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Reviews For: Hexbeam: G3TXQ by SP7IDX

Category: Antennas: HF: Yagi, Quad, Rotary dipole, LPDA

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Review Summary For : Hexbeam: G3TXQ by SP7IDX
Reviews: 170MSRP: 530
A professionally engineered High-Quality,Heavy Duty, Light
Weight, Plug and Play no tuning necessary SIX amateur radio
bands 20-17-15-12-10-6 meters broadband hexagonal beam wire
antenna.Easy and quick to assembly. Made from high quality
components. Antenna designed by G3TXQ and made by SP7IDX.
More info on his website.
Product is in production
More Info:
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SV9RMU Rating: 2016-07-24
Finally installed - my 2nd review Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
At last I have been able to install SP7IDX's Hexbeam on the roof of my new QTH. The delays have nothing to do with the quality or ease of assembling the antenna. Just the local weather conditions - either too strong winds (too dangerous to go to the roof) and/or too hot to work on the roof (tools getting too hot to touch).

Assembling and installing the Hexbeam was very easy. Took me perhaps 3 hours alltogether at a leisurely pace. As I already said in my earlier review, the quality of parts is excellent and Waldi's workmanship is without par.

I have now used the antenna for about 3 days and on the first night out worked a lot of 15m and 20m DX, including CE, W, VE, YB etc. SP7IDX Hexbeam works just as advertized - good SWR on all bands and enough gain to have always 2 or 3 S units better received signals than with my 45 meters long OCF doublet. I haven't made any actual measurements, and I don't think I will bother, either. The SP7IDX Hexbeam just works without any tweaking.

Keep up the good work, Waldi!
SM6LRR Rating: 2016-06-27
My second review Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I installed SP7IDX Hex Beam a year ago on the 7 meter aluminum telescospic mast also produced by Waldi. After a few months of usage at this relatively low height, I decided to install a 18 meter ex Soviet Army telescopic mast.

As UA9CDC mentioned, it would have been super if a ready Yaesu Rotator Tube Adaptor would have been available. Now I had to look for a combination of tubes to change the diameter of the antenna itself.

The difference between 7 meter and 18 meter height was very clear on low angle paths (to Pacific and US West Coast). My guess is that signals increased 1-2 S-units with increased height.

The antenna has the best performance on 20 and 17 meters. This maybe due to the fact that those elements are a bit away from the bunch of 6/10/12/15 meter wires a bit lower on the antenna.

A two element hex beam is not very sharp in the lobe, but actually quite ideal when working contest compared to larger antennas or stacked arrays. There will never be any issues that I am not beaming exactly in the right direction.

Mechanically, the hex beam has survived both strong winter- and summer storms. It is very well built and parts are chosen carefully to meet expectations also in more rough conditions.

I am planning to order my second Hex Beam to be used on portable operations and DX-expeditions.

Be patient guys, delivery times depends on the popularity of this antenna. If you have time, then SP7IDX Hex Beam is an excellent piece of engineering - and you will break any piles for any location with this antenna!

PB1HF Rating: 2016-06-04
WOW Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought the hexbeam after reading the reviews of the antenna on eham. The antenna arrived within 4months after ordering, I moved to a new QTH before unpacking and installing.....I did put it up a week ago and WOW what a difference with my vertical. Firtst qso I made was with K6YRA on 17m with hardly no the meanwhile made a lot of qso's and I am VERY satisfied !!!!! Outstanding how the antenna is build and outstanding performance. Also very rapid response from Waldi on emails/questions....
OM2GM Rating: 2016-06-01
Excellent simple beam Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Got after 3.5 months assembled alone (myself) in 6hours and put to Top of new WIMO 12m mast. cca 6 meters over metal sheet roof. Turning with with SPID RAU rotor. Result: Never believe this difference of only 2 element antenna. Several times compared with 83m long sloped triangle loop and EU and DX stations. Everytime got +2-3 S units better RST with right alligned beam compared to loop. It is funny, that in poor CONDX I break thru pileups as 1st or up to 2nd caller. All with 100W K3 and cca 20m coax cable. Waldi, your work is perfect, but try to improve lead times (some of my firends are waiting 5-6 months). Look to pictures on my page
RZ3BE Rating: 2016-05-21
Excellent HexBeam Waldi sp7idx Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I received the antenna in 2013 year. Excellent antenna with Hexbeam of Waldi SP7IDX , change has been truly spectacular,it another word compared with R 7000 .Reception became quieter . Here SWR measurements 1,1- 1,2 max value 1,35 .I am simply amazed about this antenna . Installation easy and it does not present the complexity and pleasure of its use is huge . I would have given 10 marks out of 10 . A big thank you to Waldi SP7IDX for his kindness and availability all the time .
OE1TRB Rating: 2016-05-15
Excellent Hexbeam by Waldi Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I own my hexbeam antenna by SP7IDX since 2 years now. After I got the fresh created hexbeam by Waldi 2years ago I started to build it up and install it in my garden in parallel to my Eyplorer 14 Yagi.
It was from the beginning till now great that the SWR was as described and expected optimal nearly 1:1 on ALL bands. Coming to the receiving performance, as I used several transceivers on this antenna from IC-781 to FT1000D and now the new IC-7300 by Icom I can say that the it is a "quite" antenna, if band is not in good shape I had my very positiv situations that I made QSOs which a was not expecting! All in all, specially the HW quality of the antenna was till not - and it was always on my mast mounted - without any issues, and looks like 2 years ago.
Now I am going to change my Explorer14 with a 2nd hexbeam which is damaged caused of storm issues. One of my main ideas to the change is also the easy service conditions in case of problems and of course the light weight to handle it easily.
And this brings me to the order of my next and 2nd hexbeam by Waldi SP7IDX, to get it soon as I know that he works hard to support us all the time and create that wonderful working hex beams!
Congrats to Mr. Hex!
vy 73 de Thomas OE3TRB
ES2IPA Rating: 2016-04-26
Exellent antenna Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Hello, the antenna is very well made with good materials, and easy to install.
SP7IDX HEXBEAM works great. It is very important that, Waldi response very fast from any questions.
Tnx Waldi, it is an EXCELLENT ANTENNA !

Igor ES0IA
XU7TZG Rating: 2016-04-17
GREAT ANTENNA Time Owned: more than 12 months.
"Allo, allo ! Now listen very carefully: I shall say this only once !" The SP7IDX Hexbeam is a GREAT ANTENNA !!! Its price is affordable and the results surclassed all my expectations. It gave me the opportunity to work REAL DX I was not even possible to hear (or to guess) with my wire antennas. The HEXBEAM is a realy must for every serious DX-man. And last but not least:om Waldi SP7IDX is providing excellent after-sales services in case of any problem. Mni tnx, Waldi, congrats for the good job and, I repeat: A GREAT ANTENNA !!!
DC7DX Rating: 2016-04-02
great Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Hello have waiting 3month for hex beam,
now i have easy installet with no test,
and hex beam works great,first qso new one
for me Togo,tnx Waldi for good product.
DC7DX Artur
EA3HSO Rating: 2016-03-30
Great antenna! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've had SP7IDX for almost 3 years now. It was my first beam, going up from simple wire antennas. It's is very well built, it withstands a lot of wind without any effect and is easy to put up together and take apart.
I feel I got a lot for the price, more than 200 Dxcc worked with only 100w from a city lot in Barcelona.
And Waldi's service is just email him with a problem and he's always there to give a hand.
I took down mine yesterday, since I'm putting it by the sea in another qth. I already miss her :)