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Reviews For: End Fed 40-6M with 9:1 UnUn

Category: Antennas: HF Portable (not mobile)

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Review Summary For : End Fed 40-6M with 9:1 UnUn
Reviews: 13MSRP: 47.50
Main wire is 31' and made with "Wireman" 18g a Silky antenna wire. The

matching transformer is a 9:1 UnUn which is trifilar wound on a larger toroid.

The antenna wire is attached to a stainless steel stud and the unit has a BNC

connector so no SO-259 adapter needed. The toroid is held in place internally

with hot glue and foam, and the internal BNC connector is protected by an

inert putty to inhibit corrosion. There are custom made sturdy tabs with holes

on the end of the antenna to attach ropes or to mount on top of a pole like a

Jakite or similar fiberglass pole. The wire is folded over about 3 inches, after

the custom made rope connector is attached, then secured with adhesive

lined heat shrink. This antenna requires a tuner and a 25' Plus coax feed line.
Product is in production
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AC4BN Rating: 2017-02-27
A good end-fed antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
About two years ago I bought the 31 ft. EndFed 40-6m Antenna from W1SFR (, intending to use it for camping. I put the unun (with RG-8X running up to it) at about 22 ft. up on a collapsible fiberglass pole, and tied the other end of the antenna about 8 ft. above the ground. I had perhaps 10-20 ft. of coax on the ground. I didn’t get very good results at all.

However! I recently put it up on the other end of my house to try it out again. The unun is about 20 ft. up at the peak of my roof, the other end is tied up about 8 ft. above ground. The results have been really excellent! The only difference I can see with my new setup is that I have more coax on the ground this time (70 ft.), and indeed W1SFR states that at least 25 ft. of coax on the ground is required and serves as a counterpoise. The auto antenna tuner in my K2 tunes it very easily, and I’ve also used it at 100 watts with my FT-450. This antenna is built well and it’s giving me really good results, highly recommended (with lots of coax on the ground).
K2QPN Rating: 2015-01-26
Amazing. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Easily tunes on 10-40 meters. I have used it horizontal, sloping, and vertical dangling from my hotel balcony. I usually support the UnUn with 20' of surplus fiberglass masting. I run the coax down inside the mast. I bungee the mast to whatever is available and toss the free end into a tree. My KXPA100 easily tuned the antenna from 10 to 160 meters. I made a 500 mile 160 CW contact with one call. It just works.
KC5MO Rating: 2014-12-31
Easy to set up and it works Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I purchased this several months before Christmas so that I could set it up at my in-laws house and not be in the way. I used 50 feet of RG-58 to a Comet CTC-50M window coax then another 10 feet of RG-58 to the KX3. The antenna wire was about 30 feet up and the transformer was about 3 feet up on a separate tree in a sloper configuration aimed North East. I was able to work Austria ( 55 signal report ), the Bahamas and lots of local ( USA ) stations with only 8 Watts. Very impressive and quite fun.
AJ6B Rating: 2014-05-07
Great! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Steve is an awesome guy to talk with and you can tell that he has done his homework in coming out with this product. Sure we could fuss around with different wire and balun combinations, Steve has done that work for us. I also purchased the weight, line cord, holder and stake kit. You will need some coax as well. I purchased 40' of RG58 with BNC on both sides.

First time we used during a HAM class. We walked out side, tossed it up in the tree on the second try. Went onto 20m, hit tuner tune (did not check SWR prior), heard someone tuning right where we were and called him. Got a 5x8 at 10 watts, we gave him 5x9 with 1kw.

I have had two QSOs so far on SSB and ready to try some more. Well worth the $$$ for the R&D that Steve put into it as well as the fast shipping and support.
WB9SFG Rating: 2014-04-29
first time use Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
The first nice day here in Illinois we took the KX3 to the local park. Using a Air Boss, we put Steve's end fed antenna in a tree on a 45 degree angle fed with 30 feet of RG 174. We worked the states and Europe with ease. I was really impressed with the antenna, the quality and the service that Steve offers. The KX3 tunes it on all freqs. It is now my antenna of choice for the field..... Rich WB9SFG
N4BC Rating: 2014-04-28
Great Antenna Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I have had the End-Fed 40-6m with 9:1 UnUn for several months now, but finally with the coming of Spring, I had a chance to put it through its paces. It was easy to deploy, and worked great. I can't say enough about Steve's customer service. I had the antenna within a few days of ordering, and he's emailed me a couple of times to check and see if I'm satisfied. Finally, I can say that I am MORE than satisfied. It's a great product and it's a pleasure to deal with people like Steve.
KE5IUN Rating: 2014-04-08
Very nice! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Steve is great to deal with. I ordered it last Friday and Received notification the next day that it had shipped! Received it on Monday, package was in excellent condition and the antenna was well packed. Put it up this afternoon and hooked it up to my Icom IC-703+ and hit the tune button, took about a second to match on 20 meters. First call at 5 watts, was AE5ZK near Dallas TX, gave me a 599. I switched to 10 meters and hit the tune button and answered LU7WW calling from Patagonia and he came back with a 599 also. Im a happy camper!! Will take it with me to Hawaii next week and see how it works at the beach!
KI8R Rating: 2014-04-08
Very good Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Very well constructed. You can build one cheaper, but my time is limited so I opted to purchase it instead. Glad I did.

Works very well with my KX-3
W5GZT Rating: 2014-03-14
KX3 Hekper 40-6m efw Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I got a break in the weather and put the antenna up this afternoon. Using 50' of RG-58, the Matching box about a foot off the ground and the wire running 75 to 80 degrees tilted slightly to the south. I was very much impressed with the results. The KX3 tuned it easily and fast, and signals on most bands were very good. Steve has a really good product here that is easy to set up and use. I have built some on my own, and his is every bit as good as what I have done or better. Well worth the cost if you want a great antenna in a small package.
VA3KJI Rating: 2014-03-12
Great Support and Product Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Received the antenna in a few days after ordering, hung it on my fence up about 6 feet and away I went talking to the world. I have been out of the hobby for about 15 years and needed an antenna that I could get up fast during this terrible winter we are having. Went fast and I have been getting great reports and have actually made a European contact. Cant wait to take it to my trailer this summer. Thank you Steve for a great product