-100BRM 100A N+1 12V w/ Battery Backup

Category: Power Supplies

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Review Summary For : Samlex SEC-100BRM 100A N+1 12V w/ Battery Backup
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This modular 19” rack mount AC/DC power supply can provide up-to 100 Amps continuous power. The output DC voltage is highly regulated at 13.8 Volts (105-125 Volts, 50/60 Hz AC input). An external battery can be connected for back-up and a section of the output current (up-to 8 amps) is diverted to charge the batteries when in state of discharge using the in-built battery back-up module.
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K7NG Rating: 2012-01-10
Powers everything! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This power supply is - brutal. Can provide 100A continuously. It is a rackmount unit, with plug-in 20A modules, so you could theoretically 'grow' the supply from 20A to 100A as your needs demand. I went for the gold and bought one configured to 100A, so I can run a HF radio, a VHF allmode radio and a 6M,375W amplifier at the same time. I have a 100 A-H AGM battery connected to the battery backup module that comes with the unit. The unit is reasonably RF quiet, meters are accurate, and the DC is very clean and well regulated. Even tho the supply output is well regulated, you have to use the heaviest wire possible between the supply and a high-current load(6M, 375W amp draws 66A peak)or the voltage variation RX/TX won't be anything you like.
The only issue is that you don't get to change your mind about whether you want to use 120V or 240V AC primary power - the supply is bought for one or the other. That doesn't knock down the '5' because that's your concern when you buy the product!