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Reviews For: W8AMZ ZS6BKW /G5RV

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Review Summary For : W8AMZ ZS6BKW /G5RV
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10/80 METERS
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KD7DDT Rating: 2014-12-10
Only Antenna I Use Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Just a few letters GREAT!. I set up the antenna at 40 feet and ran it 75 feet to the ham shack. After this I did everything wrong. I fed the ladder line with RG6 (75ohm) coax with no tuner connected to my Icom735. The SWR from 40M through 10M was maximum 1.4. I tuned the frequency to 80M and it went out of sight to 4.5 swr just like what the manufacture said. I applied a tuner and all bands tune to a maximum 1.1 swr. I also am running 1200watts with a Ameritron amp. Greatest antenna I have owned and am getting excellent reports when I am running QR0 or barefoot at 100watts. You will not be disappointed. I will be ordering a 160 sloper in the spring of 2015.
K1QF Rating: 2014-11-23
Exceptional Performer Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Purchased this antenna to replace a WA2NAN True-Talk G5RV which broke within the first week of placement. The W8AMZ ZS6BKW /G5RV is exceptionally well made, and I haven't had any problems after more than 12 months of use. High winds and winter icing don't seem to phase this antenna - my QTH is Gloucester, MA. As previous reviewers have noted, this antenna performs very well. Reasonably priced and excellent value for the money.
KA3YAN Rating: 2014-11-15
Great performance! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have been using the W8AMZ ZS6BKW/G5RV antenna for about a year and a half. The performance for the amateur bands as well as MARS bands is exceptional for a single wire multiband dipole.

I have the antenna strung between two trees at about 35 ft with the twin lead running at approx 45 degrees across my roof. I am using a 1:1 current choke at the feed point.

When it comes to commercially made dipoles, I don't think you're going to find one better made than from W8AMZ.
NI6H Rating: 2014-10-23
Well Built, works as advertised Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Nothing more to add but confirmation: well built and it works as W8AMZ promotes it. Excellent customer support. I will never recommend a G5RV, after using this modern computer based updated version called ZS6BKW and for the cost and service, you cant beat a W8AMZ build version of it on Ebay!
KF5UEZ Rating: 2014-08-15
One Fine Multi-Band Antenna - I recommend IT! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have the W8AMZ brand of ZS6BKW / G5RV set up on a forty foot mast and 80 feet of coax as specified by manufacture. I have been very happy with my contacts. My set up is a simple one Yaesu 857-D with a LDG YT-100 auto tuner and have made contact on 6, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, & 80 meters. I work at 10 watts on phone and 50 - 75 Watts on PSK-31. I truly enjoy this antenna and highly recommend it – ENJOY!!!!
G3RKF Rating: 2014-06-22
Diversity, simplicity on my favorite bands Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Sandy and a tropical storm wrecked 2 previous antennas at my NJ vacation QTH - W2/G3RKF.
Chose the ZS6BKV multi bander for 6m thro 40m. Good match on 40,20 and 17. Plenty of dx. IC736 internal atu not happy on 15,12 n 10m until I added an isolator at the feed point. Now I have 40 thro' 6m less 30m.
From one single wire antenna I'm very happy.
Call CQ n get Eu replies. Can work a pile up and get the distance in a contest, eg JA, UA0.
It's rugged, a high quality build and I'm confident it will withstand the autumn n winter storms.
KB6HRT Rating: 2014-06-15
update BEST YET! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Last post said, I would test an compare the W8AMZ ZS6BKW an the W8AMZ G5RV with each other, I have! Short answer the ZS6BKW is the one that still up, my choice. Installed both antenna where they worked well, the ZS6BKW
the apex was at 36'+ a little short of the 40' recomended to the apex. otherwise
everything was the same. Without using a tuner 6-40m receive was a lot better using the ZS6BKW as far as hearing weak signals, stronger an clearer ones 6-40m, standard G5RV had better output on 75m with out using a tuner, which is to be expected where the SWR was less than 3 to 1. The ZS6BKW was around 5 to 1 an needs a tuner for 75m. The ZS6BKWs needs a tuner on 75m, where the Standard G5RV needs a tuner on 40- 20?-17 -15-12-10m most of the time, where signals come in lower with more background noise. Both antennas are built to last, that a good thing.
Second part of this tried putting a 1 to 1 voltage balum at the feed point with a 500pf cap in series with one side of the feed line, this works for dropping the SWR on 75m down to around 2.5 to 1 at 3820-3900 the way I have my antenna configured on the roof, what I gained was lower SWR on 75m but at a cost of more noise on 75m at night. After using the antenna back and forth this way for over a week, I am using the antenna as it was built with the coax feed coupled to the ZS6BKW having to use the tuner on 75m anyway. I personally like the better signal no noise ratio on 75m, it also dropped the SWR back down a little on 40-10m where the tuner is not needed ether way. If you are getting some miles on your body like I am, this is the hot ticket an antenna that can be used 6-75m with a good tuner, an you will love the receive. I tested these antennas using a FTdx5000MP a FT857D a TS590S and a Yasue FT950 all radios would hear all incoming signals. The differance being a little differance in background noise, both antennas were compared to a referance 75-40-20m dipole antenna on incoming an outgoing readings...................KB6HRT
W7ZZZ Rating: 2014-04-27
Excellent multi-wire Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Ran a W8AMZ G5RV for a long time at 37'flat-top with great results...finally the coast wind brought it down. So, I had heard good things about the ZS6BKW variant. Bought one from W8AMZ. I suspended the center at 43' with some fiberglass mast from DX Engineering and held the ends up at 37' with the end masts from the earlier G5RV...What a difference! Way, way better on all the upper bands and a little better on 40M and about the same on 80m. Overall, a very significant improvement over the G5RV. I recommend the ZS6BKW variant without reservation. You absolutely will not regret it.
K5VAR Rating: 2014-01-10
Best Antenna Available Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Purchased this antenna over one year ago. These are the most durable and well made antenna's I have ever run across.

Tom is now SK as of a few weeks ago but it sounds like family will continue his legacy.
N4LPK Rating: 2014-01-02
Great Antenna Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I purchased this antenna back in the summer and it has worked flawlessly. Tom was very helpful with some questions I asked. Unfortunately I have learned that Tom W8AMZ is now a silent key. He has had some health problems for sometime. If you have recently ordered any of his products be patient. His family is trying to fulfill all orders as they grieve.