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Review Summary For : IQ+ EME Dual Channel Receiver
Reviews: 13MSRP: 879.00
Software Define Radio Receiver for Adaptive Polarization. Revisions A and B, bands: VL (50MHz), V(144MHz) and U(432 MHz)
Product is in production
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PE1L Rating: 2014-07-08
Great stuff Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I did use this small baby during a moonboonce expedition to Senegal as 6W/PE1L.
Stable as a rock, even during the hot weather.
Together with just 2 x 8xpols we had a great reception and got many stations in the log.

ON4AOI Rating: 2014-05-12
Oh Boy, Magnificent Dual Channel Receiver Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
If I could give a 10/5 I would !!!!
What Alex produced and the support he is given is unbeatable.
"This is it" without any question. I already had a very good Reception on 144 Mhz EME but stations I couldn't decode before due faraday or to weak are decoded and worked now.
Started with IC-7100 and 1x16 EL Hor changed after 1 month to 2x16 El Hor, now I am comparing the IQ+ with a portable 2x8+8 cross yagi setup to the 2x16 El H setup, the Antenna gain is 2.5dB less Horizontal BUT the IQ+ beats it by decoding the traces 2-3dB stronger, thats approx 5dB nearly unbelievable but a fact.
Very soon I will replace the 2x16 with 4x144XP28 from DK7KF ............... More results and comments when this is setup.

SP4K Rating: 2013-08-26
The ultimate EME RX experience Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The Adaptive Polarization Receiver IQ+ Rev.B by HB9DRI is undoubtedly the best investment in my 144 MHz EME shack ( you can purchase models for other bands too ).

Coupled with XPol antenna array and MAP65 software by K1JT ( + Linrad by SM5BSZ as an option - really useful in fighting local QRM sources ), it provides the best possible EME experience, effectively fighting Faraday rotation and enabling you to actually see and decode signals bounced off the Moon and arriving at your RX in any random polarization that may occur, within the selectable bandwidth of up to 96kHz.

As the previous Reviewers already pointed out, you can not underestimate the benefits of knowing exactly and instantly who ( and where ) is on the EME band, being able to forget about Mr Faraday on receiving side, and getting the most from your EME setup - no matter tiny or monster one.

In my opinion IQ+ receiver is an EME'rs dream come true - therefore having over 1 year experience with this device I can highly recommend it to anyone thinking about joining, or exploring further, the challenge and fun of EME communications.

As a side note - HB9DRI Customer Care is setting the gold standard that is way beyond any reasonable ( and unreasonable ) expectations. It is simply amazing.

K9CT Rating: 2013-03-13
Great support and SDR Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Alex, HB9DRI has been so helpful in getting my IQ+ running. He has offered online assistance and advice on how to improve my setup. He was also able to fix/repair some issues that were caused by poor relay isolation. Just fantastic support!!

I am very impressed with the rx quality of the IQ+ directly used with MAP65 software. The method has allowed me to make contacts when a single polarity system would not. The IQ+ is highly recommended for any serious EMEer.

I have both the A and B versions.
YO3DDZ Rating: 2013-03-06
Great device&support for 2m EME Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.

In recent years I used for 2m EME that system:
RX-ing: 2xIcom 7800 + 2x TRV Kuhne+2xLNA0,25Nf with a 4 X 2mxp32 antenna array.
Tx-ing: Icom 910 + GU 78b
Abt 5 months ago I installed my IQ+ Revb with a EMU 1616 soundcard.
I'm using both Rx systems in parallel,all time.
Conclusion:IQ+ offer better results,no doubt.The difference can be also from 3 to 6dB better,thats what I have here now,without mentioning the advantages of using Map 65.
I want to thank Alex HB9DRI for all,especially for the great technical support offered .
S52LM Rating: 2013-02-22
Excellent SDR radio for Adaptive Polarization Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
For serious work EME on this product is ideal. I totally agree with the description of KB8RQ.
I use IQ + for some time and it works perfectly properly and I am very satisfied with it. Alex gives great support and
gave me several great recommendations and I am grateful to him for help.

My setup is: 4x 2M28XP, 2x LNA 0.2 dB NF, IQ+ RevB, DELTA44, Linrad-03.46, MAP65 v2.4.1 r2587, LiveCQ ver 5.4.2.
For TX I use: FT-1000MP and TRV JAVORNIK 144/14.

I highly recommend the IQ+.

