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Reviews For: Kenwood TM-D700A

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Base/Mobile (non hand-held)

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Review Summary For : Kenwood TM-D700A
Reviews: 95MSRP: 780 USD
Kenwood remote head data radio for VHF/UHF
Product is not in production
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KG6UGM Rating: 2004-09-07
DCS Problem, and crossband problem?????? Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I have noticed a problem with the dcs decode on this radio, somtimes it works perfect some times it will open the squalch, then 1sec later close then open again, any one else with this problem??? Also noticed that only way to do locked band repeat mode with remote control mode on is to 1: make the 2meter side,(band you'll end up on) an odd split memory with a way out receive freq that wont receive any thing so it wont send anything back to u or 2:open the squalch all the way up,( have a decode squalch of course) and it tricks the radio to not transmit back 2 u thinking with the open squalch your still transmiting to it. other than these 2 ways does any one know a way to one way repeat with remote control ability, THANKS AND GOD BLESS!!!! KG6UGM!!

Earlier 5-star review posted by KG6UGM on 2004-06-28

love the radio but i need some help setting up the aprs i have win aprs5. and the usb to 9 pin cable and conect them but i'm not sure of the setting to get all started please call me at 5627060599 or email at your number to avoid toll charges THANKYOU AND GOD BLESS!!! kg6ugm
KY0D Rating: 2004-07-19
Great Radio Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Bought this radio after doing alot of reading and talking to other owners of the radio. I wanted to get into APRS and talked to peole who bought other name brand radios and disliked all the othe little boxes to hook-up and keep track of. I give it a 5/5 for the following reasons.

1. It is very easy to program with the software. I have two set-up's for this radio, one for day to day use and one for ARES Emergencies.

2. Has good audio to include mic gain, had to adjust in service mode but that was a snap.

3. I have no problems with the cross-band repeat like others has stated.

4. Just a fun radio to use.

Yes there are other things that could have been put into this radio to make it better, but remember how far radio has come and the directions that it is going in. It will get better with age.
M3CQT Rating: 2004-07-17
great radio Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
i use this radio for aprs conected to a p3 laptop running uiveiw and have been most pleased with the radio it can be used mobile without the need for a pc i use mine from home.this was the first kenwood radio that i had used and the menus are real easy to set up and if you have the pc softwarew then memory channels are easy to progam.the recive performance is very good as well.i beleave this is one of the only self contained radios to suport aprs and it is sure one of the best and i see that kenwood make a hand held version now my YL knows what i want for my birthday.HI HI
W7SAZ Rating: 2004-07-15
Change made to improve cross band audio quality Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Check out Service Bulletin # ATB-0029, TM-D700A Cross Band Repeat Audio Improvement at:

At Serial Number 511xxxxx, a production change was made to improve cross band repeat audio quality. The value of C821 and R828 on the TX-RX (Control) PCB were changed.

It seems that Kenwood has addressed the complaints about TM-D700 cross band audio.
The memo is dated 14 APR 04 and gives details so it would be possible to update older radios.

FYI, I just got a new TM-D700A but have not checked out the Cross Band feature yet. I spotted this notice on the Kenwood website and wanted others to know about it.

In sunny Arizona
VR2VJJ Rating: 2004-07-01
Funny, fruitful radio Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I am new to APRSing and after reading some of the introductions and information, it gives me a brief idea - Get a D700 and no hassle! It is true, but not the whole pictures. Anyway, My feeling is good though operating it.

As I am new to APRS, I still configrating it to work with my computer running ui-view. I got the setup information with ui-view on yahoo D700 forum and would try it afterward. However, as one may say, a cheap radio plus TNC (like Alinco DR-135) will do my work as well - hope it could tell later on.

First of all, I think if I just comparing it with my Yaesu FT-8900R, I will tell:

*) Informative Flat Panel Display - I like it SO much
In my case, the contrast is good (I am in #9) and it won't be too "dark" and also the item is LARGE and well-laid.

*) Locked Band Repeater - Which new radio like 8900 could only have cross-band. I tried and found the hang time is nice and people didn't notice about whether I am using it!

*) Memory Management with PC - work like a breeze just with a RS-232 Cable and a gender charger. I use about 5 mins to program my channel into the D700 and the panel shown my alphanumeric tag with frequency.

