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Reviews For: Yaesu FTdx-3000

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - non QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : Yaesu FTdx-3000
Reviews: 187MSRP: 3299.00
Yaesu newest add to the HF line
Product is in production
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N6BIZ Rating: 2018-10-02
Phenomenal Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Been hamming since 63
This radio is phenomenal!!!
N3RTD Rating: 2018-07-28
Wonderful performer Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I wanted to write a second review for this transceiver due to having more of a chance to use it and experiment with it. I found that going to menu option 121 and setting the hf ssb filter to steep makes the side rejection even better than it is already. This feature is a knob on the 5000 but here it is three settings in the 3000. As I used it since setting this there are times where QRM isnt even heard where it was before, I changed it back and forth between the settings and found this is amazing. As far as the review given by a fellow not long ago saying there are no filter options or way to exclude qrm, I looked him up and found he only owns Icoms, it seems that people continue to try to skew the actual ratings with obviously uninformed opinions without actually owning the radio. And stating things that are obviously not true such as having no knobs for filters and notch etc, this is not true look at the picture of the radio at the top of this page, do you see knobs??? Unless you are blind the answer is yes. I have owned all the radio manufacturers brands, I am not what they call a Fanboy, but it irritates me when people lie about the performance of a radio when they just dont like the brand. People come to these forums to get an honest idea as to whether a particular radio performs well and what are the pros and cons etc. or at least the experience one has with it and their opinion with that experience. I would much appreciate the moderator to go thru the reviews and just delete any review that has an obvious uneducated opinion on the radios being reviewed and also a review rating the company and not the actual radio being discussed like the ones here in regards to this radio. If you exclude the ones that are obviously attempting to skew and those that really do not rate the radio but just there feelings about customer care this transceiver would have a respectable 4.9 out of 5. Now as far as it goes with all the features this radio has at the now very reduced price, this is the best value on the market today. Nothing matches it for the money. You get an IF output for that panscope with point and click radio control, you get at the same exact time a RX output for a second receiver which can be used at the same exact time as the IF output to scope. You get sound card instant hook up for digital modes which I use daily without a single problem, you get a good enough built in scope, you get wonderful contest performance, cw performance, three antenna ports all three can be transmitted on, you get a 3 year warranty, you get excellent DNR DNF and an un beatable manual notch which is a real rf notch which gets rid of the heterodyne and the signal which prevents the carrier to cover who you are talking to. Plus it gives you all this for just $100.00 more than the ts590sg which does not have a scope or a real IF output for a pan scope, only a receiver port connection. Finally all this and is $2000 cheaper than the ic7610 which does not have an IF ouput and does not perform any better than this rig, so go ahead do the math and do as you will. But be honest!!!
PA1EC Rating: 2018-06-05
Great transceiver for the money Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought the FTdx-3000 2 months ago and I am very happy with this rig. I also bought a SDRPLAY RSP 1A for use as a panadapter and I am very satisfied with this setup.
The receiver of the 3000 is very good with the filtering and DNR, also the menu is easy to handle.

G7JZD Rating: 2018-06-03
Great Radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Had this radio since they became available in the UK. Been very satisfied with it, i am not a contest person, but i have noticed in a general rag chew a station can come up very very close to you, and you can filter them out so as it does not interfere with your QSO, all in all for its price it ticks the box for me, you do need to get use to the the way things work, and once you do i find everything works as it should do.
Would i buy again, yes i would with no hesitation,


Earlier 5-star review posted by G7JZD on 2014-08-09

Yaesu have just released their latest update,07/08/2014 update 01-19, it should now please all the users that wanted a power output control.
It is now there, download the update then all you need to do is turn the proc/car knob to increase or decrease the output power.
Now makes a very good rig into even a better rig.
Myself have like the rig from its introduction into the UK and still like it.
VK2LEE Rating: 2018-03-29
After 3 years of owning My FTDX3000 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Well I only work SSB and I have found that during worldwide contests, I have actually worked 2 or even 3 stations all on the same frequency. I have found that very strong SSB stations can be very close to Your frequency and I hear other operators complaining of the splatter which I just don't hear. Majority of My Radio's Menu is still on the default settings ... I am slowly looking at Receive settings and DNR settings. I just love this Radio which I purchased New. I haven't done any upgrades either. I recommend it for anyone wanting an SSB Radio.
I wouldn't recommend it for anyone wanting to use Digital modes and connected to computers.. Many owners have had many problems with that. VK2LEE

Earlier 5-star review posted by VK2LEE on 2017-07-08

Well after reading a few pages of comments that were mainly "this is a GREAT RADIO" and the great things it can do, I must get the manual out as I maybe missing out on knowing a few of the features plus I haven't done any UPGRADES as yet.. But Overall, I just still love My FTDX-3000. The Only thing I mainly miss is the Antenna Tuner like on My FT-920 which adjusts as you move frequency and the shuttle jog which adjusts the tuning speed. But as My antennas ARE resonant on EACH band I only use the tuner for fine tuning. Hi Hi. I have been thinking about "other" radios, but other reviewers Here, are saying the FTDX-3000 is better, so that makes Me feel better too...Hi Hi. Very Highly recommended... Lee VK2LEE
Earlier 5-star review posted by VK2LEE on 2016-02-04