Milos, S52LM
REMOVE_SYG1AP Rating: 2013-02-22
Amazing new tool Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I am aktiv on 2m EME using homebrew 4 x 2M20XP H+V antennas with a TS850S +TR144H for RX H-pole.
For RX V-pole I have a Kenwood TM-255E.
Running 2 x WSJT9 on this computer one for H and one for V-pole.
Main problem has been Faraday polarity rotation, where stations reception with the polarity near 45 or 135 degrees were nearly impossible for both H and V antenna system.
So I did buy the IQ+ receiver from HB9DRI and run it on a 2nd computer whit MAP65 software from K1JT .
No problems anymore with Faraday polarity rotation.
The IQ+ is working amazing together with Map65 and see much more decodes on the screen.
Also very nice to see everyone who is TX ing on my Map65 computer screen.
I am not a great computer man, and I was very happy with the online help from Alex using
Teamviewer to check all my settings for install the IQ+ with Map65.
Still working on my system, and the next step is 2 good preamps.
Than the IQ+ with Map65 will be working much better.
I use the IQ+ only for RX on the 2nd computer.
TX still with WSJT9 on the other computer.

OE3FVU Rating: 2013-02-21
Opens a new horizon on EME Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I am using the Rev.B version of the IQ+. As Gary already stated, in one view you can now see who is on the band, and also which QRG's are least affected by QRM/QRN - I have worked several new stations, which I would not have found (a easy) with the conventional setup.

Currently I compare the performance of the IQ+ with reception of the separate H and V signals using two FT-847's. (and LNAtec Cavity pre-amps). Sometimes no signal can be decoded on eitehr of the 847, while MAP65 shows a good decode. Interesting to learn that the IQ+/MAP65 decodes signals with up to 4 db better than on the best linear pol. Filtering is at least good enough to allow me to listen on V-pole again, which is becoming more and more a problem due to local intereference.

Setup is easy, optimizing MAP65 is somehwat more complicated. Especially DeltaPhi is somewhat cumbersoe, but that has nothing to do with the IQ+. It was my BEST HAM investment of the past few years., and worth every penny.

If I am not in the shack, i leave it running and together with MAP65 and the liveCQ agent, my receptions are forwarded to which is perfect to compare station performances.

73 - Franz
OK1IL Rating: 2013-02-21
New experience on EME Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have been on 2m EME since nearly 2 years using homebrew 4 x 9 elements H+V yagi array with FT897D for RX and TX with additional BEKO HLV 1000 PA. JT65 mode with WSJT software from K1JT allowed me to work stations with about the same equipment quiet easily. To reach overview what is going on the band I have been using page. Main problem has been Faraday polarity rotation, where stations reception with the polarity near 45 or 135 degrees were nearly impossible for both H and V antenna system. IQ+ receiver from HB9DRI with the matching modification of MAP65 software from K1JT again, brought a new dimension to EME fun. Due to the adaptive polarity feature signals from both H and V pol arrays are summarized and shows signals with the polarity in the full range from 0 to 180 degrees without limitation. In comparison to WSJT I have a full overview about the JT65 traffic in the complete EME QRG range. In the contrary to liveCQ reflector, showing stations calling CQ or QRZ only, MAP65 shows the full exchange of the active stations. I was pleased being able to decode -25dB station 1kHz distant from the huge tropo signal from OK1RD 40km away from my QTH only. IQ+ with MAP65 after about 3 months experience seems to decode weak stations about the same as FT897D with WSJT, provided of course using the same LNAs in the mastbox. IQ+ and MAP65 installation is a simple affair, clearly described in the documentation and Alex HB9DRI is very helpful in case of some trouble, using TeamView to setup your own PC remotely. IQ+ is surely worth of money.
Ivan OK1IL
KB8RQ Rating: 2013-02-20
Great piece of equipment to own. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The IQ+ has been a very good receiver that tells me who is on the band. It decodes 96 KC of the band. I have been using one for close to 3 years. I bought the second one that was built by The IQ+ has been a great tool for my station. The IQ+ has helped me find new countries and also new stations that I have not worked. You can also set up the IQ+ linked to many radio’s using Trakbox that is a free program. Then all you have to do is click on the waterfall to change the frequency on the radio using MAP65 that is also a free program. You can also click on a call sign that decodes in MAP65 and it puts it in the box for you to call that station. The IQ+ can also just be set up as a receiver. The IQ+ is very easy to set up. It is simply a plug and play system. Alex HB9DRI the owner of the company will take care of any questions you may have. The company takes very good care of its customers. You could not ask for any better service. In the years I have been running the IQ+. I have never had a problem with it. The product is first class made. I highly recommend the IQ+.
KB8RQ, Gary