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Reviews For: Heil RS-1 scissors boom riser tube

Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Review Summary For : Heil RS-1 scissors boom riser tube
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The RS-1 is a 12" riser that allows you to mount the Heil PL2T behind your desk top equipment and pull the PL2T over to you. It's a very classy way to position your Heil microphone. The brass insert accepts a 1/2" Stem.
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For my home station I own and actively use both the Heil PT-1 and the O. C. White ProBoom scissors booms. The O. C. White shipped with a 15" vertical riser tube, used to elevate the entire boom for mounting the unit to the desktop behind equipment on the desk. The Heil product did not include the riser.

In everyday station use, the need for a riser also for the Heil product became obvious. Although it is currently catalog-listed as an accessory for the newer PT-2 boom, I purchased the Heil RS-1 riser for my PT-1. I assumed that the riser would also mount the older PT-1 boom, as there is no separate product listing in the Heil catalog specifically for the PT-1.

My assumption was wrong! The diameter of the mounting attachment rod at the bottom of the PT-1 boom is just too large to fit into the top circular clamp on the RS-1. I will make an adapter to fit the PT-1 into the RS-1, and ultimately I will have what I need. But in a vendor of quality products, this kind of problem should not arise.

Uncontrolled variability (i.e.,ā€¯lack of interchangeabilityā€¯) among products seems to be more likely with the product line from a vendor which does not control its own manufacturing. Judging from other Heil products I have examined, Heil seems to buy finished units and assemblies on the wholesale market and re-brand them with its own name. Thus the PT-2 is not just an improvement on the PT-1 design, but an entirely different product.

A purchaser should not have to accept this kind of product uncertainty. The Heil PT-1 scissors boom (manufactured by ???) is a good one and it could compete on its own merits. But any future purchases that I make will be for O. C. White products.