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Reviews For: X-TronicTM 4000 Series - Model #4040

Category: Tools & Test Equipment for the amateur radio work bench

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Review Summary For : X-TronicTM 4000 Series - Model #4040
Reviews: 2MSRP: 129.80
2 in 1 Digital Hot Air Rework & Soldering Iron Station
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KA3YAN Rating: 2015-08-25
Very good set for the money Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I was in the market for a hot air rework station and really didn't have the money to spend on a Weller, so for Christmas a few years ago I asked Santa for an X-Tronic 4040. Sure enough on Christmas morning I opened up a shiny new X-Tronic hot air station with attached soldering pencil. Fast forward three years and I'm still very happy with the set...with one caveat; I would highly recommend replacing the cheap soldering tips with Hakko brand tips.

I'm not sure why the other reviewer has an issue with Hakko, they make fine equipment. I even use the Hakko FX-888D soldering station and it is as good as any Weller that I've used. Regardless, the tips that Hakko makes are far superior to the cheap X-Tronic tips with respect to thermal mass. With the Hakko tip, my X-Tronic iron takes nearly twice as long to reach the desired temp...but it stays put even on tough jobs.

My only experience with hot air is with a Weller reflow/rework station at my job. The Weller unit can de-solder as well as blow hot air for rework, so it really isn't an apples to apples comparison. I've used the X-Tronic hot air gun for some really difficult jobs and it has done a good job in most cases. The handle stays cool and using the supplied nozzles I'm able to apply the hot air as needed.

I can recommend this station for light (hobby) use. I wouldn't recommend it for heavy business applications where the machine is left running more than a couple of hours a week.
W8LV Rating: 2012-03-15
HONEST ABE of the Soldering World! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
WOW! I looked real long and hard at my budget before making the decision to bring myself into the twenty first century soldering wise, and finally start working with Surface Mount Devices, as I started out working with vacuum tubes. We always had a “Walla” on our bench in the way back when time, and I remember my Dad having a “Walla” too. But “Walla”, you can’t just rest on your laurels, know what I mean? Walla was just plum out of the running. We move on…

While no Japanese company was harmed in the making of this review, the name of the other company will be changed to protect the guilty. If you look around, you will see very expensive sets made by the "Hacka" company. Now, if you have about $250 US dollars, you can get a nice digital read out “Hacka” soldering station. Add to this a “Hacka” rework station for about $1300 US dollars, and for your grand total of about $1550 US dollars, you will have a nice setup. OR you can go with the X-tronic 4040 for LESS THAN $140 US dollars! I decided to give it a go, so taking a gamble, I purchased this via With a mouse click and a prayer, I sent my money in the general direction of China by way of Lincoln, Nebraska.

It shipped in just a few days. All I can say is what a wonderful hot air/soldering station! It works with absolutely no problems, and as they say (in Lincoln) FOURTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS saved is FOURTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS earned! Plus, you get all the spare parts that come with it, with MORE spare parts available, PLUS that nifty little lighted magnifying lamp! SPARE SOLDERING TIPS are available from the company. You just MIGHT find that some of those "Hacka" "T"ips (not QUITE a typo there… ;-)) will fit this rig, I don't actually own any "Hacka" “T” ips, so I was not able to confirm this for 100% sure.

Considering that it ALREADY comes WITH spare parts, I doubt I am going to need any soon anyhow, but none the less to make sure, I called the company after I found their number on in the comment section (402)742-2586, since they don't have a web site up and running as of yet and found the proprietor of X-tronic and the Mercantile Station, Jim Seko was happy to answer my questions concerning spare parts, including spare tips directly available (and for less than those "Hacka" (T)ips (hehheh), by the way...)

I am VERY PLEASED to have made this purchase.