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Expert repairs and restoration for all brands (Collins, Drake, Icom, Kenwood, Ten-Tec, Yaesu, and Others) of vintage and modern ham radio equipment including linear amplifiers, station accessories, OEM power supplies and Astron power supplies by a degreed Electrical Engineer who has been a licensed ham (20 WPM Extra Class) for over 38 years. For more information, contact The Radiosmith via email at:
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KY1KY Rating: 2017-12-15
Great job on Yaesu FL-101 transmitter resurrection Time Owned: N.A.
Steve (Radiosmith) did a great job bringing the Yaesu FL-101 half of my Yaesu Twins back to life. I had purchased the set as a "working" station but in fact the FL had multiple issues. Steve went through it, correcting several issues & now she's good as new. Radiosmith is a great choice if you're needing service on your vintage gear. Thanks Steve.
WD8MQD Rating: 2017-08-05
Great repairs done on a Sony ICF-6800W worldband receiver Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Steve (The Radiosmith) does great work. I sent him a Sony ICF-6800W that had several issues. He kept me informed at each step of the process. He resolved all the issues and now I have a radio that works well, as it was designed to. It is not easy to find a service technician for some of the older radios out there - I am glad I found The Radiosmith. All of his reviews are positive, and that is because he knows what he is doing and does it well. I look forward to obtaining his service again in the future.
W4RAR Rating: 2017-06-17
Corsair II repaired and aligned Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I purchased a Ten-Tec Corsair II on a bid site that had a display problem sent Steve an email asking him about the process of sending it to him, he replied that he wasn't taking on any new work due to a family crisis. long story short he had to leave town.
Three to four weeks pass he tells me he's back and that he has lots of work to catch up on but that I could send the radio and he would evaluate it and let me know what he could do.
Steve let me know and gave estimate on parts labor via email. I had a few questions I needed to ask him about filters in the radio and some stuff I didn't quite understand about the radio so I ask if he would give me a call (I was driving and didn't wanna forget the questions) within the hour my phone rang he answered all of my questions and I was telling him about getting the radio off ebay and informed him I didn't have a power supply I ended up buying a 961 PS off of him. we ended up talking about our history in Amateur radio likes dislike I'm a 20 WPM extra also so we talked about key's and a number of things.
He kept me informed every step of the way and the labor came in shorter than the estimate so he
deducted that much from the final bill.
I told him on the phone that I found him through the eham reviews and I'm sure Glad I did he'll be getting more of my business in the future.It's like having a good friend thats a service tech
WA4HWN Rating: 2017-05-31
Truly great!!!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have a Ten Tec Eagle (a super radio!) that crashed and my desire was to find someone who would work on Ten Tec radios other than Ten Tec, which is slow about getting the 'new' company off the ground. I heard about The Radiosmith from another Ten Tec owner and I was given an email address for him.

I emailed him, learned he was out of the country for an undetermined length of time and I had a great conversation with his wife, via telephone. She assured me he would be glad to work on the radio upon his return. I waited 3 weeks and believe me it was well worth it. After a great phone conversation with Steve, I shipped it off to him.

This guy is phenomenal. He replaced the finals and aligned the radio (which was off frequency by 30 Hz at 40 meters and 200 Hz at 6 meters) and he kept me informed of everything he found and everything he did. I got the radio back exactly 2 weeks from the shipping date and it is just like new.

His rates are very reasonable, too!
Would I use his services again?
You Betcha!
Great work Steve!
AA1DV Rating: 2017-05-20
A 5 in every respect Time Owned: N.A.
Always there to answer all your questions as far as ten tec goes better than any service at factory
KC0YNP Rating: 2016-08-19
Excellent Service! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I sent Steve my old Ten-Tec Corsair, which was a great choice since it turned out that although Steve can work on most everything, he is also a Ten-Tec fan. He installed Cumbria Design's X-Lock VFO Stabilizer and did an alignment and about dozen other procedures that put my Corsair back in top condition.

Steve keeps his customers informed on his progress via email, and I learned a lot about Corsairs just by reading those. Steve knows his stuff.

I highly recommend him.
AG4BR Rating: 2016-08-09
Could not be better Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Steve repaired my IC821 with a cracked LCD - bent board and audio problems. The radio fell right on the main VFO knob. ouch. Steve found that the metal frame holding the VFO and LCD was bent.. He took the time to remove it and bend it back into shape. Installed a new LCD and found the audio problem (caused by bent frame). The display is perfect and the VFO is smooth as glass. I could not be any happier.
Steve will be getting another radio to fix next payday.
Thanks again Steve
de Bob AG4BR
W0TY Rating: 2016-08-04
5+/5 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Steve repaired my Omni VI+ (16 yrs old) with several troublesome problems related to TT mod quality. The issues were small and difficult to find but Steve was very persistent and was able to find/fix them. In addition, Steve repaired my FT-901 (38 yrs old). Work quality is very high and turnaround times are excellent. Steve does a very good job of keeping you informed of the status of the repair and any problems. His repair rates are very competitive. I highly recommend Steve for repair work and will send my rigs back to Steve for any future repairs.
K4TF Rating: 2016-08-03
Top Notch! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The Yaesu FT-900 I had just purchased on eBay was smelling like burning components and was off frequency. I saw Steve's 5 star review here on and sent it to him to be diagnosed. Steve was very nice, very open and was very easy to talk to. An excellent communicator. He kept me informed throughout the process. Steve didn't mind emailing and talking on the phone about his plans for repairing the FT-900 (and as well we chewed the rag a bit about my old Yaesu FT-101E and he gave me some excellent repair pointers for that old rig)! He fully calibrated and tested the rig and accessories, shipped everything back and it's working perfectly now and no longer emits that odor. Good reports on SSB & CW. Quick turnaround. The Radiosmith is Highly recommended! Bill K4BUC
W4TY Rating: 2016-03-17
Great service quickly done. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
My Ten Tec Paragon II needed a Dallas chip and it was aligned by Steve very quickly. The receiver sensitivity is greatly improved. The Radiosmith is recommended.