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Reviews For: ICOM IC-7100

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - non QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : ICOM IC-7100
Reviews: 174MSRP: 1600
A new Mobile HF,VHF and UHF Tranceiver from ICOM,.
Product is in production
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N4KZ Rating: 2023-07-15
A versatile rig Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought this rig more than 3 years ago during a Black Friday sale. During that time I used it on HF a couple times. I have other radios and I was saving the 7100 for future use. Well, the future arrived in May when I put a 13 element yagi for 2 meter SSB/CW/digital on my tower. With a 200 watt amp, I have been running FT8 on 144.174 MHz and really enjoying it. I am regularly working a PA station on a 450 mile path with very little propagation enhancement. Plus many other stations in surrounding states, plus FT8 contacts into Michigan, Alabama, Georgia and Ontario.

Eventually, I plan to move the 7100 to my car for HF and VHF mobile and replace it in the shack with an IC-9700. I ran an IC-706MK2G in my car for years. No problems with it but the 7100 has a hotter front end and a more effective noise blanket which can be crucial in mobile operating. 73, Dave, N4KZ
DL4QB Rating: 2022-12-21
Great Rig! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I use it in my car and have everything i want.
So that is the whole shortwave + 2m and 70cm and SSB as well. Also it has a detachable head.

It has also USB and a internal soundcard. So FT8 etc. is already very easy to setup.

Dear heart of a radio operator, what would you like more?

Never ever i had a failure with this radio!

I like it very much!

N4DXX Rating: 2022-10-13
Fantastic! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
What is up with the 4.4?I just got mine and WOW is all i can say.I have had the 7300 as well and to my ears (Where it counts)It sounds way better not tinny sounding and it puts out a solid 110 watts using a sm 30 microphone with great reports..Will update soon but so far i am impressed!
N4YX Rating: 2022-06-19
Color Touch-Screen - VHF/UHF AM Mode Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Here's my wish list for the 7100:
Color Touch-Screen - VHF/UHF AM Mode
Make the Color Touch Screen an Option. Not having AM Mode on the 7100 is similar to not having FM Mode yet a Squelch Control on the 7200. C'mon Icom ... get it together. It's 2022. It's nonsense not to have these on the 7100 yet have them on its forerunner the 7000. I luv both the 7000 & 7100 but wish Icom would "step up" the 7100.
PA1CW Rating: 2022-06-17
Fantastic and compact radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Update 18 june 2022
Still love this radio, all bands in to a small box.

I am using the 7100 for two years,
I like the compact size and all the HF, VHF and UHF bands.
With the external speaker he sounds great.
This one is a keeper in my shack.

73 Theo PA1CW
NA5XX Rating: 2022-05-04
So good, I bought 2 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I wanted a new rig to replace my TS-870 as I mostly operate portable now. The 7100 is a great portable rig. The menu is easy to navigate via the touch screen and no need to deal with multi menu levels. After buying the rig and using it in the shack and portable, I bought a second and installed it in my vehicle for mobile use. It replaced the 706mkIIg that I was using mobile. This radio is easy to use mobile do do the easy to read touch screen. Do I recommend this radio? Absolutely. It's only drawback is no waterfall display. As I have never had a rig with a waterfall, I don't miss it. If you need/want one it is easy enough to add using an SDR dongle and external computer that you probably already have in you shack.
KC0LRM Rating: 2022-01-17
GOOD RIG! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have owned my for over 2 years. Mainly used on VHF/UHF. I was a little disappointed when it first arrived, but after using it for a while I really like it. It is kind of nice to be able to set the head where it is most usable without taking up hardly any space. The screen offers a lot of information. The touch screen is awesome. I recommend getting some of the pen looking stylus pens so your oils from your hands aren't messing up the screen. My main complaint is if you have bigger fingers some of the top buttons are a little hard to use on the touch screen (hence the stylus), especially the MODE & FILTER buttons at top fo screen. It is great for scanning memories, very fast. Once you start using it, it is very intuitive. It does have a bandscope, but it is only useful with stronger signals.
KT4WO Rating: 2021-12-06
Good for the price. Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
---------Update--6 months in--06-DEC-21-------------
First off I stand by my power reading. With the new(er)
digital O-Scopes it's an easy chore to check it.
And yes... On CW/RTTY/FM/Sound card modes it does
do ~100w. It's only on voice that it's low. Maybe the
Mic ??? Don't know or care as it's used on digital and
does what I need. BTW, haven't checked 2m or 440.
The MOST IMPRESSIVE thing is how COOL this rig runs!!!
vs IC-706M2G and IC-7000(VERY HOT!, even on RX)
Don't think I have ever heard the fan run!? For ~$800
new--I would buy again. Works great on HF digital.
Oh---Also-- Used on 6m FM a little and got good audio
reports.(and 100w out)