*) PC Remote Control - a free, but not reliable programme for direct control by another HAM. Nice thing but that program seems at its beta development stage still.....

*) Full feature DTMF mic with various feature - Besides DTMF, it could support Direct Freq Entry (with assigning ENTER function in one of those buttons, mentioned in the manual) and lots of other feature in ALL 16 keys plus 4 function keys (totally 20) in comparing to Yaesu's 4 Programmable Key.

*) Could be re-adjust the output level through service mode
I prefer lower my power below 5W when I am doing local communication. My rig is now low as 0.5W on its LOW setting when in fact I could tune as low as 0.1W. It is easy.

*) Logical Menu Setting
Once I knew how it works, I like it very much! Easy, simple and logical

*) Ext. Speaker Port x 2 - Good!

It is good, however, it could still be better.

*) Low Mic Gain as mentioned - Tried to increase it in the service mode with some success, but it is no good in factory setting

*) Power Level - It is nice to have 4 level of choice instead of 3 it now offered

*) S-Meter Scale - It would be excellent to see a full range of S1 to S9(S9+60?) instead of just 7 segments

*) Mic Keyboard Lock - It won't lock when Mic Control enabled. It makes me afraid of enabling that option as the Mic Control is so powerful that I could just press a C button to enable the cross-band repeater!

*) The stupid, not realistic cross-band repeater - Though it is not legal to use it in my area, it is well-known: muffled, distorted voice!

As a dual-bander, I think it is still a very good one.
KC5SOU Rating: 2004-06-28
Wonderful Radio!! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Upgraded to the TM-D700 after some of the local hams were using here for aprs. Just plain hands-down beats a radio connected to a tnc for tracking. Only wish the control head could be mounted directly to the unit if wished. Also wish you could use 440 on A-band, but understand you can with the new models, although have not seen personally. I use this in tandem with a Garmin GPSmap 176c color chartplotter for aprs and have not had any problems with any part of the radio other than operator error. Would highly recommend this radio for aprs use or packet use.
W1CAR Rating: 2004-06-23
Excellent Dual-Band rig Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I use the 700 for what it was designed for; APRS. I run APRS on the left and 440 on the right... because I use the V-8000 for 2 meters seperately.

This rig is probably one of the best I have ever purchased. I'm an Icom person, but Kenwood outdid themselves with this one. This is partially a menu-driven rig, but most of the important features are just a button away.

I have no real negative things to say about it.. so I'll end by saying if you're looking for the perfect (near perfect) dual-band mobile, buy this one and I bet you won't be sorry.

Definitely worth the cash you spend.

M1CMN Rating: 2004-06-20
Nice Radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Excellent Radio - Just one small thing - i use APRS On the left side and 70cms voice on the right. the only thing is - the 70cms audio cuts out now and then ...dam anoying! has anyone else had this problem? - key up the mic and d-key and the audio comes back again.
i know 1 other local station has had the problem.
KG4VGH Rating: 2004-06-20
Nice rig Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Happy owner of two (2) D700's.
Ease of operation aollowed me to put one in the wife's car as well....she loves it.....
Programing is a snap with the software.....
Also....just found a fella on Ebay that makes the interface cable for the 700 to Garmin gps machines.....cost 20.00 bux shipped.....
cheaper than buying the pigtail from kenwood
anyone needing his address, email please, as I don't feel it should be posted.....
G6ZNW Rating: 2004-06-20
After 15 Months Use, V Good Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have now had my TM-D700 for 15 months. It 9is used every working day in the cab of my lorry (truck) for an average of 10 hours a day.

Apart from having to manualy clear the msg list after 16 msgs and the occasional lockup usualy caused by flood "emergency" bulletins, it has worked very well indeed. of course, the continual sending of ones position does make talking on 2m a bit problematical, but that can be endured without too much difficulty.

I have recently bought the voice add-on for the rig. Very overpriced for what it does and is not good for long msgs, however, as long as only small msgs are sent, ie %icum25 or %loicu or %cus22 etc etc, then its fine. I also have the add-on keyboard. Great when stopped, but please, don't try to use it when driving along!! :-)

73 de Stan G6ZNW in England