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Reviews For: Hexbeam: G3TXQ by SP7IDX

Category: Antennas: HF: Yagi, Quad, Rotary dipole, LPDA

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Review Summary For : Hexbeam: G3TXQ by SP7IDX
Reviews: 170MSRP: 530
A professionally engineered High-Quality,Heavy Duty, Light

Weight, Plug and Play no tuning necessary SIX amateur radio

bands 20-17-15-12-10-6 meters broadband hexagonal beam wire

antenna.Easy and quick to assembly. Made from high quality

components. Antenna designed by G3TXQ and made by SP7IDX.

More info on his website.
Product is in production
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DB9RZ Rating: 2019-04-26
My new HEX-BEAM is great !!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I like using wire-antennas espacially wire-beams. After some homebrewed structures I bought a HD Beam with about 10m size. This beam had good performance; yes had, because a strong storm swept it off the roof. Now I was looking for a new antenna and I found Waldis Hex-Beam. Main advantage is size and performance. So I decided to go with a HEX-Beam, but there are several suppliers and the option to build it by myself. If you check out the offers you see that Waldis Beam is with high quality materials. No chance to build it in that quality by myself. I ordered a HD Mark III and had to wait for a long time. Because it was Autumn and Winter this was not a big problem, but it was a long time ;-)
I received a safe and well packed box with all components. It is a pleasure to see all things and it is real fun to put the things together; having seen a youtube video in advance there is no need for a detailed description. All things fit perfect and the quality is real high!
No it is time to put the antenna on the roof top and beam the sky ...
SP5APW Rating: 2019-04-25
Great antenna for dxpeditions! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
First time I met SP7IDX Hexbeam on S79C IOTA expedition (AF-119NEW) in 2015. This antenna worked so well that I wanted to buy it for my personal IOTA activations. So, I did it and have been using my own Hexbeam soon on the next trips to XU (XU7AKC, AS-133, 2016), HP (H84JK, NA-088, 2016), DU (DU9/SP5APW, OC-235, 2017), 3W (3W9JK, AS-162, 2018 and XV9JK, AS-157, 2019). Never experienced any issue with the Hexbeam although it was assembled and disassembled many times as well as traveling by planes many thousands miles.
The Hexbeam is a relatively lightweight multi-band beam having quite small footprint and needing only single feeder. This antenna has very good (low) SWR and can be build by one person, requiring a small assistance only during lifting it up.

Earlier 5-star review posted by SP5APW on 2016-04-26

The SP7IDX hexbeam antenna works great. I had an opportunity to use it first time during S79C expedition. So, after that good experience I ordered it for my XU7AKC activity.
Good product and great support from Waldi.
Being in Cambodia I made over 1500 QSO using this hexbeam and receiving very good reports.
BTW - XU7AKC was one person acitivity. I was able to assemble the antenna during a few hours myself alone. The only help I needed from other persons was for raising it up.
Very low SWR on 6-10-12-15-17-20 m bands and one coax to the radio help to switch between bands very quickly.
Do not wonder if you should buy it! Just do it!
LZ1ZJ Rating: 2019-04-24
No more than 500-600W Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have never been able to understand the people who are committed and unable to meet it within the time they have taken. The case of our Waldi is exactly the same, although the delay was "only" for 3 months. I have long ago got this antenna , I installed it just 6 years ago, on April 23, 2013.There are 3 repairs made, the last of which was general!
3 times the insulated lining of the active element and the reflector have been burned. And there is no other way to be in this part we have the maximum voltage. Other manufacturers such as Anthony MM0IZE put in this place mini insulators that do not allow spark transfer.
Another weak spot on this antenna is the center rod insulator, where it contacts the active part of the elements. I ordered them to be made a lot more solid –i.e.- teflon.
I changed absolutely all the yellow ropes with MASTRANT 2.0 mm.
During the last de-mouting of the antenna, October 2018, I noticed micro cracks on a lot of rods.
In conclusion, I can not give this product a score of more 2, especially focusing on use and with high power levels. My recommendation for a stock antenna, do not run at more than 600 watts.