After owning My FTDX-3000 for 12 months, I still just love this Radio... The received Audio is adjustable so just about anyone with hard hearing will hear without any problems. I have been getting EXCELLENT reports from just about anyone who is using an antenna.. Hi Hi.. All My antennas are resonant on the bands they are made for, so I have no problems with the antenna tuner. Now the antenna tuner is very slow compared to other Radios I have owned but have found that if You save the SWR on each band every 10 khz and it should work without actually having to wait for it to re-tune. [I also miss the FT-920 tuner which adjusts when the SWR gets over 1.5 to one approx automatically as You move the dial up or down the band] There is a limit to the memories though on the FTDX-3000. I also found the tuning knob a bit slow compared to the FT920 with its shuttle jog speed adjusting tuning knob, [which is an excellent system] but have been told I am supposed to just punch in the frequency on the keyboard..!! but I believe it is still a natural thing to want to scan the bands with the dial, so, the shuttle jog from the FT-920 would make Me very happy...Hi Hi.. I recommend this radio to everybody. There are a few oddities, like the mode button, which behaves quite like no other !! and it would have been nice to have LEDs behind every knob and button !! I have found that by turning the contour down to 100-300hz I can usually hear anyone... I do need hearing aids though... Hi Hi.. If I had to replace this Radio it would be with another FTDX-3000...
Earlier 5-star review posted by VK2LEE on 2015-04-03

The FTDX-3000 replaced My Yaesu FT-920 which I have owned from New and still have. I bought the FTDX-3000 as I was having problems hearing weak stations with My FT-920 [which I bought New and will keep as a spare.]and YES I can hear virtually all the very weak stations I couldn't hear before. So I am Happy with My purchase. Someone mentioned the problem of switching from USB to LSB,etc,as when You go to 40 meters, the default is LSB, and the mode button doesn't have SSB USB as an option only CW USB so, I found by going to 15 meters which is USB by default then changing the actual frequency using the buttons on the front and the enter key the USB stays the same. I presume You could do a similar thing with the remote keypad which is supplied with this Radio, but I haven't gotten around to using the FH-2 keypad or the Digital Voice Recorder as yet, and I haven't changed any transmit audio from the default either. Also mentioned is the ATU which most owners find very slow [Myself included].The ATU in the FT-920, seemed to be faster, plus it kept tuning as You moved frequency [if the SWR was higher] a real Automatic Tuning Unit.. Hi Hi I also miss the spring loaded shuttle jog of the 920 which lets You vary the frequency very fast by turning the large knob behind the VFO knob [tuning speed varies as You turn] I can change the speed of the VFO in this radio but fast is too fast and slow is too slow etc..I do use the IPO [preamp] button all the time, it has 3 settings so I very rarely use the RF gain now. I just love the Mic gain and Speech Processor in this Radio. They can be turned to 100% and still NOT be distorted, although I don't use them that High as I use headphones and use the Monitor feature which can result in Mind blowing Sound.. hi hi.. Maybe in another 6 months I will be able to describe How I use some of the other features of the FTDX-3000 that I haven't used or needed to know in the first 6 months.. Hi hi ..
K4OWR Rating: 2018-03-26
SSB filtering awful Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Used recently in a busy phone contest. It has almost no ability to function in a crowded band with lots of strong signals. Very limited filter options to help you out. No roofing filters or shaping that is usable on SSB. Notch is useless. Even the most common settings require wading thru a huge collection of menu setting is easy to find on this thing. This radio might be OK for CW, but phone operators will quickly want to smash it on a busy band.
K4TK Rating: 2018-03-07
just got my 3000 to upgrade from an FT DX 1200 Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Just bought a new FT DX 3000 to upgrade from my FT DX 1200 I had about 2 and a half years. The 1200, by the way, was a FINE radio. So since I liked my 1200 just you might expect, I also likewise am pleased with the 3000. I thought for my review, I'd offer a SLIGHTLY different perspective....a comparison of things between the 1200 and 3000....and a few Pluses or "quirks" I've observed now (having only owned the radio TWO DAYS!):


1. the 3000 has a 9 Mhz IF output on the back for pan adapters, etc. The 1200 did NOT have that feature
2. Likewise, the 3000 has 13 volts, external ALC, RX out, etc. jacks on the back...the 1200 does NOT
3. The others have FULLER, RICHER, ....just better. I ran both radios into a Yaesu SP-2000 speaker...a pretty nice speaker. There is a NOTICEABLE better quality to the 3000 audio (NOT....that the 1200 was bad, mind you...the 3000 just sounds BETTER).
4. My FH-2 memory device....that I also had for the has the function of being able to record 15 seconds of RX audio right from the FH-2. Kind of handy!

