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Reviews For: Albrecht BPA 100G Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Adaptor

Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Review Summary For : Albrecht BPA 100G Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Adaptor
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A device that turns a hand held transceiver into a bluetooth equipped hand held transceiver.
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G6RXD Rating: 2012-04-25
Makes using a hand held while mobile easy and safe. Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I've been trying to find some way of making it possible to get on the air while commuting to my place of work. A number of wired units have been tried but the all come with too short a lead for really comfortable use and tend to be distracting. I use a bluetooth earpiece for my mobile phone so I wondered if I such an option was available. Then I saw a BPA100 for sale on a certain auction site. It wasn't too expensive and it looked as if it would work. It had been used by a motorcyclist who had extended the cables a bit but it worked OK in the car. The blue tooth unit has an adaptor that plugs into the two jacks on the radio and has a socket for the bluetooth unit and another for the ptt button which is designed to go round handlebars with a velcro strap but works equally well on the gearstick. The battery on the unit I bought lasted about a single journey which was a bit of a pain and I tried to use a Nokia charger with it - a mistake, it stopped charging altogether. So for a while I was without the unit which had given me good reports and which I had found quite workable. Christmas and birthdays came to the rescue and I decided to pay the full price (about 80GBP) for one. So my second, new unit is in use and the battery lasts at least four journeys of 1/2 hour, proving the second hand unit was worn out! It works for me and I got a good report tonight from a QSO on a local repeater. My hand held is a Alinco DJ-190 and the bluetooth is a Jabre.