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Reviews For: Jetstream JTWXHF

Category: SWR & Wattmeters & Dummy Loads

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Review Summary For : Jetstream JTWXHF
Reviews: 4MSRP: 108.95
HF1.6 - 60 Mhz dual needle AVG / PEP wattmeter
Product is in production
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W4KVW Rating: 2022-02-10
AWESOME Lighted Meter Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I was Very Impressed the first time I saw one of these meters lit up.The light is evenly displayed across the entire meter with no bright spots or shadows.It has been calibrated with a BIRD meter so it's right where it should be.I use it with my backup HF station & it looks & works great.I purchased it used but I don't even remember when or where it was but I'd do it again for sure.I wish the meters on the three Autek WM-1 meters that I own & use were lit so nicely.I don't know who actually makes the meters since several companies have meters that look just like them but they just work & did I mention the look great doing it? {:>)
N2MDV Rating: 2017-12-08
Nice meter, and the price was right. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
After seeing what Diawa and MFJ charged for their equivalent HF / 6M meter, I've settled on the Jetstream, and glad that I did. I believe that I paid around $50.00 from a hamfest dealer, and NIB. Reads very low QRP, even sees the 2mW from a 22M Part #15 13MHz transmitter. The back lit LED lighting is very uniform and pleasant to look at. For now, I run all barefoot of 100W, and way less, and this meter seems to be close what the radios' built-in meters read, like +/-2W accuracy. So far, a good usable choice for my operations.
W2DHB Rating: 2014-03-27
Very good meter Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Meter arrived today, made comparisons to other older swr/pwr meters I have. This one is a winner.
Average power within 5 watts of others. Like the lighting and large meter, the main reason I purchased it as eyesight is poor. Only comment that prevents me from rating it a 5, is that the sales info nor the manual (sheet of paper) did not specify that you need power supplied to get PEP readings. The DC power cord hookup in not mentioned in the manual so you have to assume polarity. Otherwise a great value.
W3VVV Rating: 2014-03-17
Great value for true PEP wattmeter Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The manufacturer claims that this is a true PEP and Averaging wattmeter, and from I can tell, their claim is true. It's available for under $100 if you shop around a bit which is a steal for a true PEP wattmeter. I don't have a calibrated Bird wattmeter to compare it with, but the readings match up very closely with my other wattmeters in the 1.8 to 30 Mhz range. I didn't test it at frequencies higher than 30 Mhz.

What I like most:
1. Backlit meter is very large and easy to read.
2. Smooth knob operation to select AVG or PEP and to select the range (1, x10, x100).
3. Metal case feels very solid.

An external 12V (actually 9.5V to 13.8V is fine) power supply is needed to use PEP metering and to power the backlight. It comes with a power cable, but you need to connect the power cable to your own power supply. A 500 ma power supply is easily ample. I'm using a spare wall-wart, regulated switching power supply that puts out 12.2 VDC according to my Fluke 179 DVM.

The light can be switched on/off from the front panel.

It has two rubber feet in the back and two moulded plastic feet in the front that keep it nice and stable.

The best price that I could find was from the online store. Sometimes the store has a coupon on their Facebook page that provides a discount.