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Reviews For: Yaesu FT-920

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - non QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : Yaesu FT-920
Reviews: 162MSRP: 2299
Yaesu FT 920 HF/6M Transceiver
Product is not in production
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KI4FQZ Rating: 2016-09-16
Yaesu's Shameful Rig Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The FT 920 is an extremely ergonomic and physically attractive rig packed with excellent features. Also exceedingly simple to operate, and capable of excellent audio quality and most definitely a nice hot receive with very discerning audio with an undoubtedly smooth quality. Very pleasant to listen to. And with it's automatic antenna tuner which operates flawlessly, it creates a wonderful experience for the seasoned and new ham alike.
Now the bad news. At the rather pricey purchase cost, and all it's technological features, I believe Yaesu should be ASHAMED to have built such a beautiful rig with the intention of making it completely disposable. The processor section of the rig is no longer available, and Yaesu no longer supports the rig at all.For a beautiful rig of this caliber, it is absolutely shameful that if one encounters a bad processor that they must just "throw it away" and purchase another Yaesu product that they hope will not follow suit. I have since purchased a Kenwood 950 SDX....who's is actually still supported. Again...a shame. I used to really like Yaesu products until this experience. live, and you learn.
JP1DJV Rating: 2016-08-17
weak signal catcher Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Quiet receiver performs clean and gentle sound on both SSB and CW. Easy and quick controls, big sub-dial provides easy tuning. Quick split operation. NR is effective enough. Digital Band Pass Filter works well in some situation. Strongly recommended radio for all weak-signal seekers.
AK6ZZ Rating: 2015-10-07
Back again fourth time Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I just purchased another FT920 for the fourth time in five years. For some reason I keep coming back to this model. This time I bought a very nice condition fully loaded unit with the inrad roofing filter mod and the switchboard mods for SSB and CW. It also have the AM board. I really liked the rigs I have owned in the past but with these mods it is a really nice performer. For $700, I just couldn't pass it up. My next mod will be to install the RTL SDR for the panadapter and it will be complete. So happy to have one on the desk again. It has so many nice features like autotuner, separate receive antenna, that it is hard to believe that they are so inexpensive. Mine was also calibrated before I received it so it also puts out full power which is sometimes an issue with this model. So far so good. I don't plan to sell this unit ever.

Earlier 5-star review posted by AK6ZZ on 2013-04-09

I bought a mechanics special FT920 about two years ago for $300 and drove it down to Yaesu for repair in cypress. They fixed it for about $200 and now it works great. It was in very nice physical condition when I purchased it, and now wow, it is a real nice rig.

I have it at my inlaws house in Texas and only get out there once or twice a year with my family but when I do it always powers on and it is such a nice radio to operate. The ergonomics are fantastic. The receive audio out of the stock speaker is very good. I also like the DSP and I think it is really effective.

I use an elecraft K3 at my home and it is awesome and in a different class of receiver but for $500 you can't compare the two transceivers. But if you get a chance to purchase one for about $500 it will be money well spent. This is a great rig for a second QTH or as a backup without a doubt.
KG4FET Rating: 2015-07-06
great RX'er Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This rig's been on the bench only a few days, but supplanted the TS2K on day one for HF operation. It came to me as an AF model which was MUCH more then I expected, so has the AM bypass board, FM module, and the 500 CW filter. Yes I am aware the DSP is AF, not IF but this 920 can hear things the 2K can't and it's MUCH easier on the ears. NR works great, takes the annoying summer band noise almost out WITHOUT distorting signals like the 2K. The giant LC/HC knobs are easy to find and with a graphic display of the band pass it's great. Step attenuation is a big plus with 6/12/18db most rigs it's 18 or nothing. Menu system is easy to get around in and you can adjust carrier off sets of both Sidebands and the carrier offset for the Processor too! Only reason I gave it a 4 over a 5 is I am still trying to get the audio out just right and I have not run it on PSK31 yet. There will be a much more comprehensive review in the future.
WB4JJI Rating: 2015-04-30
Add the inrad filter for decent cw Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Bought one used to go with my kx3 elecraft from KE7FD(nice guy). I also have a Icom 746 pro. The Yaseu FT-920 with its wider filters sounds really nice. That however could be its downfall. Love to listen to am, bbc, shortwave etc on it. If you like cw get the inrad filter, although it is somewhat expensive it sure make cw a lots easier. It is, however, almost impossible to beat the kx3 in cw.
N8WGM Rating: 2015-02-09
Excellent radio Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've had lots of radios. Kenwoods, Icoms and now Yaesu.

