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Expert repairs and restoration for all brands (Collins, Drake, Icom, Kenwood, Ten-Tec, Yaesu, and Others) of vintage and modern ham radio equipment including linear amplifiers, station accessories, OEM power supplies and Astron power supplies by a degreed Electrical Engineer who has been a licensed ham (20 WPM Extra Class) for over 38 years. For more information, contact The Radiosmith via email at:
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AC4HI Rating: 2022-10-02
Saved the day ! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I decided that it was time for me to get back into ham radio after almost 20 years. Family life, job and a new QTH kept me off the air. Time to put myself as a priority.

I had a Ten Tec Omni 6 plus that I pulled out of storage. Everything was hooked up and the receive sounded great, but nothing happened on transmit. I checked connections and with my limited ability was easily at a loss.

I sent emails to several companies and did not even get a reply when I asked about sending it in. I then found the recommendations on here about the Radiosmith. I thought WOW if the reviews were true he has to be the one to repair my 30 year old dream rig.

I sent an email to Steve on the day hurricane Ian hit Florida, I told him I knew the timing was terrible. I did not expect to here back from for a couple of weeks if at all.

To my surprise I got an email back from Steve within 48 hours saying he was sorry for taking so long to get back to me. Are you kidding ! He was sorry for taking so long getting back to me when Ian was hitting close to where he lives.

He told me that I needed to make sure that there was a jumper between the TX In/Out cause the radio would not transmit without it. I looked at the back of the radio and it was not there ! I placed a jumper in and the radio worked like a champ.

In short Steve saved me time and money! I'm embarrassed that I did not know to check the jumper, but grateful for Steve. He could have kept the solution to himself and charged me.

I can not describe how impressed I am with The Radiosmith !

I have contacted Steve to see how he would like to get paid. I will gladly pay for his knowledge and kindness, you Sir, you are the real deal.

Allan Davis

WB4EDB Rating: 2022-08-03
Great Time Owned: more than 12 months.
After Steve did a great job on my Corsair 11 I sent him my Omni V. Well as before Steve again really dug into the problems with the rig and returned it to me in great condition. Owners of any older Ten Tec must be aware that Ten Tec would make changes from time to time in their rigs and if someone doing repairs are not aware of this they can be left in the dark. Well believe me Steve has seen enough Ten Tecs to know what is going on. Smiley wb4edb. I just got my Omni C back from Steve and I get great signal reports both on CW and the little SSB I work. This guy knows vintage Ten Tecs. Well Steve did it again. I just got my Ten Tec Triton IV back from him. Another outstanding service performed by "The Radiosmith."

Earlier 5-star review posted by WB4EDB on 2017-01-07

I sent Steve a Corsair 2 that had some serious operating shortcomings. Steve kept me informed all along the way. His determination and obsession to repair my Corsair 2 was in the fashion that we usually don't see today. Upon receiving the rig back I thought I must have a different radio, which in fact I did. His repair rates are extremely fair. The owner of any vintage Ten Tec should consult him for repairs. Smiley WB4EDB
N4ASX Rating: 2022-07-15
Fantastic service and communications Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I purchased a TEN TEC OMNI VI Opt. 3 on EBay about 10 or so years ago. It became my primary radio and the Paragon II moved to the secondary status. The OMNI had a problem and with Ten-Tec not providing service I was about to buy a new radio. I heard about Steve "The Radiosmith" and sent him a note. He pointed out that the OMNI is still a fine radio so I sent it to him for repair. He was prompt, explained what was needed and fix and tuned up the OMNI to better then new in short order at a very reasonable cost. I just put it on line today and I am very happy with it. I will send the other Ten-Tec radio to him for a tune up. 5 STARS PLUS.
K9WRH Rating: 2022-05-05
Steve did an excellent job. He can be trusted. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
ORION 565 Main Receiver Brought back to life.
Comments you read about Steve and his work are genuine and true. Steve not only fixed the dead receiver he went over the radio and found that the S-Meter needed to be realigned. I agree with the statement you won’t find a better service technician then the Radiosmith and his prices are very fair.
K8CPV Rating: 2022-04-08
Kenwood R599 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Steve did a fantastic job restoring my receiver to better than new condition. The receiver had several problems that he was able to resolve. This receiver is likely close to 40 years old. Existing documentation regarding service is not the best and parts availability is very limited. In spite of these challenges, Steve reverse-engineered the receiver and repaired some very significant issues. I had a chance to speak with Steve and I am very impressed with his background and knowledge. Steve is honest and it is quite obvious he takes exceptional pride in his work. I give him my highest recommendation and would not hesitate to use his services.
KD2ULF Rating: 2022-02-06
Omni VI brought back to life. Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Tried a local stereo tech to repair my rig but he could not this time it was too much for him so, I send it to Steve and from his correspondences I could tell it was more trouble than both of us had anticipated, but he stayed with it and eventually found the main problem, it was a blown cap underneath one of the RF shielded PC boards. Among other things. So glad to get the unit back. thank you, Steve, and eham for connecting me.
KC9WUV Rating: 2022-02-02
Great job on my Coursair II, and other Ten Tec rigs . Time Owned: more than 12 months.
There is not enough great things I can say about Steve's work. This is the 4th radio I have sent there over the years. First was a tt 544 , then an Argonaut II , next there was the Omni model C , then my Coursair II. They all had their share of issues.
( I have come to believe that most that say " working condition " Mean that the thing lights up when turned on .)

He will explain every option. Go over to the detail of his plan for repair . The prices are very fair IMHO.
I believe he takes every rig that he works on personal. He treats them like his own . He doesn't believe in " Good Enough" . Its right or it isn't . It will stay as long as it takes to make it right .
In me he has a customer for life .
Update . Once again , Steve has brought a Ten Tec Omni VI back to life . One that I managed to make it go 'POOF " complete with smoke coming out if it . This thing came back better than ever . Try his service , I can say that I never received better service. Every radio he treats like his own .
WA4LV Rating: 2022-01-03
Highly Recommended Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Anything I say will not do justice to the type of service that Steve offers his customers. I never want to need another repair, but if / when I do, Steve will be my stop. Unbeatable service, communication and top shelf work. And above all, he is genuine and friendly. I cant say enough good things about my experience with him.

Thanks Steve!!
VA7LP Rating: 2021-11-27
Superb Service Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I sent my Tentec Eagle from Vancouver BC all the way to Florida for Steve to repair.Very expensive shipping , but what I received in return was a radio like brand new.Steve is HONEST,INEXPENSIVE,AN EXPERT TECH AND A
PLEASURE TO DEAL WITH. Steve truly is a Gem.
Thanks Steve
de VA7LP
NZ8J Rating: 2021-11-20
Superb Service!!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I sent my Ten Tec Omni-C to Steve for a PTO rebuild and a general check out. He indicated he had a few ahead of me so I was not expecting it back for a while. A couple weeks later he emailed me to say it was ready to ship and gave me the total amount to include the return shipping. It was very reasonable. I got the radio back in a couple days and it operates like a new one. I couldn't be more satisfied with his work. One big plus in Steves favor is his communications throughout the process. If I need more service work, I know where I'm going to go first, The Radiosmith!!! NZ8J