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Reviews For: DXtreme Reception Log — Advanced Edition

Category: Ham Logging Software

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Review Summary For : DXtreme Reception Log — Advanced Edition
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Unbeatable DX/SWL/HAM logging program. Interfaces with DX Atlas and Omni-Rig.
Product is in production
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KB2COP Rating: 2012-04-15
The Best Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have used virtually every logging software package available and I can say that, unequivocally, DXtreme Reception Log - Advanced Edition is the best SWL logging software available. I have used every version and I have not been disappointed. DXtreme's ability to work with Ham Radio Deluxe or Omni-Rig really completes the experience! The "Schedule Checker" imports flawlessly and makes it incredibly easy to update. As stated in a previous post, the integration with DX Atlas, a premium software production on its own, is a real plus.
There are far too many features to list here, but suffice to say that DXtreme Reception Log-Advanced edition is the best there is.
SWLRZN033 Rating: 2012-04-05
Unbeateable logging program Time Owned: more than 12 months.
There are two versions, one for SWL/DX and one for Ham use. I use the SWL version which has recently been released as v7.0.
In my view it is the best I've used (and I've tried a few). The interface with DX Atlas is seamless and highly configurable. This adds a new dimension to logging any SWL/DX stations and producing reports to a program which was already ahead of the game in my view.
The support is also excellent; Bob replies to questions/suggestions very quickly. All in all a pleasure to use; you will probably never use all of the configuration options. Also supports rig control which I am eagerly awaiting to check out.