My trusty old Kenwood TS930 bit the dust and so I sold it for parts. I wanted a more modern radio that I can computer control.

I saw the FT920 in the showroom when they were new and I always was impressed with them. When one came up on E-bay, I got it a pretty good price just recently.

It looks and works like new and so far I am impressed with the receive audio and the compliments on my transmit audio are coming in fairly regularly. I am using a Marshall MXL 990 microphone that is highly modified with a new circuit board, the larger capsule and it runs into a Mackie Pro FX8.

I cannot add anything new to the reviews of the 920. All I can say is that if you can pick one up for under $750, then go for it. I highly recommend this radio.
DL2DCX Rating: 2014-05-10
Excellent Time Owned: more than 12 months.
It is a very nice rig. I added the 500 Hz CW filter and the FM-unit. I´ve had no problems with the 920 until now. I won´t replace it with another TRX. Great for rag chewing or even contesting. Digimodes are no problem with an output power of 75 watts.


Marcus, DL2DCX
VK3LBT Rating: 2014-04-16
Good radio Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Bought this radio as a backup on HF, it has now become my main HF radio. I find this unit a pleasure to use and the NR/DSP works very well when the bands are noisy. I found the EQ settings and audio tone required some experimenting but once mastered the tx audio is very pleasing with a high quality. I have found that the best microphone for this radio is (shock, horror ) the Kenwood MC80, with careful setting of the EQ/Tone the audio is very good and I have had numerous stations both within VK and Dx mention the clarity of the audio.

As for the functions and menus I have found them easy to navigate, this is a good radio and it still runs with the big dogs in the pack even after all these years.

Barry VK3LBT
G0YNM Rating: 2013-10-27
Great set but has faults. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I Love this rig.. had it for several years, it a whole lot of radio for your money. many operating features and this should have been the standard HF set for many Hams.

I say 'should have' because many of these sets do get problems, read the comments above and previously on Eham here to see what type.

The Guy i bought mine off (in Stoke) never told me about the problem my 920 had. At switch-on the VFOs and a couple of (very minor) user settings are set at 7.000.00mhz LSB every time ..
the memories etc, everything else - all work perfectly, its obviously stored in non-volatile memory .. so why the VFO data couldn't be, ask Yaesu.

The CR2025 (or whatever number) backup battery circuit is not working, at least, not properly, there's a problem which drains the tiny button cell after just 2 days, it was a huge pain at first. I contacted Yaesu UK who couldn't care less, so i tried them a couple more times, and they still gave me the cold shoulder again after asking for help, so i gave up.

I gave up on Yaesu equipment TOTALLY after 'Yaesu UK' gave me this dreadful attitude for customer support. Never again. never.

So why do i love the set ? Its switched on almost permanently, for the last 5 or 6 years, as we had a 10m SSB net locally, with nets every evening, and being on all day al night, with only a tiny few days off in the entire time, and it still works the same as it did when i bought it.

Other reasons, - well its actually a nice looking set too, with very good ergonomics, controls hidden on the back on most other sets are all on the front of the FT920, where they should be. its a base station set, a huge array of connections live on the back, for everything you'll ever need, curiously, the labeling and legend for these connectors is actually on the top of the set, at the back..

The user experience is mostly very pleasing indeed, the main controls are 'weighted' and feel slow and solid, (unlike the light and flimsy feeling ones on my Kenwood TS 870s-AT) - all apart from the extreme-right dual-concentric HI/Low cut rotaries for the AF DSP bandwidth, which feel light and flimsy like they're made of ping-pong ball guage cheap plastic.