Earlier 5-star review posted by LZ1ZJ on 2013-04-23

We erected the antenna last weekend and I’m impressed by the simplicity of the fitting. Everything is described very clearly and precisely and it is almost impossible to get wrong. The antenna is erected 12 meters above the roof and has clear focus. SWR is slanting and doesn’t exceed 1.4:1 anywhere in the ranges. I’m mostly CW operator and maybe I should asked Waldy to tune it in CW areas. But anyway, I haven’t got worse SWR than 1.4.
Everything is made extremely well and I think that it is impossible to rebuild it in home conditions again. Very good work Waldy, thank you a lot.
I plan to take another one for a portable work.
DK2BE Rating: 2019-04-21
Storm damage Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Update - after 3.5 years up in the air my hexbeam came down in an gale force storm but there was no damage at all. Everything survived except one of the small black element clamps. After five days I´ve got replacements ( more than enogh, hi )by Waldi free of charge.
Thumbs up, Waldi - thanks again.
SO5BCT Rating: 2019-04-20
Great antenna :) Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
As soon as I learned how this antenna works, I knew - I must have it at my place.
It is light but at the same time very strong. Very well made and very good materials from which it was built. Despite several hurricanes, he works perfectly without any problem. Perfectly tuned and works great where we want without ATU. Now I hear DX. It has been suspended for 8 months on a mast 8 meters above the ground. I have trees around her but it does not bother her.
Every time I have to work with her, I do it with great pleasure. I recommend to everyone - Hexbeam antenna made by Waldek SP7IDX, which works great on 20-6m bands.
DM1TW Rating: 2019-03-29
GREAT support Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Had a break of the mast in a storm, which broke one fiber pole. Quick mail to Waldi, immediate reply. Three days later I had the spare part in hand with international transport from Poland to Germany.
Excellent support!!
DM1BM Rating: 2019-03-25
FB antenna, UFB quality Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Easy installation which went absolutely smoothly. No parts missing, very good build quality! I can highly recommend this antenna if you are not in a hurry. Dziekuje Waldi.
OE3DSB Rating: 2019-03-02
Excellent Quality and Performance Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I ordered the new model HEXBEAM MARK III HD.
Exactly 6 months after ordering the antenna arrived well packed.
Only high quality materials were used and the parts make a very stable impression.
The pipes and wires are all finished in the right length and waterproof.
The assembly is therefore very easy and done in a few hours.
The SWR is below 1: 1.5 on all bands and the antenna works very well.
I highly recommend the Hexbeam from SP7IDX!

LA4GPA Rating: 2019-01-13
Awesome beam Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
This is first of all a great beam covering 20 to 6m and the communication with Waldi is always a pleasure.
Quality strong parts and easy to put together.
Always helpful, fast shipment and recently the new years storm broke my mast and a spreader broke when the beam (upside down) hit the hard ground.
Within few days I got replacement spreader and som extra parts from my friend, Waldi....this is great for future "accidents" to know we are dealing with someone who really cares.
Can really recommend anyone to shop from SP7IDX.

Earlier 5-star review posted by LA4GPA on 2018-04-06

Waldi...the man behind this quality antenna and a great rock´n´roll brother, knows how to make quality product and to be there if you need quick assistance.
I got this antenna within 2 weeks after ordering and it was easy to put together.
I just got it up qrv for 4 days now, but will get back with an updated review later on.
Really bad conditions these days, but the hexbeam still surprised me to get VU, VK, VE, BG, FM +++ on 20 & 17m...and the best of all - I often get answer after the first call!! :)
I´ll be back....
S57D Rating: 2018-12-18
small footprint Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The waiting time to receive my hexbeam antena was 78 days. The antenna came well packed. The craftmanship is great - a professionally made antenna, made from the best quality material. I have very small place, so I like small footprint of the hexbeam.