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Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Review Summary For : PTTPRO Switch
Reviews: 12MSRP: 34.95
PTT Switch Assembly, brushed metal hard shell design with cable and connector.
Features: Push to Talk N.O. Momentary switch in a handheld design, complete with RF shielded cable and 1/4" termination plug.
For use with all Elecraft, Heil, Tentec, MFJ headset and studio boom or desk microphones.
Used for keying transmitters, amplifiers and other shack equipment.
Product is in production
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W7RMG Rating: 2013-10-03
Just What I Was Looking For Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I was looking high an low for something like this to use with my boom mounted Heil PR-40. I was about to construct something myself until I stumbled upon this little jewel online. I ordered one with the aluminum housing and when I got it, I loved it! So much I ordered a second one but with a longer cord for a second transceiver.
Very well constructed, fits ok in my hand, but I think the housing should be a little bigger, especially for folks with larger hands. The button switch responds well to normal thumb or finger pressure, not too touchy, not too stiff.
I now use it in instead of the foot PTT switch I was using before.
Marc got both my orders shipped immediately and I got them both within a couple of days. Thanks Marc!
FORMER_W1DR_DON Rating: 2013-06-12
Excellent switch and excellent support! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I bought a Yamaha CM500 headset/mic for my Yaesu radios. Unfortunately Yamaha doesn't provide accessories to support the ham market. I looked all over for a PTT switch to fit my newly acquired set-up with no luck. I made do, but got very frustrated! Then along came Marc and the PTTPRO Switch. It fits my mildly arthritic hand with ease; it's very well made; it gives me the flexibility I need in my very small ham shack; and above all the help and support that Marc has given me is invaluable! I mentioned an audio problem on the 10 meter band and Marc's advice solved it easily. This is an excellent switch and an excellent outfit to do business with.
G0BXS Rating: 2013-06-02
Good value, well made. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Having just purchased a HEIL headset I required a PTT switch. Checking around the internet I came across pttpro. They looked to have just what I needed. It is always a worry ordering an item without seeing but I went ahead and ordered one of their switches (NPHD-BLK-48-NO-1-Plug). No problem - I ended up with a good quality, well made switch. It has a nice to hold body, good moulded cable and quality plug. I would love to say 'Made in England' but I cannot!! As we say 'this side of 'The Pond' - PROPER JOB!!
W5ZZT Rating: 2013-05-16
Poor Quality Switch Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I ordered my new PTT switch from Marc and received it within a week. It is constructed well and I was impressed until I used it.

Let me first explain that I ordered his new "Black Line" switch with the large red button. This switch is a bad choice for a PTT switch. Let me try to explain. The switch doesn't make a solid contact until it is depressed "firmly in the fully pressed position". If you do not hold it firmly in place you will have an intermintent PTT. I believe this switch was meant for a quick momentary use.

I sent him an email and he promptly replied with pictures of several other switches he uses. One of them appeared to be a Radioshack large momentary switch which I just happened to have. I tested this switch and it closes at about the 60% depth of the plunger and leaves plently of "room" to press further, or not, and ensure a good closure of the contacts.

I won't get into the detail of disassembly and assembly put I installed the radioshack switch I had and it works great!

With all the pictures he sent me it appears that he is still trying to find that "perfect switch". I would suggest that Marc find a quality switch and stick with it. For now I am happy with my Radioshack switch.

Was it worth the price? It was to me because the construction and quality of the cable and enclosure are very nice and you can see he has a great idea. If you buy one of these just make sure you choose the switch wisely or be prepared to spend a few bucks on one that works.

I know the other reviews are more positive but I have to assume they have ordered the one in the silver case with a different switch.
NV4NV Rating: 2013-03-07
FB PTT Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Ordered on Monday, received on Wednesday, shipped coast to coast (Oregon to Virginia). Switch was securely packed and arrived in perfect condition.

First impressions. The cable is shielded microphone wire. Supple, flexible, nice feel. The 1/4-inch mono plug is nicely molded to the cable The switch body (I got the black label series) is made by Amphenol. Amphenol! Phenomenal! Feels good in the hand. Lightweight but solid. You can find the bright red button in the clutter on your desk. Just the right amount of pressure to key. All components are superior quality.

Conclusions. Are you familiar with the OXO brand of kitchen appliances? They are very well made and they are designed to be easy on the hands (for those of us with arthritis). PTTPRO is the OXO of switches. But I saved the best for last. MADE IN THE USA. Enough said.
KF6ODC Rating: 2012-09-28
Great Product Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought two PTT PRO Switch from Marc Peterson W7PM. one is three feet long and the other is 6 foot for my Ameritron Amplifier. Great quality and fits in the palm of my hands nicely. Highly recomended. You can View all his Products at Thanks Marc for such a super product. Best regards and warm wishes..........John KF6ODC...
K6USN Rating: 2012-08-05
Quality PTT switch Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have owned several commerical PTT switches from the usual ham radio audio sources and found them larger than I wanted and occasionally unreliable under heavy use.
Along came PTT Pro Switches, and I liked them so much I bought two! Small, unobtrusive, and made with Amphenol brand components, they fit easily in the hand and don't look like they were made from left over hair dryer parts.
A small but useful addition to anyone with a boom or desk microphone that uses PTT.

AE5UE Rating: 2012-06-11
Quality for reasonable price Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Using this with an FT-DX5000MP. The model I received looks better than what is in the photo on here now as I post this. There is no stem or shaft sticking out of the housing. There is about an 8mm diameter black switch button at the end of the handle and the rest of the switch is totally inside the handle. I've operated the switch only a few dozen times so can't comment on durability though it looks like other switches that operate reliably indefinitely. Years ago I used a piece of plastic sprinkler pipe, a Radio Shack shielded cable with the male plug for an FT-897D and a Radio Shack momentary switch that fit nicely into the 1/2" pipe. It is still working great but I wanted something that looks more snazzy for the 5000. The price of this is less than the parts and time for the homemade one. The PTTPRO looks good, is good quality and for a good price. Buy one.
WB2REM Rating: 2012-05-29
Great PTT Switch Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
This is an excellent product. I got a Dual Mode Locking PTT Switch which I have been searching for a while. It is made of quality material and is bound to last a long time.
K7YDL Rating: 2012-05-28
Beautiful sturdy comfortable PTT switch Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I needed a remote PTT switch to use with my weak signal VHF station because I use a sequencer and wanted a dedicated PTT switch for it. I was stunned at the quality of the PTTPRO remote hand PTT switch... Not a cheap plastic switch... heavy metal castings on switch and jack with high quality shielded cable. A joy to use and built to last! (Sorry Bob H. this is a better product than yours) Highly recommend... PTTPRO also makes a great footswitch... I have purchased one of those also!