I bought this abt 3 months ago as a dedicated HF packet
rig. I have NEVER liked the "looks" of this rig and the reports
of low SSB output(and reports of early final failures) kept me away.
I finally got around to testing SSB voice output.
RF sampled dummy load test setup----
Best I could get was ~50-60 watts PEP.(average was 25-30w)
As it will do ~100w on digital modes/CW/RTTY/FM, this is not a big deal to me. I tested a few other rigs I have(Icom/Kenwood/Ten Tec) and the 7100 was by far the lowest!
My old Kenwood TS-180S was the best?!!
I do very little SSB voice and when I do I run an amp so for me the low output on voice is a non-issue. YMMV
This is ALOT of rig for the money!! Haven't tried DSTAR yet, no rptrs in my area. And the menu system is...well...don't leave home without the manual!!! haha
Having had/have the FT-857/IC-706M2G/IC-7000 this radio
is the "most"!! and the RX on 6M and 2M SSB seems pretty
hot for a "Shack in a box"
For $800 new(with rebates) I would buy again.
W8KMA Rating: 2021-12-06
Solid Rig Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have had a bunch of rigs and this one is a top 5. No problems and a full 100watts output on ssb pep. Only thing to make it better would be a built in auto tuner and a live band scope. That kept me from buying for a long time. Finally, on sale with a rebate I did it! The rig is easy to program as I never cracked the manual yet. But it’s still early in the game for me on this radio. Too bad the 7300 does not have 2 meter and 440 bands and perform like the 7100. I have had both and was very disappointed with both especially the 9700. That thing was deaf.. Yep, For $800 the 7100 does a lot and I would buy again. Don’t let the slanted body steer you away. It’s actually pretty cool, but could use some color.. Hi Hi
KG6QKJ Rating: 2021-10-26
Ordered it at Pacificon. Sweet little radio Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I ordered it at the Convention, Oct 16, 2021 in San Ramon, CA. I am really impressed with this radio. It was shipped quickly. Contrary to what others have said, it is 100 watts on SSB and that is without compression. I am using the optional HM-151 microphone. Well worth the money. Dstar on all bands. SSB CW FM. If you have owned an IC706MKIIg, IC7000, IC7300 or IC9700, the radio controls are intuitive. Easy to figure out. I only have one issue and it is something I don't understand for Icom's reasoning. If you need CS-7300 or CS-9700 programing software you just download it for free from Icom's website. If you need the CS-7100 software you have to pay for it. ($44-$145 online) Well I was very impressed with another vender at Pacificon called RTsystems and they have their version, WCS-7100 for almost half what the lowest price Icom software cost. Works great and includes Tech Support. The programming cable comes with the 7100 along with an HM-198 microphone. No one liked the way I sounded but say the HM-151 option is much better. 11 foot shielded CAT 8 cable. Too long for my desk use. So I ordered a 3 foot. I heard Icom had to switch manufactures of some of their chips and it may have been a rumor (same chip) but they had to be recertified. Couldn't find one of these for a month or two. Maybe I got a newer one. The firmware in it is the latest one that came out in 2016. New, out of the box, works like a champ.
I recommend this radio for desktop or mobile.