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Reviews For: EMTRON ES-1

Category: Ham Shack Accessories

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Review Summary For : EMTRON ES-1
Reviews: 1MSRP: $199.00 AUD
SWITCH, 3000W 1.8Mhz thru 30Mhz, 1500w 50Mhz
Product is in production
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VK4SX Rating: 2014-03-12
Excellent Product that works 100% Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Hello, I wish to add an early review for a absolute must have for any ham shack, it is a 2 WAY 3000W Electronic RADIO, ANTENNA, AMP SW,
the ES-1 is manufactured by EMTRON, of EMTRON DX-1/DX-2/DX-2SP/DX-3/DX-4 ETC ETC , this Electronic switch is a fantastic benefit to the shack, it freed up 2 x REVEX 2 WAY manual switches, and has kept all coax's together, if you know EMTRON, you will know about the quality, well this switch leaves nothing to the imagination in regards to craftsmanship, and first class hardware and components, it really does have to be seen to be appreciated, best Silver Solder, the BEST relays money can buy, teflon SO-239 panel mounts, even the toggle sw are of a top commerical quality,
this ES-1 has an optional REMOTE HEAD, the remote head to control the selection of the 2 X TOGGLE SW's to select RADIO 1/2, ANTENNA 1/2 can be set away from the actual unit, and connected via a modular phone lead,
this model the ES-1 has conventional 12v relays, the 6000w version has VACUM RELAYS, no reason to NOT cascade these switch's for 4 rigs and 4 antennas,
I left my details to try a KR5L sw, but it is not in production at present, so I decided to try the EMTRON ES-1,
the website does not list this product at the moment, waiting for update,
there is 2 sets of RED/GREEN LEDS on the front panel, with 2 x toggles sw's,
with 12vdc applied, the LEDS light up, and you can select RADIO 1/2 with either antenna, when the 12VDC is removed, the SWITCH DEFAULTS to RADIO 2/ANTENNA 2.
on the back are the ANTENNA connectors, and THREE RCA ports, RADIO 1 PTT, RADIO 2 PTT, and an AMP PTT, witch is selected along with RADIO/ANTENNA etc.
has AMP IN, AMP OUT , MAX RF INPUT is 100ws, with 3000w Pout.
first class screen printing, precision fitting of the box top, all in all a great addition to the shack.
Dennis VK4SX,
4 yrs FULL WARRANTY worldwide