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Reviews For: Cushcraft A4S

Category: Antennas: HF: Yagi, Quad, Rotary dipole, LPDA

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Review Summary For : Cushcraft A4S
Reviews: 28MSRP: 628.42
A4S Specifications Frequency: 10, 15 and 20 meters Elements: 4 Forward Gain: 8.9 dB Front To Back Ratio: 25 VSWR 2:1 Bandwidth: 500+ kHz. Power: 2000 watts CW Longest Element: 32 Ft. (9.75 m) Turning Radius: 15.5 Ft. (4.72 m) Boom Length: 18.5 Ft. (5.48 m) Boom Diameter: 2 inches (5.1 cm) Wind Load: 5.5 sq. feet Connector: UHF Weight: 37 Lbs 16.8 kg)
Product is in production
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VK2FWLG Rating: 2015-07-26
Allround Good Preformer Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I purchased a Cushcraft A-4S a year ago with the 40m add-on and found it to be a great performer. I also have a Alpha Delta Single Wire Multi-Band Dipole Antenna DX-DD 40 & 80m and the A-4S works beater than the Dipole on 40mts which surprised me as I actually thought the dipole would be the better performer. But that's only using the old ears as the test equipment, "and they are getting old". Anyway because of the performance of the A-4S I have decided to upgrade to the X-7 with the 40m add-on and I am hoping it will be just as good as the A-4s
AF9Y Rating: 2014-11-04
Going to Cheap Parts that Rust Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've always thought the Cushcraft A4S was an excellent antenna and built to last. I had one up for 25 years and it has proven to be well designed antenna. When it was finally damaged in a wind storm, I had to order some replacement parts and was shocked to see that they substituted cheap steel saddles for the aluminum V-blocks. These saddles will certainly start to rust in a few years. Sad to see a great design being cheapened by someone trying to save a few dollars. Company says no one has yet complained so I guess they are getting away with it. They should at least take the "S" (for stainless) off the model number and call it the A4.
VA3MLV Rating: 2014-08-09
Great Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Got two Mosley One is TA33 JR & other is MP33 both Tri band HF antennas with 12' booms. They can hold there own that's for sure, but the cushcraft A4S has 4 elements on a eighteen foot boom. That says it all. Bigger boom more gain. Great antenna no doubt. 73
M0STO Rating: 2013-05-10
Awesome performance only minimal power needed Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I owned the A3S for about a year and found an A4S on an auction site going cheap as it had a split in the boom about 6" long. I bought it for $100 or £72 and had a friend TIG weld it for free and it is a near invisible weld after cleaning up the weld. I use a tape measure to tune it to centre band and checked this with my VK5JST antenna analyser (see my review) and it was spot on at 10' feet. After lofting up on a SCAM12 mast the SWR changed a bit but not enough to work the bands I tuned for "centre". A tricky antenna to set up as it needs measuring and measuring again to be sure it's going to achieve low SWR. After it was up I tried a couple of digital mode eg JT65HF and on just 10w worked 18,801km or 13,000 miles long path into New Zealand from the UK no problems whatsoever. I also got excellent reports on WSPR 5w into Australia or 11,400 miles QRB from my QTH. I make easy contacts into the USA to our cousins across the pond no problem on 50w and they achieve the same back so it has ears too. Certainly not the small beam it's described as and in the UK space is nearly always tight so do the math before you nip out and buy one. 10m did pose a problem as the radio seemed to suffer some kind of RF getting into the shack as my radio went a little haywire but I very rarely use 10m anyway so until I do some more investigation it might be the 2nd reflector needs setting up again. Overall good SWR always less than 1:1.5 over the area I work and I don't use a tuner at all (it's not even in line). Ok there expensive in the UK at almost £700 or $1075 so might not fit everyone's budget however they can be picked up cheap 2nd hand. My reasons for rating 5 is it can work the world on 5w mode dependant and I know I can chat away at 50w over 5000miles away and no problems at running QRO if I need to in the future. Good solid construction (boom could have been better as it droops , yeah 2" tube BENDING) but it hardly affects the operation or SWR. It would %100 need a medium/heavy duty rotator as it may struggle with a small rotator if work at all. Ask me would I spend money on a new one, I would say no as the money would buy a new radio and I have worked 8000 miles on a G5RV on 20w and also into the USA on 50w with a 47 RSQ. In summary " do the math on space, price up a heavy duty rotator, price up cable and control cable, price up a tower, price up a pricing gun....for all the pricing up you just done and if it's within your budget....go for won't regret it." I just wish we had companies like Cushcraft in the UK so were not paying for import taxes and vat on top of profits before we even pay for the antenna.
N6WIN Rating: 2011-10-19
Great for the cost Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I put this up at my father's QTH. It's a great antenna for the price. The traps handle legal limit, it's easy to build, and has good SWR.
NT6U Rating: 2010-10-24
very pleased with my purchase Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I purchased this antenna used for 300 bucks over a year ago. It's the best 300 dollars I've spent in radio to date. I run about 600 to 700 watts when needed, and break through "most" pile ups. My good DX friend and I run simplex 2 meter while chasing DX together, he runs 1000 watts on a X-7 Cushcraft @ 50 feet, we live 10 miles apart, I work nearly everything he does. Very few exceptions. The receive is better for him as I can tell. Of course the A4S is not the X7, but bang for buck! working the world! Very pleased with my purchase.
W3SB Rating: 2010-09-21
A real workhorse - solid Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought my A4S (new) at Dayton in 1985 and it was up for 20+ years before moving to a new QTH. I had excellent results with the antenna - all bands 10/15/20M (no 40M add-on). It was set for the CW end of the band and the SWR was on spec. My DXCC total went from 293 (homebrew quad at 35 ft with 100W)to 348 (50 ft with 100W). The antenna survived several brutal ice storms (1 inch of radial ice) with and high wind - others lost their antennas, I didn't. When I took it down to refurbish for sale, I was surprised by the grass and insect debris in the traps! No wonder the SWR was varying in the rain just before it was taken down. Yes, some of the hardware had to be upgraded (SS U-bolts and SS hose clamps) but overall the design and performance were solid in my opinion.
73, Stokley W3SB
W8NLZ Rating: 2010-09-21
A solid classic. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought my A4S well used, lying on the ground in pieces, elements adjusted for CB use. Took it home and cleaned it up, washed the ants out of the traps, replaced all plastic caps, and set elements to factory dimensions. Works like a champ! Sits up 55 ft on a Universal aluminum tower with a Ham IV rotator. Has weathered several tropical storms and close encounters with hurricanes. No problems. I did double up the hose clamps on each element. Well satisfied with its performance and durability. Note, it is a big antenna and requires good clearance from trees to rotate. Solid DX performance.
N6XMW Rating: 2010-09-03
Still Good Time Owned: more than 12 months.
A few years ago, I recorded a good review for the A4S and now add this little note to say it is still
performing well. Again, the virtue of this antenna is reliability in adverse weather. It is not high performance but it is good performance coupled with reliability. n6xmw
K4FX Rating: 2009-10-17
Good antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Had my 2nd one up since Dec 2001, (owned one from 1987 till 1990 at another QTH) no issues whatsoever, SWR set for center of the bands and covers both SSB and CW with less than 1.7 to 1. SWR never changes, with 1KW I don't stand in line too awfully long. It has withstood some pretty tough ice and wind. Hope to put up a Force 12 with separate feedlines for SO2R contesting in the future, but I will keep the A4S up....