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Reviews For: Panasonic DR29

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Review Summary For : Panasonic DR29
Reviews: 3MSRP: 1990FF
It is the european version of the RF2900.In fact it is an upgraded version because it has LW,and also a very effective preselector on all AM bands (LW;MW;SW1;SW2;SW3),mains can be plugged on 120 or 220V.
Product is not in production
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KQ4O Rating: 2017-05-29
Surprising! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The previous two reviewers gave a good account of what this nice Panasonic can do. The preselector really works well with a high Q when searching for longwave beacons, and I use it on a wooden kitchen turntable to zero in and split close signals (such as 257 kHz Melbourne and 260 Marathon here in Florida). You can turn the preselector off and see the difference it makes, on MW daytime stations the high Q is noticable between stations on 540 and 610 kHz for example.
The thing that I find to be the most pleasant surprise, though, is the fact that in my condo the Panasonic seems immune to QRN both on the whip and using a 41 foot (12.5 meter) wire running the length of the unit and attached to the external SW spring clip. Though the DR29 isn't in the class of a classic Drake 7 or 8 line receiver, with the external antenna I am really enjoying bandscanning and seeing what propogation brings in that evening. When I moved in here I thought it was over for SW since my Sony ICF-6800 (my favorite receiver) was overridden with interference from the neighbors' RF noise. I had bought the Panasonic because the Sony doesn't cover longwave, and now I am really glad that I did.
The one thing that I would say could have been better is the choice of wide filter. Usually the complaint is that the wide filter is too wide with poor selectivity, but I feel that in the DR29 the wide filter is too narrow, the audio is more muffled than it should be and the lower tones are too prominent, making voices difficult to understand, especially on weak signals. Turning the bass control all the way down and the treble up does not alleviate the problem. Fortunately, using headphones that cut off frequencies below 300 hz (Kenwood HS-4 and Telex Airman 760) clear it right up to work on DXing, but you need an adapter to use the 1/4" plug into the 1/8" headphone jack.
A very nice radio this is, well worth seeking out!

KC0EKQ Rating: 2015-12-24
Solid Weak Signal Reception Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I've had my National Panasonic DR29 for about two months, putting it through its paces, cleaning, aligning, and generally bringing it back to life.

I am very glad I opted for this EU version, and not the US version. I have found the built-in preselector quite useful, as well as hearing a beacon down on LW I haven't heard in some time... my point being, the US version doesn't HAVE the preselector or the LW band.

Beyond that, though, I imagine they both would sound the same and the audio is very nice, a 2.3W output with bass and treble knobs makes for crisp, deep FM, smooth mellow AM and SW.

I have other Panasonic RF receivers in the Command Series -- the 2200, the 2600, and the 2800, and I've noticed that the audio is very similar across the DR 29, the RF 2600 and the RF 2800. In fact, the DR 29/RF 2900 is almost the same receiver in the majority of its design and components as the earlier 2800/DR 28 (EU)... but it improves on the DR 28 in many ways, including having its blue-green fluorescent digital display work for ALL bands, not just SW as the red LED display on the DR 28/RF 2800 does.

I haven't used any of the Panasonic portables for much SSB listening, given the drifty, finicky tuning sharpness with the BFO. On the RF 2200 especially, SSB signals are far too fatiguing to endure for more than a few minutes and only on stronger signals... but on the DR 29, while it's still not a SSB barnburner, I am consistently able to get to a correctly tuned SSB signal more quickly and accurately than on any of its sibling receivers, and doesn't drift nearly so egregiously as the others. I have actually enjoyed a few SSB listening sessions for an hour or more, retuning often but not tiresomely so.

It hears everything the 2600 and 2800 can hear, on all bands. It can also hear more than the 2800, with better weak/fringe signal capture.

The preselector works from LW to MW to the top of the SW bands, and helps along in every band, but on the SW bands, that preselector has a tight Q and helps greatly to keep overloading, ghost signals, etc., down to a bare minimum, to the point where I haven't heard a single crossover or image signal since using it. One of the reasons it was added to the EU version was precisely for that purpose -- European radio stations are tightly packed together and a good preselector along with a narrow bandwidth setting can keep the chaos down to nothing.

My reference portable for analog MW is the Panasonic RF 2200, hands down. For FM, the prize belongs to the RF 2600.

But for all around functionality, sensitivity, and pleasure to use, the DR 29 is tough to beat.

If you can find a clean, working receiver for a decent price, go for the DR 29 EU version. You will be happy you did.
FPX77 Rating: 2014-03-02
All purposes receiver Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have bought this receiver on 1984.It differs with the RF2900 : LW added ,and a real preselector on all AM bands.The digits are green (not blues).This set is very sensitive both on FM and AM bands.The preselector add an effective gain (very impressive on LW and MW!) and it minimize spurious that plague RF2900 and DR28.MW bands run until 1640 khz so pirates stations can be heard with peaking preselector,without it these stations are too weaks.On SW there is also a gain,even on 28Mhz.The tuning mechanism is smooth without backlash.SSB stations are readeable but with difficulties.This set is good for AM dxing even on the whip antenna.If you want to buy one,choose a DR29 with preselector,not a RF2900.I am using this set,particularly for pirates stations on MW (above 1600khz)and on 49m band