The front panel is pretty, logical and complete, but is plastic sounding if tapped on (so don't!) though its of much better quality than the DSP Hi/Lo cut controls, the front panel is slightly textured too, which i like, so it doesn't show fingerprints or look cheap, shiny or tatty. I do wish the numeric keys (actually all the labeling) was back-lit.

The voice recorder works well, as does the recording off-air, but is of little use in rea;ity, if i need that functionality i would just wire up a computer. the particular blunder in this department is why cant i replay what audio the 920 has just recorded off-air, back over the air (on TX) to my contact who could then hear what he sounds like at my station ?

The huge display, although i dont care for huge backlit LCDs, too much light coming at you, the low-freq of amber light does make it easier to see than if it was a shorter wavelength like blue or something, but maybe some coloured plastic over the display would sufice, but its purely subjective, I'd preferably have it inverted like on the FT1000MP, thats the aesthetics covered.

Mine has the Inrad cascade filter board in, so the receiver is the nicest HF receiver i've ever heard. Ever. its just a joy to listen to, on a decent speaker, or even take baseband out to a seperate HIFI and hear how nice some tansmissions actually sound.

I have the AM pass-through board so i can BCL too, set on 'wide' its far too wide for comms, but for AM broadcast its outstanding. the 'Narrow' switch switches in some narrow filter then making it perfect for narrowband AM listening. best of both worlds.
Mine even transmits AM - and what quality TX audio too, but - without the proper filter board its a *little wide* but does put most AM on other HF sets to shame, though the 920 AM TX audio is likely the same as many others with the proper narrow AM filter fitted.. but i have no plans to do so. there's plenty of empty space on 10m, or 6m for wide AM use, although it would be very antisocial to use it on the narrower Amateur bands.

The 920 looks like it may be a nice CW rig, with many CW features not seen on many sets in this price range. The SSB TX bandwidth cant be changed, like you can on the IF DSP sets, bit there are 4 mic EQ settings along with carrier point adjustments so experimenting with other mic's are fun. compressor works well, stay less than 10db.
Amateur branded mics are such a rip-off, usually costing much more than (industry standard) Shure SM 57 or whatever, so get a stand and a non Amateur branded mic, an external PTT and maybe even a mixer/EQ.

FM is just a typical HF rig FM .. but on the FT-920 i like that it has CTCSS on RX too. The auto notch is only at AF sadly, but it does work on AM and FM too, (as do the DSP hi-lo cut rotaries) which i found odd when i first got the set, and listening to the USA repeaters on 10m ...

Summing up, it seems like the FT-920 should have been a FT1000MP with 6m, but some people the same problems with the sets, but to be fair, most y2k vintage rigs probably have these kind of issues too, but if you get a good one, hang on to it, and it will perform exceptionally well, and be good to listen to for very long hours without being tiring or fatiguing. People sell them, then miss them, then buy another.

If, like me, you get a 'slightly flaky' one and Yaesu UK basically dont want to know, you may be able to forgive any of the set's faults that it may have, i have, and it has been used hugely, and so i dont think i'll go back to any of my other HF sets, my Auto ATU stuck on once or twice, i sometimes have to switch the set on and off once or twice from cold, as the DSP light blinks, the VFO backup battery failed so its always on 40m at switch-on, even if i last used 6m, i still dont want to get rid of it, its too good a set for these niggles to make me get rid, although i often wonder what it would be like if it really was .. perfect..
Your milage may vary...
W9RNA Rating: 2013-10-12
Have owned it new since 1998 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought this radio in fall of '98. To replace a TS-440sat, that had display problems. I was at AES in Milw. and did a side by side test with this radio, and a TS-570. The FT-920 beat it hands down.I have used this radio at field day sites, but mostly from the home. The tx audio is the best I have ever used. And the rx is next to none. I have been a ham for over 35 years. And have used everything form Heathkits to yeasu. And this one will never leave the shack. They will have to pry it from cold dead hands.