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Reviews For: Begali Traveler Light

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Review Summary For : Begali Traveler Light
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Portable High quality dual lever telegraph key
Product is in production
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SV2OYO Rating: 2019-11-05
My first begali key Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Well this is my first begali key.A non expensive for its quality key that is very very good even to a begginer like me.
I loved the shape and the touch of it.Very fast was the delivery time,Very easy to setup it ....but an advice from a comes with a setup.It is not nessecary to change it.
After this I ordered the adventure and now I am waiting for my third begali key...the expedition
K7KNM Rating: 2019-07-22
This is the best of the best in class. Quality is superb! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The Bengali Traveler Lite iambic paddle like other Bengali keys is a beautiful work of art in engineering. CW letters and numbers flow effortlessly with the lightest touch of the paddles resulting in clean, melodic, easy to listen to CW. The key is quiet thanks to the magnetic tensioners and normally close contact spacing. Yet, everything is fully adjustable. The key does arrive already adjusted. I plugged mine into the rig with no further adjustments needed.

I have used a number of keys in 59 years of active hamming. This is unquestionably the finest I have ever used. The key is solid, heavy, compact, nice to look at, but fully transportable when the lateral support arms are folded next to the paddles. They protect the paddles, thereby preventing any damage in transit. The contacts etc. are always safely ensconced in the main body of the key. The key can be used on a flat surface, or as a leg key with the leg strap which is shipped with the key.

The key arrived within days from ordering direct from Italy via Fed Ex, and it was solidly packaged. The box contained the key, instructions, leg strap, measuring gauge for proper contact spacing, connection cable, extra plastic paddles, and a QSL card from Piero Bengali who also signed the packaging. I ordered via email after finding the key on the Bengali web site. Bruna, Piero’s daughter, personally handled my order. In addition to ordering the key with my call letters engraved, I opted for the aluminum paddles rather than the standard plastic. The box also included plastic paddles should I ever want to change the metal paddles.

I got this key for both my QRP field adventures, foreign travel, and fixed station use. In a word it is superb, and I highly recommend it without any reservation!

N7KHH Rating: 2018-07-28
WOW! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Just spent 2 hrs with this beauty. I am not what one would call a master of cw but I immediately notice that my sending was more consistent with the Begali. "wandering key/paddle syndrome" was plaguing my cw and making QSOs a bit sloppy. The stability of this thing along with the ability to use a lighter touch makes it a no-regrets purchase. I feel spoiled for sure with this one.
AB3VN Rating: 2017-10-15
Immaculate build quality, parts not so much Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The key is awesomely built and very stable if set up properly. My only gripe is the set screws. Those who never replace finger pieces will not notice it. The set screws that lock the paddles are of inconsistent quality. For instance on one paddle the 1.5mm wrench was loose in the socket, and on the other it slipped completely and I could not unscrew it. I tried three different wrenches with the same result. I had to use 1/16" wrench to unscrew the second one. I contacted Begali about this but got no response. Otherwise it is a very solid piece of equipment.
WD0BC Rating: 2016-10-02
TRUE QUALITY Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.

The unit may not "LOOK" sexy but a totally bullet proof workhorse......

IF you want a paddle that will work anywhere, any kind of WX or CONDX ......THIS IS YOUR PADDLE
K0MD Rating: 2012-11-19
Perfect Travel companion Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought this key to take with me on travel overseas for CW operating. I operate a lot from hotels or other spots. I have taken my Bencher BY-1 on travel but the sliding around in the suitcase can result in bending of the paddle. I also get extra attention from TSA with the Bencher paddle due to the lead base.

The Begali key family is in a class of its own. They are superb mechanically and aesthetically. The Traveler Light is a small, self-contained unit perfect for Dxpeditions or overseas contesting. The paddles fold into a protective slot during travel which minimizes any risk of damage. The key has a 1/8 stereo jack, so no wiring needed unlike other key brands. The CW is smooth and the tension is easily adjustable.

They send a leg strap with the key if you want to operate mobile. I have not done that but a friend has who says it is a perfect set up for the mobile HF op.

This is a fantastic solution for someone like me who wants to take a high quality paddle overseas but wants something that is durable and will arrive ready to perform.

Bruna organizes the sales of these paddles and does a fantastic job of treating every customer like a friend. The Begali company sets the standard for excellence in customer service.
HB9FMN Rating: 2012-09-08
Outstanding portable dual lever key Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Raised in a watchmaker family I am inclined to always look for the perfection when I buy equipments. Being also a passionate high speed CW operator, I have been always looking for the perfect CW key. When I tried and saw BEGALI keys for the first time, it was love at first sight. Bought myself a BEGALI magnetic pro 3 years ago with which I am extremely happy with. Since I also like operate during field days and SOTA activities, I was looking for a robust but high end CW key. I tried the BEGALI traveler light and adopted it immediately. It's top of the shelf quality, at least as good as my magnetic pro if not better.
Dealing with Bruna BEGALI when your order a key is a pleasure , you feel and are treated like if you would belong to the BEGALI family.
Guess what? Just ordered another Traveler light for my brother who just became 45 years old and dream of using such a terrific key.
It is probably not the last I will buy :-) I am already having an eye on some of those jewels engineered by
Pietro BEGALI.

Best 73 fm Pierre / HB9FMN