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Reviews For: Dunestar Systems Model 300 Single Band Bandpass Filters

Category: Filters, RF: bandpass, duplexer, lowpass, highpass, RFI/EMI

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Review Summary For : Dunestar Systems Model 300 Single Band Bandpass Filters
Reviews: 3MSRP: 73.00
The filters are 3-pole, top-C coupled. Hi-Q capacitors and inductors are used for tuned circuits. Filters are constructed on glass-epoxy PC boards. Inputs and outputs are at DC ground potentials. Aluminum Enclosure. Dimensions: HWD 2.0 X 6.0 X 1.75 Inches (including mounting flange).

Filters are intended for use with 200W PEP transceivers. This is not to imply a 100% duty cycle. For example, if you were to operate RTTY (100% duty) as much heating would occur as if you run SSB speech (50% duty) at the same power for twice that length of time. With compression, average power increases to 60-80% duty. CW average power is roughly comparable to speech. Insertion: Typical, 0.5-.7db
Rejection: Typical, 40db band-to-band
Bandwidth: VSWR

Product is in production
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A92FQ Rating: 2016-08-30
Good filters Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
As I was preparing my HF shack on my flat and since there are couple of radio operators beside my place and after a long time I have decide to go with those filters (10,15,20) as a start... I have tested those filters mostly on SSB including PSK, Rtty.... What I have found the perform well and with almost 30 minutes on continues DX it starts to heat...
I would recommend to buy those filters and looking to buy additionally now the 7mhz

KC3WX Rating: 2015-11-07
Better than spec Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Bought a set for 80/40/20/15/10. We use them for portable QSO parties and field day multi/multi ops.

I measured the insertion loss of each and it was better than spec. They do get just a bit warm when running but not hot.

We have 2 stations going (100 watts) simultaneously and these work great, no interference. The filters shipped the same day they were ordered and very happy with the overall quality.
KE4DRN Rating: 2013-04-26
They work well and the price is right, USA Made! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
They work well and the price is right, USA Made!

Easy to order on their website, fast shipping via Priority Mail with tracking and updates from USPS.

Compact size and light weight makes it easy to attach directly to your radio with double UHF Male connector or with short length of coax cable.