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Review Summary For : Begali Adventure
Reviews: 14MSRP: 340
High-precision magnetic dual lever paddle with mounting brackets for several portable radios and a desktop base for stationary use. Made from stainless steel with lightweight arms, gold plated components and solid gold contacts, this is the ultimate paddle of its kind. The magnetic tension and the contact spacing are finely adjustable, and the mounting brackets allow swiveling the key for right-handed or left-handed operation.
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KC0TRK Rating: 2021-07-23
Three Radios! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought the Adventure to use with three radios: Elecraft KX1 & KX3 and my new ICOM 705. Yep, I love QRP! The Elecraft paddles for their transceivers leave a lot to be desired. They're "loose" and not as precise feeling as they should be for the quality of radio they support. One of the great things about the Adventure, is having the capacity with focused mounts for use on each of these radios. Fit & finish does not leave a whole lot of room for improvement! Thank you, Begali's, for your products and customer care.
K0MD Rating: 2021-05-26
A gem of a CW Paddle Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought the CW adventure (du0) for operating with my Icom 705. It is an awesome paddle built with the precision of my other Begali paddles. Its operation is smooth and reminds me of my Sculpture. It is not heavy, making trips to the outdoors much lighter than taking along any of my other, larger Begali paddles. Kudos to Bruna, her dad and the team in Italy for making another amazing product.
UR5LAM Rating: 2020-01-28
Must have! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
It’s been a long time for me to “test” the Begali Adventure Key, which is designed exclusively for use with portable radio stations, and bears the romantic name Adventure, and now a few years later the dream came true. The base of the key is made of stainless steel, the levers are made of the lightest aviation aluminum, the contacts are made of solid gold, the return force is regulated by magnets, and all these are so compact that looking at the photo I could not believe that this could work well. The key surprisingly turned out to be so working that I already regretted that I did not immediately order a heavy base for stationary placement in the shack. In fact, the mechanics are performed on the highest class of precision equipment, the construction details are perfectly adjusted, the clearances between the contacts (0.03mm factory setting) are smoothly and precisely adjusted, the lightest rocker arms respond to the touch of the fingertips with lightning speed, the clicks are clear and soft. Manipulating on such a manipulator is easy and fun. The key can be safely attributed to the must have class.
SV2OYO Rating: 2019-10-19
What a nice awesome key Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I am a beginner on learning cw.On my radio club I heard about begali keys.They told to me that the quality is a fact with those keys.
So I ordered my adventure key.The communication was very fast and I even Talked with Bruna Begali two times on phone.Nice and polite.
I live in Greece.In two days I received the key!Do you believe it?well it is true..The key is a JEWEL.I loved it right away...It is fantastic...Thank you very very much.and it was not necessary to assembly it..A very good product
M3VXJ Rating: 2017-02-13
Really nice Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have given the Adventure a couple of critical reviews. Firstly the mounting bracket for the 817 could be improved and secondly the magnetic base feels a bit fiddly. to use.

I think I have been a little unfair.

The key itself is wonderful and beautifully made. It comes pre-wired and ready to go with your chosen mount. It is a little heavier than some of the other portable keys about, Mine came with a white cable. Others I have seen have had a blue one. It is really pleasant to use.

I originally bought it to use on SOTA activations then promptly stopped activating. I'm active again now. I am just contemplating pairing it with a CW machine. It could be the perfect combination. Yes it's expensive but it is a quality item with great support from Piero and Bruna
VE7LE Rating: 2014-12-09
Beautiful Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I knew before I got my Adventure that I was going to love it because of my experience with my other Begali keys. I have a heavy hand and most of the keys I use move around when I send CW except for my Begali keys. I can really appreciate this quality of this key. A real pleasure to own. I have it mounted to the KX3 where it will remain. Now the both of them will follow me wherever I go.
W0FK Rating: 2014-03-26
Outstanding! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I purchased the Adventure at Dayton last year to pair with my KX3. Piero insisted I purchase the magnetic base as well, although I saw no use for it as I use a Magnum or a Sculpture Mono at home. But who am I to argue with the Master?

Fast forward to March 2014 and a trip to Florida on NA-034 to escape a crappy winter. I decided to take my K3 instead of the KX3 this year, and grabbed the Adventure with magnetic base to keep the traveling weight down.

What a great combo! The magnetic base clamps down on the cover of my PowerWerx power supply like a 50# weight, and the smooth as butter Adventure key just clicks out the dahs and dits with no effort.

Another cutting edge winner from Piero's brilliant creative mind.
WC3O Rating: 2013-04-18
Perfect Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Every year our club raffles off a Begali key. This year it will be the Begali Adventure. I received the key the other day and have been having big fun working the bands with it. We ordered it with the optional base and the KX3 bracket. It seems like everyone and their grandmother has a KX3 these days. The paddle is very easy to adjust. You get a big key feel out of a paddle that is VERY light. Even the base is very light but with four nice magnets machined into the bottom you can plunk it down on any radio cabinet or steel surface and it goes no-where! We let the boyz at the club play with it the other night, now they want one. A lot of attention to detail and design went in to this little gem. Thank you again Piero and Bruna for another FB piece of CW art! CU on the radio!
W2DL Rating: 2013-04-16
CW Nirvana Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
My starting pitcher for home games is my Begali Sculpture. My relief pitcher is my Begali Blade. And now, my starter for away games is the Begali Adventure.

The Adventure sports all the characteristics that have made Begali the ultimate in keys and paddles. The Adventure is superbly engineered and exhibits creativity, precision machining, and lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy material. Several components are gold plated and the contacts are solid gold. The key uses magnets to create the return force.

Is it expensive? Yes. However, we hams find ways to rationalize our splurges. In my case, I own one and only one transceiver. I want it to be world class and do double duty as my home and portable rig, so it's the Elecraft KX3. For my antennas, I choose the simplicity and aesthetics of the dipole. And for keys and paddles, Begali brings me great pleasure. I admire them as Da Vinci-like works of art. I am in awe of their engineering. And operating with them adds to the magically relaxing CW experience.

Begali packaging and service is outstanding. You place an order via Pay Pal, the euro to dollar conversion appears, submit the order, receive a nice note from Bruna Begali (Piero’s daughter) on when it will ship via DHL express service, receive confirmation of shipping from Bruna requesting she be notified when it has arrived, receive a painstakingly designed package to ensure the keyer arrives from Italy in flawless condition, marvel at the engraved serial number and Begali coat of arms etched on the key, plug it in and experience CW nirvana.

I purchased the Adventure, the KX3 attachment, and the magnetic base. I intend to primarily use the Adventure attached to my KX3 when I operate in the field, so I may never use the magnetic base, but knowing its available, if needed, is a good feeling. See photos on my QRZ page (W2TAC).
K6USN Rating: 2013-04-15
Quality Paddle Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I ordered the Begali Adventure when I experienced
intermittant keying problems with the KX3's accessory paddle.

I ordered the Begali on line after reading the e Ham reviews and had the keyer in one week.
I ordered the optional magnetic base so I can use it with either my KX3 or my other HF radios.

Build quality is outstanding and using this paddle in combination with the KX3 is the ultimate in portable operation.

It's not inexpensive, but it sure is fun to use and should last a lifetime.