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Reviews For: Puxing PX-888K Dual Band HT

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Hand-held

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Review Summary For : Puxing PX-888K Dual Band HT
Reviews: 4MSRP: 89
Product Model : PX-888K dual band two way radio
Product is in production
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KK4SDN Rating: 2014-01-17
Great until you use the computer Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Had a pair of these as my first radios. They were working great until last week when I re-programmed them via the computer. Now I can only access memories in the A band and now don't have any menu options. Also don't count on Puxing to help, I have emailed them 5 times all with no response. Thankfully I had recieved a Kenwood TH-F6A from the folks and that has been a lifesaver.
IZ7GLL Rating: 2012-12-30
Good Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Hi,I made several tests on this radio, being a "beta tester." the radio responds very well and the tests were tested with a motorola GP380,the radio have selective 5-Tone, DTMF and function msk, has the chance 'to read through traffic on the display indicating the received selective, has the answer back and bell ring when it receives a selective call.has many functions and its battery has a long life by using it in high-power.
my videos are on youtube under the heading IZ7GLL
for example
I buy from
AF2DX Rating: 2012-12-17
GREAT,CHEAP 2 BANDER HT Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I picked up one of these HT's and in less then a half hour I was plugging in repeaters like a pro.
I like it better then my Wouxun.
I did order the 1,800 mil battery for it and the speaker MIC was only $10.00 and it works in the Wouxun also.
Got mine from
For around $100.00 you can get a new ham on the air.
The PX888K is very light and a joy to carry around.
Good reports.
I gave it a 5+ for the money and how well it works
KD8DVR Rating: 2012-09-02
PX-888k my impressions Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
OK, I have 3 px-888k units. I bought a pair to test the ANI and selective calling, which you need two to test.

One of them developed a distinct "clicking" sound when it was in dual displa mode after a transmission. It goes away after a few seconds. It appears to be an issue somewhere in the squelch circuit in dual watch mode. The third unit i ordered as a replacement, was fine.

All the radios do "click" one time when the squelch closes though.

This Radio is FCC certified for Part 90. FCC ID: AUJPXDZ888K001

The radio is easier to program than a lot of Chinese radios. This one lets you add and delete scan channels, unlike many Chinese radios.

This radio has a custom power on message that can be programmed via software.
the selective calling (5tone, DTMF, MSK) settings are enabled by software also.

Receive audio is loud and clear. Transmit audio is also strong and clear, but tends to lean on the bassy side. The microphone is not too hot. A lot of hams see this is a drawback; but it help eliminate background noise, and is communications grade as most "commercial use" radios are.

The supplied antenna is good enough for all HT uses. It is as effective as the Wouxun kg-uvd series which is generally regarded as having pretty good stock antennas.

The scan function is annoyingly slow. Perhaps the slowest I have ever used. Turning off the dual watch/dual display speeds it up a bit.

Upper and lower vfos can be selected by a single keypress. Channel, frequency, and single display mode are easily selected from a single key. In single vfo mode, the frequency and channel number/alpha tag are displayed in the 2 line display. This utilizes both line instead of placing "filler characters" in the second line. The display is seven characters, instead of the six, used my many Chi-rigs.

This radio is narrow band capable and is actually made to properly have the narrow passband on receive. 2.5 kHz spacing is not selectable by the keypar or the software, HOWEVER, narrow band frequencies CAN be directly programmed into the radio by software. I did use some of the frequencies that others have reported "won't go" into radios without 2.5 khz spacing; but in the Puxing they went fine and sounded fine. Whether or not they are actually on frequency is a matter for those who have frequency counters.

This radio has a "compander" function. unlike what others indicate, this is NOT a speech processor or a mike gain. This function takes and compresses audio input and expands it to full fidelity on a receiving radio also equipped with a compander. This is designed for narrow band use that allows an audio signal to be compressed into a narrow-band signal to preserve fidelity that is otherwise lost. This is a common complaint in non-companded narrow band radios.

The selective calling system uses dtmf 5tone and an MSK type signaling. You can select a call list and use these functions to call specific radios. The called radio can also "ring back" to indicate "connection". These can also be used as a "caller ID" which is displayed on the screen of each radio. While it may have limited functions for Amateur radio, it is still pretty cool.

All in all a great radio. I now use them in place of my Wouxun kg-uvds .

Earlier 4-star review posted by KD8DVR on 2012-07-17

Update on the "clicking sound" It appears to be a radio malfunction. I got radios mixed up leading me to believe both radios had it. I have a defective radio. The sound is not there on the "good" radio. It appears to be a defect in the squelch function. I suppose this can go into the record as a possible flaw to look for. This occurs in dual watch mode only, not single frequency.. It also interferes with selective calling operation. Still receives a 4 due to the slow scan.