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Reviews For: YAESU MD 100A8X Dexk-Top Microphone w/Tone Control

Category: Microphones for ham radio

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Review Summary For : YAESU MD 100A8X Dexk-Top Microphone w/Tone Control
Reviews: 93MSRP: $125.50 @ R&L Electronics
Yaesu, traets this as their top-of -the-line high end Mic, and as well they should. I have used Heil, Sure ICOM and other various microphones, which are from stand alone to hand mics, not that I'm the expert. But from the time I have incorporated the MD 100, the audio reports have been nothing less than "Excellent", so I'll let nealry 400 QSOs, from the mics use speak for themself! I use one for HF and the other for UHF/VHF with assured audio quality. W8DMC
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W5RVA Rating: 2023-02-04
Great Mic, Solid Value Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I acquired an MD-100ax8 a couple of years after getting my FT-897, (over 20 years ago), and have always gotten 5-star audio reports. I also had the mic clip crack just above the yoke. They cost substantially more now, and I use mine on a boom with an extension so it's not a big deal. After I got the ssb offset dialed, I'm told it sounds like a "BIG radio". I run no filters, but often have "high emphasis" on to help punch through on noisy bands.
KU4GW Rating: 2021-11-25
I own 2 of these mics, I run one on either my FT-897D or FT-1000MP Mark-V and another on my FT-991A and frequently receive comments on how well my audio sounds. I do not use the parametric EQs in the FT-991A or any DSP on transmit on either of my other rigs I use them on because I've tried them with many different recommended settings and everyone says I sound better without them. I do have the 3 switches beneath the mic base set as follows: Main/Filt switch set to Filt, High Emphasis set to On, and Low Cut set to switch position 2.
N5XJT Rating: 2021-06-03
Good Audio, A Few Faults Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Works well and provides clear, clean audio. No real issues except I had to replace the mic yoke when it cracked but only cost $11 for a new one from Yaesu parts. Recommend it for Yaesu rigs.
VA3IPG Rating: 2020-12-10
great microphone Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Hi. i have one md-100 for 12 years now, working on my ft-857d. never had a complaint about the audio on ssb, on fm i have reports of outstanding audio. never tried the cut filters available below the base, always used straight! i do recommend this mic to any yaesu owner.
W3IRE Rating: 2020-06-09
Good mic but a few drawbacks Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Have had a few of these in my Ham career. A great microphone. Always have gotten great audio reports. A couple of things I consider drawbacks is I'm not to keen on having adjustment s on the base of the mic, you can adjust it via radio in my opinion, but not a deal breaker.
The one thing I don't like is how the mic pigtail is hardlined into the base. I think it should be a connector so if you wanted to put the mic on a boom you could attach a longer cable to the base and use that as a switch. That's why I'm giving it a 4 stars.
G4MJA Rating: 2020-04-14
EXCELLENT MIC Time Owned: more than 12 months.
My Son presented me with this mic. I have tried the various settings & prefer flat, no filters, the audio quality is excellent & I get many unsolicited comments on my audio. High emphasis works really well also for those DX contacts. I am using this with a Yaesu FTdx1200. I have owned many mics in my 40 yrs on HF including Heil, Shure, Electrovoice, Kenwood & many high end studio mics & this is as good as the most expensive ones I have owned & at a fraction of the price. Quality of construction is very good, the mic is heavy enough that it doesn't move around the desk when operating.So far I couldn't be happier.
P.S. I have put a foam sock on the mic head to prevent any 'breathy' sounds.
VE3WF Rating: 2020-02-14
The best I have used Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I'm using this mic on an Elecraft K3 with outboard W2IHY EQ. It is perfect. Get great comments on my audio. Construction is excellent. Not expensive , just outperforms more expensive mics. My next radio will be an Icom and it will use this microphone as well. It just performs.
SP5MXF Rating: 2019-03-02
Very good microphone Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I use the MD-100 microphone together with FT-1000MP MARK V, this set transfers the acoustic band from 100 Hz to 2.9 KHz, i.e. the bandwidth of the broadcast is 2.8 KHz, this set definitely stands out in terms of the quality of modulation, I have to compare it with the MXL microphone 770. My correspondents emphasize that I have very good modulation that stands out from other radioamators, I do not have to ask about the quality of modulation, they say it without question, this modulation stands out.

I recommend this microphone, maybe they are better but so far I did not come across it so MD-100 is my favorite.

MW3FLI Rating: 2017-12-21
EXCELLENT Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Used this MD-100 with both my FT1000MP and my FTDX3000. Always get brilliant reports from it and it is very well made indeed.
K4TK Rating: 2017-12-07
did a blind test vs. Heil PR781 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Well, several fellow Hams talked me into buying a Heil PR781 mic recently. After buying that mic, and putting both the Heil and the Yaesu MD-100 I had owned a few years on boom setups (also with an MFJ mic/rig switch box for making quick comparisons).....I decided to do some extensive on air testing. I had a friend on 40 meters....who was copying me with an S9+20 signal....use his SDR setup to make critical comparisons between the two well as to give me critical feedback on my mic eq settings. At one point, while testing....I was doing "blind" tests...just telling him "this is mic A and this is mic B" he wouldn't know which mic was which. BOTTOM LINE, he thought the MD-100 was the Heil PR781.....because IT SOUNDED BETTER TO HIM. I listened to the audio (he sent me files), and darned if the MD-100 didn't sound every bit as good....if not better...than the Heil PR 781 (with both using the exact same mic eq settings).

I'm not surprised though. Both mics are in a similar cost range. The Yaesu mic was built for their why shouldn't it sound good! Oh, does anyone know....DOES YAESU ACTUALLY BUILD THEIR OWN MICS? I ask, because I found out Bob Heil actually designed the mic eq circuitry for the FT DX 1200 I'm running. IS IT POSSIBLE...that maybe someone else makes Yaesu's mics for in, COULD BOB HEIL be making Yaesu mics for Yaesu?

MD-100....every bit as good as my Heil PR 781!