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Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Reviews: 3MSRP: 100 APROX.
Automatic Feedback Destroyer with Integrated Microphone
Preamp, Delay Line, Noise Gate and Compressor
High performance single channel Feedback Destroyer with
integrated microphone preamp, delay line, noise gate and
Automatically and "intelligently" locates and destroys up to
8 feedback frequencies
Narrow FBQ filters for extremely effective feedback
suppression, while keeping highest sonic quality
Ultra-low noise Mic/Line input with Gain control and +48 V
phantom power
Delay line with up to 2.5 seconds of delay, adjustable in
meters, feet and msec
Noise gate with automatic and manual parameter settings
Automatic compressor with variable density
Subsonic filter with adjustable cut-off frequency
Balanced inputs and servo-balanced outputs with ¼'' TRS and
gold-plated XLR connectors
High-quality components and exceptionally rugged
construction ensure long life
Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany
Product is in production
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WW4DX Rating: 2018-12-23
Excellent performer Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I’ve been using the FBQ100 as a noise gate for over a year now. Works great, and very affordable. Prevents the background noises (fans, blowers, etc.) being generated by other devices from getting sent out over the air via the mic.
KB5UBI Rating: 2012-06-09
The answer for an all in one mic processor. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The Behringer FBQ100 is marketed as a digital Feedback destroyer for live audio and includes an integrated microphone preamp, noise gate and compressor.

I was looking for an affective noise gate for use with a large element condenser microphone and the FBQ100 fit the bill. The FBQ100 has mic and line level inputs and outputs with all processing done digitally

The noise gate works flawlessly and the compressor has adjustable compression levels and time constants. I found the Behringer's compressor is far superior to the radio's on-board processor and my audio reports have been fantastic. This unit is the answer for an all in one mic preamp, subsonic filter, noise gate, compressor and interface.

XE1FZE Rating: 2012-04-05
NICE PRODUCT WORKS GREAT Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I was looking for an equipment that let me use a SAMSON C03 condenser mic with my IC756ProIII. Looking on the web found many directions about a nice Behringer DSP110, but no longer in production, but could found this nice substitute. The noise gate works terrific, vanish all the back ground noise, also have a nice compressor, but most important has a 48v phantom power to feed most of the condenser mics on market. For a first step to improve your TX audio at not so high price, this is the right one. If you can spend more than $500.00 well, look for an aphex processor.