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Reviews For: Anytone AT-3318UV-A

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Hand-held

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Review Summary For : Anytone AT-3318UV-A
Reviews: 11MSRP: $130.00
Anytone dual band, true dual receive, HT. Multiple versions so
be aware of what you are getting if you acquire.
Product is in production
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N6UTD Rating: 2023-05-26
The Anytone CCR that wasn't cheap! Disappointing Honest Review Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I know this radio is no longer being sold - at least by - where I bought mine from, but I can't allow the high Avg overall rating to remain delusionally high for this Anytone product without telling my story.

I purchased 3 of these radios - two 'E' tri-band models ($200 each) and one dual band 'A' model ($130). They were all terrible. Every one of them developed an issue where the VFO knob would advance the channel by more than one for each 'click'. The cap ends of all the stock antennas fell off. The receiver sensitivity and selectivity was very poor - compared to Icom HT's. The transmitter's tone and signal was so dirty there were multiple repeaters that would not open squelch - even though these radios were programmed to transmit on those repeater's frequencies. Same problem when trying to simplex to Icom radios - sometimes would not open squelch because of dirty tone and signal - even at close range. They also sounded dirty / distorted when it did open the receiving radio's squelch. They only sounded good when talking to another Anytone. Saving a channel to memory via front panel programming was very difficult to remember how to do - super clunky compared to Icom and Yaesu. Total junk and a waste of money!
N6TDG Rating: 2019-07-24
Nice Radio. The UV-E Version Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I purchased this radio from Ed at very recently. It arrived quickly from across the country. Kudos to the Post Office!. I unpackaged the radio and put it together and took a look at it.

It is a nice looking radio, although I am not a fan of the orange PTT and side buttons, but that is me. I tend to think it makes it look childish.

As for the radio itself, it is not real difficult to program a frequency on the front, but there are some hoops to jump through. Simplex is of course easy, but committing the frequency to memory, there are a few more buttons. Setting tones was okay once I found an easy procedure on Miklor. Compared to setting frequencies, tones and memory, my Yaesu FT-60 is a breeze. The Anytone is not a breeze, but not too much of a drag. Once I get the hang of it, it should be easier.

I will be ordering the RT systems programming software for this radio to make things a bit easier.

The sound is great! Voices were crystal clear. Granted, I could only test this with my allstar node as where I am currently located, repeaters are too far away....But what I heard was good.

I am rating this radio as solid 4. I have not had this radio long enough to delve into all of its features and have not yet had a chance to check out the 220 band of operation. This was the reason I purchased the radio. There are few and far between HT's with 220. I could have gone with the Baofeng UV 5X3 HT, and saved a bundle of money, but based upon reviews here, I decided to jump the gun.

The antenna covers the 2/220/440 bands and is short. A replacement is about 17 inches long and might be just too much for this small sized radio. I will see later how the factory antenna performs.

I am glad II purchased this hansome radio. I even pointed this radio out to a friend of mine and he purchased one the same day. It was a good thing, as Ed said that he had only half a dozen or so of these units left and was not really wanting to order another 500.

It is my understanding that Anytone is coming out with a Tri-Band DMR HT. I prefer the analog, others may differ.

All in all I would have to say I am happy with my purchase. I like that I can have a cool blue screen that turns a light purple when Transmitting. I do not like the menu based squelch...but it is what it is. Now to get a chance to play with it!
WT8P Rating: 2018-04-08
Fine on UHF and VHF, meh on 220MHz Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I bought the AT-UV3318-E as part of a group deal as it's Part 90 certified, useful when doing work in our local nets. That it was also a tri-band was a bonus. After about a year of use, I find its performance on 2M and 70cm is fine, both voice and packet. However, on 220MHz, it's been disappointing, even with the AnyTone tri-band gain antenna. My Yaesu VX6 in the same location (and a Diamond tri-band antenna) has no problems. I have not ventured using Part 90 yet.

Like another recent reviewer, I also use the RT Systems software & cable to program it. One advantage that has is I can replicate my templates from their software for other radios. I also have the waterproof microphone, as it rains in Seattle. I don't have a real sense for how long a charge would last to support an all-day event like the Seattle Marathon. One disadvantage this radio would have is the inability to plug in a homebrew pack using two 18650 lithium cells (as I've done with my Yaesu). Still, it seems to be a good radio.
KH6HOU Rating: 2017-02-15
Feature Rich, Poor Performance Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This radio has a full suite of useful features including banking, bank linking, fast scan, resume scan after power on, true CTCSS receive, etc.

However, the receive performance leaves something to be desired. My old UV5R has better receive sensitivity! Also, the channel selector either skips channels or doesn't increment channels, so selecting your channel can be a challenge. The included antenna was outperformed by a Nagoya NA701.

On the plus side, the receiver is significantly better at rejecting off-frequency interference, both in-band and out-of-band. Also, there is no birdie at 442.000MHz.

Ed had fantastic customer response until I wrote asking about the problems, then nothing at all from him.

