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Reviews For: Rigexpert AA-600 antenna analyzer

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Review Summary For : Rigexpert AA-600 antenna analyzer
Reviews: 36MSRP: 600
Portable handheld analyzer will cover HF through 600Mhz, will integrate with computer and also do time-domain testing.
Product is in production
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VA6BOT Rating: 2022-01-26
Just amazing Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I love this analyzer!!!
K6QY Rating: 2021-07-09
A great unit from a great company! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is a great little box. Robust, accurate, and easy-to-use. Easily connects over USB to a PC and produces great and easily-configurable plots. I'm very popular with various ham friends, because I enthusiastically loan out my unit to help them tune up their respective antennas. One other great feature - the Rig-Expert crew are very responsive and a pleasure to deal with! All-in-all, I strongly recommend this product and the company.
-Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with this company, other than being a very pleased customer!
IU0KFS Rating: 2020-12-14
Analyzer excellent Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Hi everyone, I'm IU0KFS, my name is Stefano. A few days ago I bought a beautiful RIG EXPERT 600 AA, I was on the terrace and unfortunately the battery door below fell, falling right into the fresh concrete of a building under construction. I sent an email to RIG EXPERT support and Alex Antonov UR4MCB responded very kindly, reassuring me for a new totally free replacement. I knew very well that with RIG EXPERT I would get the best analyzer and with this I would add that Alex UR4MCB is also the best in his business boss. Buy RIG EXPERT products with total confidence, there is nothing better in this area. 73 of IU0KFS
N4SL Rating: 2020-11-11
Pretty cool Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Having had an MFJ-259B and then since 2002 an AEA CIA-HF analyzer, decided to get something more modern.

This is a nice unit with built in help on each screen and good features.
The ‘surprise’ features were:
1) will show & constantly update VSWR on 5 different frequencies at once. Program the freq’s and set to show a numerical value or a bar graph, allows testing multiband antennas as you tune & check for interactions. Slick!

2) It will broadcast beeps that relate to VSWR on any frequency you like to allow remote monitoring & adjustment by listening to a broadcast radio or whatever you have.

Using it for tuning coax stubs is so much better than the AEA.

So far, so good. Haven’t verified the N connector’s center pin height yet.

RADIO_RANDY Rating: 2020-09-16
Good value for the money Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I purchased the AA-600 after recommending it to a communications trailer owner. I was so impressed with the unit, I got one for myself.

It's certainly not my Bird SA-6000EX, but the Bird only goes down to 25MHz and cost $6K more. My AEA analyzer lacks the frequency range,requires 8 AA batteries which are difficult to change out and doesn't have the TDR function.
I enjoy the capabilities of my Autek Research analyzer, but wanted a graphical display to see the BIG picture on my antennas.

The Rigexpert AA-600:
Covers HF, 6/2 Meters and 440 which is perfect for my Yaesu FT-897D transceiver.
Runs on readily available AA batteries that operate for a LONG time and are easily replaced.
Has an accurate TDR function for locating transmission line defects (the main reason for my recommendation to the trailer owner).
Is extremely light.
Has an attractive display.
Is very easy to use.

Sure, it costs a penny or two, but you will get what you pay for, I'm pretty sure. Unless it seriously disappoints me, in the future, you're unlikely to hear anything else from me, on this unit.

Five years later, and I'm still enamored with this unit. I replaced the firmware with the European version, so I could display the Smith Chart, instead of the Polar Chart. I also installed the latest version of AntScope software on my PC, which has much improved features and operation.

I use my analyzer frequently to monitor aging and weather effects of my antenna farm and it also does yeoman duty in assisting the tuning on my Buddipole system, when I go into the field. Battery life is simply amazing, considering how much this unit does.

Nothing yet has caused me to question my purchase.
WF0M Rating: 2020-08-17
Very easy to use, even for first timer! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I'm fairly new to the hobby and never owned an antenna analyzer before. I was having issues with my radio showing some bad SWR on my VHF/UHF antenna, so I was concerned that I may have introduced some problems during my install. I also want to start playing with building some resonant portable antennas, so I decided to take the plunge. This thing isn't cheap, but I tend to be a "buy once, cry once" type of buyer.

I am not disappointed. This thing is awesome. Using it with the new AntScope2 software makes it even more amazing. I took the analyzer up on my roof and got a measurement right at the antenna. I also took measurements from indoors so I could compare the two. I was able to store my measurements in the devices memory and bring it pack down to the PC to look at it in even greater detail.

This thing proved to me that my install job was good, now I need to deal with the manufacturer on why their "tuned at the factory" antenna doesn't seem to be properly tuned.

I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend this unit to anyone who has a need to measure antenna installs for frequencies up to 600 MHz.
W9WQA Rating: 2020-05-27
quality shows in the box! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
got my aa 600 yesterday. wow , i could see quality b4 i could see quality b4 i opened the box!
inside nicer stuff than ive seen in yrs. just the looks and feel are impressive. the book is best english than ive seen in a while. actually surprised its all done in ukraine. i guess i expected to read broken english like much from japan and china. not so here.
the pouch, the charger, and yes the "batteries included", and the book, even the box,top quality.
and , ive got a lot to learn and this looks like a good way.
congrats to Rigexpert. very very nice .
im not equipted to do a thorough tech report as i have not done much of this level so far but it looks like a "teacher' as well as a tester. it goes way beyond my mfj 259. gotta go play...back when i know more...
AC7LX Rating: 2020-05-04
First Impressions Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I actually started off with the AA-30.Zero, and was so impressed with that device, I decided to purchase the AA-600.

As others have noted, the device is extremely easy to use, almost intuitive. For those who understand the Smith chart, that feature alone is invaluable.

Besides the 'standard' features, some of the other less documented features are also quite useful, but there is slight a learning curve with them.

Specifically, I am speaking of the capability to measure inductors and capacitors, as well as series and parallel circuits.

The stand alone device makes all of the above extremely easy, but using the Antscope2 (free) software takes that ease of use to another level and offers some enhancement as well.

At this point I consider the AA-600 field test equipment. However, like the AA-30.Zero, which is (mostly) bench equipment, so is the AA-600.

Basically, if you are a builder/experimenter, especially antennas, this is IMHO a must have device.

So again, this is a first impression. That said, and given my prior experiences with the AA-30.Zero, I don't think my 'impression' will change in the next few months.
KB6DYA Rating: 2020-03-19
easy to use Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
It is very easy to use right out of the box. It comes with everything you need including batteries and charger. The only thing I regret is not buying the 1200. You can not go wrong with this product!
VK3LZ Rating: 2019-12-08
Solid and easy to use. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought this unit initially for use at work checking the match of VHF commercial antennas on vehicles in the fleet of the company I was working with. It's hands on the easiest way I've ever used to quickly match an antenna to near resonance in a standard mobile type situation. I've since retired and now use it with my Amateur Radio station where I find it useful but I wish it displayed more information after scanning. Also the battery door is a pain to get off but it seems very solid. I'd buy again but it won't suit everyone's needs.