Cons/Glitches/Differences that are NOT positive

1. What's with the "BUSY" light on the meter? kind of useless? I mean, what function does it serve. It's ALWAYS on....the moment you turn on the radio. More kind of like a "power on" indication to me? It's mislabeled. NOT....a big deal....just a "what's this?" thing. I had to research to find out if it was normal to be on ALL THE TIME!
2. CW AUTO setting "quirk". Menu item supposed to let you (IF TURNED ON) able to operate your keyer while in SSB mode. It's handy if you want to be able to put out a in tune an amp...while still in SSB. It worked flawlessly on my 1200....just set that menu item to ON and you were done. On the 3000, at FIRST....that didn't work. But experimenting further....i found out if i did the "cluge" of going into EACH AND EVERY band (7, 14, 21, 28, etc.)...and while in SSB...then set mode to CW and press BREAKIN....and then go back to SSB....THEN, it began to work. Seems like a cluge/bug. Or as we say in the software development industry...a KP&W (Know problems and Workarounds).
3.Meter function/Scope setting. On the plus....the 3000 Scope function seems BETTER than my 1200 scope function (yes, I had added the optional FFT board on that radio). When i push scope function, the scope constantly updates on the 3000. I don't remember my 1200 doing that? BUT....ON THE NEGATIVE...and I've seen others comment on this "glitch"...when in AUTO mode on the Scope, the meter no longer seems to function "properly" in...there is a delay in tracking or it doesn't deflect "normally". If i turn AUTO OFF ....on the scope...then the meter functions normally. It's as if the meter deflection can't keep up with the AUTO mode on the scope? At any rate, my 1200 did NOT have any meter "abnormalities"....but then again, my I said...didn't CONSTANTLY scan when in that might be the difference. Kind of like the BUSY light thing....not a big I can take the Scope out of AUTO and the meter is fine. Oh, it seems to have LESS affect on CW...than it does on SSB. SSB...the meter just can't track/keep up....when Scope is in AUTO.
4. AND THE ONLY ONE I HAVEN'T FIGURED OUT/FOUND A WORK AROUND...that's also a bit more disturbing to me: In CW decode, my 1200 (with the FFT board of course!)...would decode NOT ONLY the received CW...but would decode YOUR xmitted CW. You could practice sending the decode window....see your spacing ...your letters, etc. When programming the could watch the decode window and see if your timing/spacing was good on the recorded message. On my 3000, I'm NOT seeing ANY xmitted CW? Is it a missed setting? I don't think i have my 3000 set almost exactly like i had my 1200. Is it a firmware upgrade thing? I don't think so, i checked the firmware versions the first time i turned on the radio. OR....IS IT.....the 3000 just doesn't do that feature? That would be odd to me....that the 1200 does it...and the 3000 doesn't? ANYONE HAVE ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS LAST ONE????

So, like the radio....just doing some comparison to my 1200....
VE7IG Rating: 2018-01-25
Excellent transceiver! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've had this FTDX3000 for several years now and it has performed very well on both CW and SSB.
Lately I've been using it on FT8. The internal USB interface provides a simple USB connection to a computer running digital programs including FT8. No external interface is necessary and it seems this is not well known. You need to install the USB driver and cable and you are all set to go. This appears to be undocumented in the manual but there are plenty of online instructions for this if you need help. One such is found at:

Some menu settings do need to be changed.

I've never used the built in scope as I really do not need or use visual tuning with this transceiver so I cannot comment on how good or bad it is, although panoramic displays are what are usually provided with SDR receivers and those can be very useful. I have no accessories connected, the basic transceiver is enough. Noise reduction is reasonable and there are many ways to narrow the passband and reject interference if needed. After over 20 years using a Yaesu FT-1000D I find this radio is just overall better and that is a great recommendation. One thing-- you do need a good noise free outboard power supply. At 100 watts maximum output it will easily drive any of the current legal amplifiers available.

By the way I don't know where the "D" comes from as I see people writing FTDX3000D, maybe printed on the box, but my radio only has FTDX3000 on the front panel with no "D".
VA3MLV Rating: 2018-01-24
Update Time Owned: more than 12 months.
After 2+ years of using the yaesu Ftdx3000D connected to an LP pan2 panadapter with Xonar U7 soundcard for SDR capabilities it's been great. Even without running SDR I really enjoy using the transceiver. The reciever is my favourite part of the transceiver. Much better & completely different receiver than the ftdx1200, no comparisons. Being able to cut out 20-30db signals 2-3khz away is dueable with a few tweaks. Tx is versatile with eq & BW options. There's pros & cons on all transceivers but I'm pretty satisfied with the ftdx3000 which before purchase was compared to ts590sg & ic7600. Personal opinion it's a good rig.
MW3FLI Rating: 2017-12-21
SUPERB Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Had an old Yaesu FT-1000MP which was really struggling with local S9 of QRN all over the hf bands, tried for nearly a year to get rid but could not. Bought this FTDX3000 and the difference is amazing, no more S9 of QRN usually around the S1 mark on 20m and nothing anywhere else on hf. Absolutely fantastic receive and lovely audio from it using my MD-100 microphone.