So disappointing as I had great hopes for this radio after reading some of the other reviews.
K6QT Rating: 2016-08-17
One of the best radios I've had! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I love the AT-UV3318-E. It is the perfect tri-band for me. The Kenwood triband I don't like so much. I own two of them and dropped each on separate occasions by accident, from 2-3 feet onto a carpeted floor and had to pay 100 bucks each to get them fixed. Yaesu on the other hand, you can throw around radios and they seemingly never break. This AnyTone seems to be much more durable than the Kenwood, though I wouldn't swear it's as durable as the Yaesu. It's my primary HT now. I own too many HTs, probably around 30 of different brands and types. Our entire family are hams and I also lend them out to our neighborhood emergency communications group. So I've used a fair bit of hardware and I can say this is DEFINITELY worth it. Haven't had a single problem with it. I bought the cable and CD to program it from RT Systems in Colorado. I don't like to use unofficial cables, because I always have a pain with them. So no programming troubles, nice price, and it does pretty much everything I demand of it. It's my main workhorse radio now. I do like the Baofeng UV-82HP when I really need some wattage (only works on 2M/70CM) (7 watts). Other than that I'm just using the AnyTone. Definitely worth the money.
JOHNR Rating: 2016-07-10
Love the 3318 series radios! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I own the 3318D (dual band) and the 3318E (tri-band) and they are absolutely incredible radios. I purchased them from

The only thing that I wish were available for the 3318's would be an extended battery larger then the 1800mAh. But since I have not seen that I just purchased an extra battery for $24.95.

The quality is excellent as well as audio reports and audio output.

I've never had any issue with either radio and I have used them a lot. I highly recommend this radio.
KJ4DGE Rating: 2016-02-15
Mine is the 3318UV-D Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
When you order these radios you need to pay attention to the different models A,E,D etc. I wanted one that would do as much receive for the bucks with AM Air, SW and AM BCB. The previous reviews on the need for a ext. antenna for the last 4 bands is only partly true. I can pull in Aircraft with no problem and even Shortwave with the built in antenna. Of course this is NOT the market that Anytone is looking at. Part 90 for SAR and a basically very well built dual-band HT. If you really want a killer SW only radio there are many out there in the 80 dollar range. My point is it is still nice to have the extra bands in a HAM HT without spending 300.00 on one of the big 3. Also Ed's support cannot be beat.
KT0DD Rating: 2015-06-18
Correction... Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Since I cannot edit my previous review, I am posting this in addition to it.

After being emailed by Ed at I apparently misunderstood his comments. He did not say the 3318-D required a near resonant antenna to work on AM broadcast, He said "It won't pick up hardly anything on AM broadcast without some kind of external antenna, and that there was no internal antenna".

However, I am still wondering what kind of PRACTICAL HT style antenna it takes for this thing to receive on AM / SW broadcast? After all, it is a portable, pocket sized radio. I tried a 42 inch telescoping antenna and still no AM broadcast receive even from a nearby 50,000 watt AM station. And why should you have to remove the transmitting antenna and defeat that purpose just to use another feature of the radio?

Sure it's only 1/3 the price of the Kenwood THF6A and mainly a Part 90 radio. But when the box, manual and advertising state that a certain feature is offered, that feature should work right out of the box without any modifications or optional required equipment. If optional required equipment is needed then the manufacturer should state something like "optional antenna required, not included". 30-40 years ago (when people still cared about things like this) a situation like this would have ended up in a lawsuit against AnyTone for false/misleading advertising.

I now have to pay more shipping to return the item, and my money is tied up until Ed receives his equipment back. An unnecessary inconvenience that could have been avoided had I had the correct info to base my decision to buy on.

Anyway, my correction has been posted.
K2YYN Rating: 2015-03-12
AT-3318-E tri-band model Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
It’s been about 2 months since I ordered the AT-3318-E tri-band model from Ed.

Unfortunately, the first radio that I received was one of the first reported to have a serious malfunction.

It would only have received audio on one band (no audio on sub band). The radio would flake out when programming with software. Turn the radio on and off and it would loose its programmed memories and channels. It was a real lemon of a radio despite all the positive prior reviews.
Ed was initially surprised but good to work with. I sent the radio back for a prompt exchange. Ed reported the radio I sent back did “flake” out on him once and has since put it on the shelf keeping a suspicious eye on it. Defects sometimes indeed get through….

The second radio has had NO problems what’s so ever and has similar good results as posted previously for its dual band brother. 220MHz is excellent both for repeater and simplex. True dual receive and can even use this little guy as a cross band repeater in quick fix situation (though I wouldn’t).

The part 90 certification is useful for coordination OEM activities on my municipal public safety frequencies when needed and in which I am authorized to use.

This little AT-3318-E tri-band model has become my primary portable work horse and is becoming the favorite of our amateurs on the OEM Communications and CERT team. As said else where my Wouxan is now my back up and or go-kit portable.

Not bad at all for a Chinese import.

Now waiting for their Tri Band Mobile the AT-5888 UV III from Ed. Now scheduled to be shipped sometime this month (3/15) and that’s whole another future review!

KB3YXS Rating: 2014-12-22
Best of the Chinese imports. Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I purchased the AT-3318UV this past Feb. 2014.
Great professional feel out of the box. It has the nicest keypad feel and is very readable. Definetly easy to program for anyone experienced with radios. I like the fact that you could program all the major functions less the 5tone from the front panel including Mem/CH names.
This is a prior unit to the true (A) version serial number 0390A130600236. Every time I emailed Ed with feedback he responded and said most of my list would be included in a next version. Well he was true to his word.

I used this HT everyday these last 9 months carrying it on my belt and using it as a mobile in the truck. Within 8-10 miles of our 2m amd 70cm repeaters it performs flawlessly with good reports always. It has better range than my UV5r and Wouxon UV6D with its factory antenna.
It has a real S-meter unlike the Wouxon or Baofeng. I live behind two of our most populated Towers attached to our EOC and it seems to handle the RF environment much better than my Wouxon or Baofeng.

This radio has become my go to communications tool for daily use. Great fit, form, and function as well as stellar support from the distributor.
Is it worth 99 bucks...yes...Is a UV5R still a viable backup for the glove box or GoKit absolutely. But for quality and reliability for daily use and SAR or other response support it ranks right up there with my FT-60 everyday.
For Part 90 and HAM use this rig is a great deal.
I can't wait to order my new AT-3318-E tri-band model.