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Reviews For: IQ+ EME Dual Channel Receiver

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Review Summary For : IQ+ EME Dual Channel Receiver
Reviews: 13MSRP: 879.00
Software Define Radio Receiver for Adaptive Polarization. Revisions A and B, bands: VL (50MHz), V(144MHz) and U(432 MHz)
Product is in production
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WB2SZR Rating: 2013-02-20
Only way to play EME Time Owned: more than 12 months.
After using WSJT for several years, I wanted to try Map-65 for my 2M EME station. I first went with the SDR-IQ and a RX down converter, which allowed me to use Map-65 as a 2M EME bandscope, but did not allow me to take advantage of Adaptive Polarization.

I decided to move up to the IQ+, which in addition to still using Map-65 as a bandscope, would allow me take advantage of adaptive polarization and in many cases giving me a 3db RX advantage, which is huge for EME, especially for my small station, which consists of a 4X20 ( 10H/10V).

The IQ + worked like a charm, and with Map-65V2, it no longer needs Linrad, its plug and play with Map-65 directly. Just add a quality audio card and your good to go. I still use Linrad due to its better noise handling ability but it is no longer necessary for Map-65V2.

Besides making a great product Alex gives great support and gave me several great recommendations on how to improve my system. I highly recommend the IQ+ .

VE1KG Rating: 2013-02-18
IQ+ EME Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have been using the IQ+ for EME now for 8 months.
My station is 4X17M2 + 1KW.For receiving LNA + IQ+ & MAP65. I am very please with the radio easy to set up & stable. Not being to swift with computers i needed help to resolved a small issue.Called the company & using teamviewer they got me going in 5 minutes. I highly recommand the radio for its performance & the company for its support
HB9DRI Rating: 2013-02-14
The only real SDR radio for Adaptive Polarization. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
As manufacture will not be correct to do my review here but is the initial start, all IQ+ users are invited to write their owns reviews.

Never the less the IQ+ receiver is the first Software Define Radio specially designed for EME communication from 50 to 432 Mhz, becouse the radio has 2 Receptors locked with the same local oscillator is specially designed for Adaptive Polarization Systems, no more Faraday rotation problems during RX, together with Linrad and MAP65 the IQ+ wring to you much more performance compared with other traditional receptors. I invite the IQ+ users to write their reports about the IQ+

73 de Alex, HB9DRI